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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawing is a longitudinal sectional view
showing one embodiment of the device of the present invention. 1 ...... scan beaker box 2 ......
speaker, 4,4a ииииии nut, 6,6a ииииии adjustment hiss, 7.7a иииии иspring. ???
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a) a 48-58534-02
mounting structure for a speaker box of a speaker, and more particularly to a speaker mounting
structure used for a car stereo or the like. The conventional speaker box simply recurs the
speaker and 1I5i! ????????? Therefore, if a car is installed with a speaker in a car, then
depending on the structure of the car interior of the car, it is not necessary for the hearing aid 1
to obtain the optimum speaker directivity depending on the structure of the car. The speaker
mounting angle is determined by the shape. According to the fact that there is no way to adjust
the directivity after the speaker box is installed. In order to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, the present invention installs the speaker box in a car or the like with nine-shaped
wires, and the mounting angle of the speaker can be adjusted from the outside of the speaker
box. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker mounting device ll which can
obtain directivity. The present invention will be described below with reference to g4. Referring
to the attached drawings, 1 is a speaker box 'for accommodating and identifying the vas speaker
2. 3 is a speaker go lead wire, and 4, 4a # i x be attached to the end plate 6 of the force 2 by
means of adhesion)). 6, a & Fi chest adjustment screw C, adjustable from the outside of the
speaker box l, through the not-shown base metal hole (not screwed) of the speaker box l It is F,
Ma a # i spoon tooth, y, end face of the speaker unit and the inner wall of the speaker box l ?
and 0 If lK are intervened, so that the pressing force is always applied to the sleeve 12 In the
configuration of the company, the speaker 2 is housed in the speaker box l, and the m
adjustment screw 6.6a is springf,? The speaker 2 is tin 9 when it is screwed to the nut 4.4 of the
speaker 2 through &. The speaker box lKE is added via lL. In this case, the attachment angle 0 of
the speaker 2 can be arbitrarily determined in accordance with the amount of rotation of the m
adjustment screw 6.6a, and the pressure of the spring 2 by the spring 2 at the arbitrary
attachment angle 0 It can be constant. Therefore, if the speaker box l is attached to the car KM,
the speaker 2 can be incorporated at an appropriate mounting angle-after that, by screwing or
loosening the adjusting screw 6t ij 6m in the listening state of the car stereo Since the
attachment angle C of the speaker 2 can be arbitrarily changed to 4B-5873a-n, the optimum
speaker 20 directivity in a hearing-like manner can be obtained.
Although two adjustment screws 6.6a of Fi are shown in the illustrated state of the above
embodiment,! ! The adjustment screws are attached to the four corners of the end plate 50 of the
speaker 2 in 1laK, so the number is 4Ili +. ???? The number of adjustment screws is not
specially determined @, but increases or decreases according to the size of the speaker 2 etc. Still,
the above-mentioned ij! The end plate of the nut 4s 4 ate speaker 2 for screwing in the
adjustment screw 6.6 color! Although IK is fixed, it is also possible to directly provide an
adjusting screw 6.684 DU mating screw at the end FR11 of the speaker 2 itself without providing
the nara 4.4a. The point is that the speaker 2 is I adjustment 116, a & As long as the abovementioned invention is provided with a female screw portion 'in the speaker, a screw adjusting
screw to be screwed to the female screw portion of the speaker. , I! 1 Adjustable externally
mounted on the speaker box that converges the speakers. And a spring is interposed between the
end face of the 111th speaker and the inner wall of the speaker box, and the speaker is mounted
and fixed to the speaker box so that the mounting angle lI4 can be adjusted against the spring
force of the spring by the adjustment screw From the outside of the speaker box, it is possible to
easily adjust the mounting angle of the speaker from the outside of the speaker box with the car
111KM4 attached, and therefore, the excellent effect of being able to obtain the optimum
speaker directivity in listening compensation There is an effect that (6) 4Q-58734-07 can be
fixed as it is by the # pressure of the W position spring of the speaker of the Toya, and the verbal
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