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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are perspective views of a conventional
balance adjusting device, FIG. 3 is a plan view of the device according to the present invention,
and FIG. 4 is a sectional view of the device. 10 is a volume box, 11 and 12, 13, 14 are slide
volumes, 11 'and 12', 13 ', 14 are slide levers of the slide volume, 15 is a connecting lever for
connecting the slide volumes 11 and 13, Reference numeral 15 'is a groove of the connecting
lever 15, 16 is a connecting lever for connecting the slide volumes 12 and 14, 16' is the
connecting lever, 16 is a groove, and 1T is a control lever. 2-9. Japanese Utility Model
Application Publication 48-74002 (2) FIG. 4 FIG.
[Detailed description of the invention] 明 副
1. Name of the remark Set the balance B ¥ ・ i 賽
嘗 l l 求 S S ポ ー ニ ー ニ ー ニ ー ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ 複数 個 ス ラ イ ス
ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ ス ラ イ v * r + neem or diagonal These
volumes are arranged so that each volume% fhK opposite bs each Sly V lever 會, Guy V groove
sculpted t1 t Guide 片 piece, along the longitudinal direction r. And the slide V lever mounting
piece 2 are connected by a substantially cross-like connecting lever, and the central empty WR
wheel f control lever at which these connecting levers intersect is a difference 1. ! Sorption and
operation by the control lever K by 1 [& (F) Sly V volume to make the resistance pleasure of the
same 11 ff] This feature 歇 2 を f b b Balance adjustment VeLs,: l 111! #) Am explanation book *
1 ml '# f 4 channels or the police of the speaker used for multi-channel stereo etc etc more. , −1
° 19> X 罷 ′ @@ Th% (n ′ ′ rsa ° 48 ′ ′ ′ ′ 74 [11i () 2−2 conventionally i as a
balance # adjustment device for this eyelid, in the case of each for stereo channel stereo, Car 41.
Perform individual (volume fll1% example, t # iFL (111 left) Fl (Ill right IRL (rear left) HB right)
with each volume single corresponding to each speaker) 41. <Balance # adjustment device which
can perform balance # adjustment by connecting with each volume 會 -piece lever and
performing face bar v operation is proposed in 汀 蛎 1 and 2 A friend, a bird's eye view and the
first! ! Conventional balance adjustment equipment, shown in the figure. * N volume 1 and 2 full
connection-tA connection bracket StO and volume 4 and 5 are connected to cross b connection
bracket 6 and vEi, and lever shaft 7 is attached by U crossing 1 table, the lever shaft 7 hair + Ol
劉 1. <Lamp tilt side B bw K 6% 4 Wells FL% pm% jL% R1 Balance lI4 Adjusted, ie, the direction of
tilt of the light lever shaft 7 in the conventional * t If the power amplifier output does not become
large, the strength of the sound coming out of the 64 loudspeakers in this device / the elbow is
4flf positionally positionable (can be arranged and displayed, '?'本 book j I draft lamp The abovementioned four speaker arrangement 11 FL% Fl, R 1 20 20,. l Equipment? Provided fb stuff. The
following is a brief summary of the case study of 祝, 祝 閃 閃 と も と も ff X X X X 崗 崗 崗 崗 崗
崗 崗 崗 ボ リ ュ ー ム ボ リ ュ ー ム ボ リ ュ ー ム ボ リ ュ ー ム K K 11 For example, 4 slide
bottles 11 neem 11 and l!
3.14: 1- (1 vs. @ fA slice v x x, x and l5spx r * 1z)-t + v 1 diagonally 1 position 1 tf Δ K K, W @ L,
ら 11 11 o 1 o − 11 and 12.13.14! 1-r vs 1 fs lf. Slide levers 11 'and 13' of volume 11 R3 are
shaped into a guy L * l & 'along the longitudinal direction, and a piece 1a piece 15a of a guy and
a piece 15b of a rib with a number of slide V levers, 7 substantially cross-shaped connecting
lever, ie, connecting lever 15 which forms approximately 1 [sliding levers and so forth (slides of
volumes 12 and 14. Lever 12 'and 14' wkr-10,000 times (a substantially cross-shaped
connection consisting of a guide piece 1tla shaped like FIvI and a slide V lever number 1 tlb with
a hooked groove 16 '/ <- f 略 about Φ type and one tie bar 115? Q, 48-740 o 2-04 The control
lever 17 'gt inserted for operation into the central chamber of the% 15 ε connecting lever 15
and the connecting lever 16 rx x xa with these connecting levers 15 and 1b Sly V Volume? JJ's
installation will be 'J ability'. As above 5 St St. balance 44% 4Ill. First, the control lever 171-Fig. 3f
X-X '’Keli J- は is the connection lever 18tj FE FE ス ラ イ slide volume う and sly V lever 12'
and 14 14. 14 'is cut into m and the resistance value is completely changed. At this time Sura (t
Boroniemu 11 craft 1 g [control lever 17 is a connection lever! Assy V lever 11 'and Lf' C111 FIL
not inside groove 1515 'of 5' 11 tfb. Next, move Y-Y 'to Cossitroll 1 lever 17 once, link lever 1 lb
light is pressed, slide volume ll and 18 Sly F Lever IX / and IF) slide down to resistance of Bo 11
Neem 5 [: Turn it on. This σ) when the slide volume 12 λ y (4) 48-74 02 05! The groove N16
'of the 14' control lever 17 or 4 'lever -16 is not 411 on the $ @ fA slider (driper 12' and 14 '.
Connected to the futo roll lever l'lkm-Q-rtu control lever 17 in the direction other than the abovementioned XX 'and Y-Y' directions / 4-15 and ll5 v push out to make a slide V bo I: 2-m 11 1
12.13.14f1 Sly Vv bar 11 'o! Lz ', 13', 14't kind of resistance V quality of these volumes.
Make it As described above, according to this real device f, the balance of all possible volumes #
l! 1=J&々なる。 It is possible to obtain practical effects such as occurrence of an error in the
slide volume of the slide cylinder 11 nemeb b b licking each other on one axis in a single
inventive device. 4, Ill figure 1 and olfactory 2 figure of the drawing is a perspective view of the
conventional balance #% * kura, Figure S is a plan view of the equipment to keep T device, and 隼
4 is the same cross section Show the figure. 匈, 1 U fl polyyum box, 11 and 12 ° (5) 4B-74002-
0618.14 框 sly V body II neem, 11 '・ · ひ l L' 18. '14' 汀 said Sly F Bo 11 Ny No Sly 'Lever, 15
[Slow V 1y Volume 11 # 1 M? The connection lever 1571M, 16tj2 4M If: x-m12- and 14v4
connection fAJJ connection lever, connection groove 16 of the connection lever 16, 17H funnel
roll lever is shown at 15 '. Agent 1 1 Aihiko Ma (8) 48-74002-07 り, 4 艷 = I-2 Figure 2-1 y JIX y
Fl + 10 R 'Is # d' '4? / / / 1 ′ 1 鞠 Pam rV \ 2 1 1 1 ′ 区 向 向 向 図 図 図 48 48 400 48 48
400 400 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 −7 48 48 48 48 48 48 (R); Invention
other than 1G @ ki n11 place Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi director / No. 12l No. 22 No. 22 Sharp
Corporation t-tok 50 # V name sword U 緘 P P 'Mf 48-7402-09
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