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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention. tl, tl '· · · · · · · Left channel output terminal, tr, tr': · · · · · · Right channel
output terminal, Rl, lR2 · · · · · · 1st and 2nd division resistance, R3, R4... Third and fourth dividing
resistors, SP1, SP2... First and second speakers, SP3, SP4... Third and fourth speakers. 3−
Detailed Description of the Invention From the present invention F12 channel stereo source 1st
1-48-5 5580 2-02 Tako = E jade ball T-3 and the pseudo signal of the 4th channel? The present
invention relates to a pseudo stereo signal generator to be synthesized. Although a six-panel
system has recently been proposed for extracting pseudo signals of the third and fourth channels
through a 2-channel stereo static t matrix circuit, it has been proposed The method is also
expensive 1 has the drawback of requiring a learning device. As the simplest method, two
speaker tubes are connected in series between the non-grounded output terminals of a 2-channel
amplifier, and each of these speakers is a difference signal between the left channel signal and
the right channel signal, that is, L-RA-. There is known a method for obtaining R-L signaling.
When the L-R and R-L signals are supplied to the same speaker # 3 and the fourth speaker, the
1111 sounds captured by the microphones of each channel cancel each other, but are included
in the signals of the left and right channels. For reverberant sound and reflected sound, a
relationship of L-1 ′ and middle R−L is established, and reverberant sound and reflected sound
are reproduced from the third and M4 speakers. However, it is not possible to add the signal
contents of the -48-55802-o33 and $ 4 channels depending on the acoustic characteristics of the
conventional JP, "" cd program source and the listening room, so it is not always necessary. I
could not get enough effect JILt. The purpose of the present invention is to connect the output
terminals of the two channel amplifiers simply by taking the difference between the signal of the
left channel and the signal of the right channel at an appropriate ratio so that the abovementioned disadvantages can be made? The present invention will be described in detail by
means of the illustrated example of the right or less shown in the eJll * tlA Eca, Iga O, I, O, I, O, I,
O, I. The two channel stereos not shown in the figure are tj and tjif in the figure. It is a left
channel output terminal, zr, trFi right channel output terminal of the amplifier, and a speaker
8P1 for the left channel and a second speaker 8P2 for the right channel are connected between
the respective output terminals. 'l'j, Tj' and Ba, Tr 'are respectively the left channel input terminal
and the right channel input terminal of the pseudo stereo signal generator 8 of the present
invention, and each of these input terminals is f'L2 The respective output terminals t j, t no and tr
of the channel amplifier are followed by tr f -5-48-55802-04. Left channel input terminal TjTtKu
First and IIE2 division resistors R1 and R2 are connected in parallel, and right channel input
terminal Tr? The rff is connected in parallel to the dividing resistors R5 and R4 of item 37-4.
A sixth speaker sps is connected to 1V1 of each of the dividing points T1 and 14 of the first and
third dividing resistors R1 and R1 n% @ 2 and 1! When the speaker 8P4 of each of the dividing
points 2 and 4 of the dividing resistance of j44 is stored as described above, the left channel
signal and the right channel divided by the dividing resistances of the speakers KFi of jI3 and
allI4 are respectively stored. Therefore, the input corresponding to the difference between the
signals is supplied @ Therefore by setting the division ratio of each division resistance to 1m, the
third and fourth speakers KmL-nR, pR-qL (however, menep * q positive constants) Such as 1! If
you use variable resistance as each of the divided resistors in 0 chassis, you can set the content
of the pseudo signal of channels 3 and 4 thick properly. 4 speakers r supplied nb difference
signal included in the left channel signal and right channel signal components gravitation tube
easily & 4 tiling a-48-555? The sound source can be adjusted according to the acoustic
characteristics of the program source and the # 'fIJ Sunning Room while listening to the
reproduced sound tube. As described above, according to the present invention, a difference
signal having a different ratio of the left channel signal component and the right channel signal
component is supplied to the third and fourth speakers "" "" "" "" "" " "There is an advantage that,
since it has a simple external structure, it has various juvenile fruits having a sound field f4 of the
pseudo-fb pseudo four channel.
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