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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an embodiment of the
device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view of the operation panel plate portion, and
FIG. 3 is a sectional view of a slide projection mechanism portion. . 2,・・,・・センターボン
クス,3,4. ..., ... speaker Bono box, 8 ... Harenzu, 11 ...... Slide Image plate, 12 ...... insertion
portion, 13 ... ... slide projection mechanism. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 1-1-48-78101 (2) Fig. 3-2
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 specification 1, consideration wns name Nibreo device
2.114111 registration request nma center is around-value of suba-bobo-boss with screen,
projection lens, slide picture insertion S and Projection lamp-Slide projector-A stetl device in
which Stareen is installed on the 5rai of Zenki Ryumeme or the speaker 5s. 5, consideration @ t3
details ea ming earthquake II d slide projection machine at-o stereo equipment-to be able to take
part in the auditory and visual perception in-e- It is a thing. 2″′・X? fral 曾 fl * J1. ! −L?
fl “Decoration 11 ‒ Shin-Ku Juku ‒ Tatsuyuki itself is out ‒ through the room and in the process
of being admired. I hear the sound and sound in tIA company 1 1 1 Il et al. ! Look at ■ II by the
eyebrow slide to match etc. fi → 1 step more effective JQ-7Q 1 + 1 1-n ') 2 · · · fkh. The present
invention provides a stereo system for a home art slide projector 1llB, which will be described in
detail in the following. (11 stores the amplifier static and record player etc. + b Center feature 1!
There is a stereo device body consisting of one and two speakers + 1 / 雫 tasu IJ11 and +41, and
a square shape with 11 sets of acid rings at 11 sets of spring rings and 11 sets of spring rings.
And the n-hole +6) and the jet of the case (7) of the straight 7I shape to the rear of the star II-n Ill
and the projection run 11 @ l, #star q-n I and Projection rung 19) Insertion of projection lens ω
ス ラ イ ド and slide photograph SO into Seki II (1111 is provided from fL + slide mechanism □
(至) or 艙-). The chewing slide machine lll-is placed on the lid so that it can be pulled out to one
side with respect to the panel width I3) (Pk), and the slide 8 true mu in this pulled out condition
I'm supposed to see you go. On the other hand, when the slide 櫓 WaS is pushed in, the case 5
(鍔 1105 provided at the end of the value of 11 panel 1! The protagonist is locked to 151 and
the screen (8) is sown on the panel + 51. ・ It consists of e * composition like the above ,! When
the switch is turned on simultaneously with or separately from the 1m switch on the I unit main
body + 11 and the switch provided on the switch is lighted, the slide copy X * U is projected onto
the screen in the order of projection lens Therefore, the screen of the device body (one part of
the 11K projected this screen 181K rt, therefore the device body (one part of the 11 image
projected onto the screen I button?
It is possible to see. And, the slide picture @ ■ is replaced by 4n which can be done by pulling
out the slide 櫓 -at the screen (with the hand-held picture 11 that matches the sound and electric
performance etc. O If you can choose freely, the slide show according to the preference of the @
fistist will make the cost of the prize a non- う る moist. Slide 軍 管 管 管 ン タ ー ボ 訃 訃 タ ス
ク タ ス ク 1 賽 總 48-48-78101-044 · with nK also equipped with a task panel IIIIK. , Arrested,
this is the other 111 minutes vh Zhen speaker, box etc # C good acid. Since the home m device is
equipped with a slide projector as shown above n, the atmosphere of the award @ @-non-skin by
the light slide projector that matches with one of the prizes that win $ 1 There is a slippery Va. It
is possible to participate in the In1ll award, and its II personality is a large% n. 4, l1l-D layer
weight 1kIl! -No. 111 is a positive figure showing a home ll5I set n-minor flt. -FIG. 2811 is the
same operation panel * gn positive figure, the 5th cabinet slide slide military aircraft llI part n1liII
figure. 1! +------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Slide
photo view,-1--Insertion part,-1--Slide projection side agent n Name Patent attorney Atsushi
Nakao and others 1 person! '48 -78101-05 '135/1 consideration "1- # 14 j! 3!
21@211’7[。 1 · · 3 "1st t beat times 5, ooooo. 8th 3 s (5 / 270-1t, st + f G agent's name
lawyer Toshio Nakao 7810148 ~ 7810-1 066 other than the address mentioned above Address
of Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
within 1 . ”・。 Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Ogino 48-78101-07
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