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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic sectional view showing the main
part of a conventional speaker, and FIG. 2 is a schematic sectional view showing the main part of
the speaker according to the present invention. In the figure, 2 is a voice coil, 3 is a cylindrical
coil bobbin, 4 is a diaphragm, 6, 10 and 10 'are adhesives, I and 7 / are spherical domes, 8 is a
truncated inverted conical ring, 8 'Indicates a cylindrical portion, and 9 indicates a cap-like body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION (1) 14, 5) The present invention has a voice coil
wound on the lower outer peripheral surface on the upper outer peripheral surface K of a
cylindrical coil bobbin. ** Inverted conical cylindrical loss plate is connected to the lower skin in
a circle 1s formed with this -J- in such a relationship that the upper part of the coil bobbin is
disposed to protrude to the vibrating plate, The present invention relates to a speaker having at
least a configuration in which an upper portion of a coil bobbin is covered with an upper portion
and a nap-like body. First, referring to the conventional speaker of this type, as shown in FIG. 41,
the outer peripheral surface of the upper portion (1b) of the cylindrical coil bobbin (31) formed
by winding the voice coil (2) on the outer peripheral surface of the lower portion (11). On the
top, a circle · kW @ f5! With which the wharf inverted conical Ura tremor plate 14) is integrally
formed with this at the lower top end! The upper part (1b) of the coil bobbin (31) is connected
using an adhesive (6) in a relationship in which the upper part (1b) of the coil bobbin (31)
protrudes in the diaphragm 141, and the upper part (1b) In the form of a cap-like ridge (91, it
consists of a spherical shell-like dome portion (7) and a decapitated inverted conical portion 18
extending upward integrally with the O-edge) (The outer peripheral surface of (81 is coil 1 (2)
Anll: Qlll-n ') sufficiently separated from the bobbin 131-It is connected with the adhesive 01N in
the relation that it is placed on I # 1IfI in the position on the diaphragm 141 The diaphragm (4)
vibrates according to the movement of the bobbin (31 as the piston moves up and down
according to the voice current supplied to the voice-il). When the cap-like body (9) is vibrated at
the same time (The sound radiation effect in the high range of 41 is further enhanced by the cuplike body (9), and iron powder and other particles are unnecessarily transmitted through the
inside of the coil bobbin on the inner and outer river surfaces below it. Including "a" AWI-which
can be turned "] 1 [! It is assumed that it is made to obtain a dustproof effect for stopping
invading a circle (see FIG. 7J). However, a lift table by a structure to be understood, because the
cap-like body 19 'shoulders a configuration connected on the inner peripheral surface of the
position on the diaphragm (4) which is sufficiently ripped to the coil bobbin (3), the diaphragm
(It was limited to support the sound radiation effect in the high range of 4: (Thus, this study tea
was in JD + -speaker, the high range of the diaphragm in the jack-like body in the sled) (3)
Subsidy of effect (3) of effect In the case of using a 牟 -shaped body as described above at @
1511, it is possible to have the same dust-proof effect as described above. The figure 2 shows an
example of the present invention, the same reference numerals are given to the reaction parts of
FIG. 1 and the detailed explanation is omitted, but a spherical shell shape in which the cap-like
body (9) can expand upward. Dome portion (7) 'and a cylindrical portion 4f extending downward
integrally with the edge of the dome portion 7), an elbow and a lower portion of a 1 ml-shaped
portion (8) The inner circumferential surface is opposite to or in contact with the outer
circumferential surface of the upper portion (1b) of the coil bobbin (3), and the lower 4 edges are
the 1da plate (41 Except that the adhesive +1 (1 is joined by 1) on the outer peripheral surface of
the upper portion (1b) of the coil bobbin (in proximity to or close to) the upper end edge of The
configuration is the same as in the case of FIG.
Actually, in order to arrange the middle bump-like body (9) in the upper term, the V-shaped
circle formed by the lower top inner surface of the diaphragm 14 and the outer peripheral
surface j of the upper portion (1b) of the coil bobbin 131 is arranged in advance. The adhesive is
injected, and the inside of the lump (9) (4) (the lower part of 8Y is inserted in this adhesive, and
the adhesive is obtained by solidifying the adhesive). y * K 191a #: i! tJ “817” “74L <1thi,
etc.” which is a substance that can be pumped out. According to an example configuration of
the present invention described above, the gap-like body (9) is directly connected on the r%
circumference drawing of the upper portion (1b) of the coil bobbin (3) to have nine
configurations! L% M1 As shown in FIG. 1, the diaphragm 41 is not sufficiently connected to the
coil bobbin 131 as in the case of FIG. The degree of subsidy of the effects can be combined
dramatically and the dustproof effect can be obtained without excess or deficiency too. 0 04,
simple explanation of the drawing June 19 follows * ′ ′) xe− ′ 1 0 indicates the main part
Linear. Cross section, 喝 2 figure g of the speaker according to the invention 7! , S is a schematic
view of #T Garden. In the figure (21 is a voice coil, (3I is a cylindrical coil bobbin, (4) is a
diaphragm, (6) · · l and 01 'are adhesives, (7) and (7)' are spherical shell domes, (8) shows the
inverted conical buttock portion, +8) shows the wedge cylindrical portion, and (9) shows the caplike body. Through (5) Fig. 1 旦 0Q Fig. 2 · 911-0856: 9 + aal A-10 m Shoji Chu
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