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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a condenser
microphone according to the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a case, 2 is a diaphragm, 4 is a
spacer, 5 is a back electrode, 6 is an insulating material, 8 is a set screw, and 9 is a gap. 677 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a condenser
microphone which can easily make the microphone's sensitivity t% within a certain range without
sacrificing other characteristics. When the actual 3IN of this invention is described with
reference to the drawings, (1) 48-69031-021 is a cylindrical case, and the diaphragm 2 is the
upper surface of the diaphragm 2 above the inside of the case 1 of the kernel 6 3. The lower
surface of the periphery is covered with a spacer 4 to be attached and attached. A KFi back
electrode 5 is fixed by an insulating material 6 at nine places separated by a slight gap 9 by a
spacer 4 on the back surface of the diaphragm 2. The material of the spacer 4 is preferably an
elastic material such as rubber or soft cyclized vinyl. The back face Kti 杆 7 of the back pole 5 is
protrusively installed, and the above-mentioned 杆 7 loves to the back face of the back pole 5! !
The center of the binding material 6 is penetrated. J[!! Edge material 6Fi In this
embodiment, the spacer 4 is made of a porous plastic having an acidity greater than that of the
spacer 4, and has a filter effect 1 and an electrical insulation effect with the case IK. Even if it is
something other than porous plastic as this insulating material 60 material, it is Haruka! Any
porous material having a 1 '& coating can be used. Danshin This insulating material 6 is made of
non-porous material, and it is a good idea to drill a directivity direction hole in the difference
direction in "4B-69 [131-03 杆 7" as appropriate. The lower end portion of the case 1 has a
thickness slightly reduced, and a female screw is engraved in the inside. The IIK ring-shaped set
screw 8 is screwed to hold the insulating material 6. The idea of Jin tightens the Of: Ij female
screw 8 made 111 as described above, # I! The spacer 4 is compressed through the rim 6, so that
the function of the diaphragm 2 and the back electrode 5! Narrowing lIk Klk I, loosening the
correct screw 8 will spread N9 during the statement. Dimension f of function 111i9 of
diaphragm 2 and back pole 5! As a result, the capacitance existing in these relationships can be
freely set to K1111 and this is a book that can be used to sense f / f-free one-point-free
condenser microphones. Further, by using a spacer as described above, airtightness can be
maintained even for a papermaking case K, and electro-acoustic conversion effect can be
obtained. Brief description of "" ". Fig. 8-69031-04 (1) is a longitudinal sectional view of a ninecondenser microphone which has been designed by using an Ii 紘 ζ O device. In the figure, 1 is
a case, 2 is a diaphragm, 4 is a spacer 5 is a back electrode, 6 is an insulating material, 8 is a set
screw, and 9 is a gap.
Utility model registration applicant Nippon Piezo Co., Ltd. to 4f Attorney attorney Yumi ( ) X,-w
4 same bow 1) Ken C 71 ii! li! Made by Sukeio, two “48-69031-05153 2548-65031-06
Tortome other than the address mentioned above Higashi Tobu Chiyoda-ku Kanda Surugadai
102 horse vigilantes Kinkan name (1! 751) Yumi 1) Ken () Name (ss @ 1) Senkei husband Meijin
□, 7 · (2) 48-69031-07
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