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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A, B, C are longitudinal sectional views of a
conventional loudspeaker. FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the loudspeaker of the
present invention, FIG. 3 is a graph showing frequency characteristics of the conventional
loudspeaker, Fig. 4 is a graph showing the frequency characteristics of the beaker of the present
invention, and Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the diameter of the conventional
speaker and the inventive speaker in comparison with each other. The mouth view is a
longitudinal sectional view of the speaker of the present invention. 1・・・̶・・コーン、
2■・・・・コーンハウジング、3……エッジ。 Fig. 1 \ 1 / \ 1 / \ 1 / · X Fig. 2 / Fig. 215
actual opening 48-70630 (2) Fig. 0 re; 'J ::;:. ・.i′.:? ■E、1020? 0400200 SOD ■ ·
Q length H21000zooo5o Iioioao Fig. 40 Q? 0too200600 ■ · @ 澹 叙 H24r) oo200050001oooo216-real opening 4B-70630 (3) Figure 5 (b) (port 9-217-real opening 4B-70630 (4) correction
correction 44.8 ° drawing Correct FIG. 5 as follows. Figure 5 (a) small D (four-218
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the edge of a cone speaker and aims to reduce the unwanted radiation of sound waves from
the edge. Each of (a), (b), and → of the fang 1 in FIG. In such a speaker, a sound wave is radiated
from the edge by the reverse resonance of the wedge accompanying the vibration of the cone,
and this generates interference with the sound wave due to the vibration of the cone, and as
shown in FIG. It causes a valley in the characteristics. Conventionally, in order to prevent this (1)
14B-70630-021, a damping agent such as bis colloid is applied to the edge 1, but no sufficient
effect can be expected. The present invention solves the problems as described above, and the
fan 2 shows an embodiment thereof. In the figure, 1 is a cone, 2 is a cone housing, 3 is an edge,
and is formed in a U-shaped cross section by cloth, synthetic resin or the like, and the U half
opening faces the annular center. One side edge 3 'of the edge 3 thus formed is adhered to the
back surface of the front flange 1' of the cone 1 and the other side edge 3 # is adhered to the
support surface 2 'of the cone housing 2. Since the edge 3 performs bending @ motion along
with the vibration of the φ cone 1, it does not disturb the vibration of the edge 3 cone 1. And
since the edge 3 is not directed to the radiation direction of the sound wave by the cone 1 as in
the prior art, but is directed to the side, there is a fear that the sound wave radiated therefrom
may cause interference. 121) "8-70630- It is not 03. Further, a standing wave is added to this
third-edged piston shooting motion and reverse co-imaging does not occur. As a result, as shown
in FIG. 4, the characteristic valleys occurring in the middle range disappear. Fang 5 (a) and (b)
show the comparison of the effective diameters of the conventional speaker 4 and the speaker 5
according to the present invention. The conventional speaker has an outer diameter D and an
effective diameter d, whereas the speaker of the present invention has the same outer diameter
D, the effective diameter d 'is larger than that of the conventional one. This is a result of the edge
3 not taking a width in the diametrical direction. As a result, the tone conversion efficiency also
improves. Assuming that the contact point between the cone 1 and one side edge 3 'of the edge 3
is A, and the saddle point between the other side 3' of the edge 3 and the cone housing 2 is B,
these eight points are cones. The same purpose can be achieved if the front face X-X of l and 45
degrees are made to be inside the plane Y-Y passing through the point A.
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