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Patent Office Secretary 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma
name 1006 (582) Representative Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative
Matsushita Shoji 4 agent ? 517 Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ozad Kadoma 1006 [Contact
information Knee) 45: 5-3 tuqlj subdivision] 5 List of the attached class (1) 1 specification. 1 Bear
и Description 1 title of the invention
5. Detailed description of the invention-gK When two or more speakers are used simultaneously,
it is necessary to keep the connection polarity (phase) of these speakers 0, e. , The phase of the
speakers connected to the output side is now ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? k ?? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??Is long in the wavelength-it is worn in the low
latitudinal band-as a result, the emitted blue has less low layer sound, and may be a high-pitched,
loud, or naive sound. Also, in the case of stereo re-ILO, if the connection polarity of the speaker is
reversed, the reproduced sound is lacking in the paper writing feeling, and at the same time, the
reproduced sound does not have a three-dimensional effect, but becomes a dispersed-largestereo reproduced sound. It is inconvenient. Like this! When using a speaker of ? at the same
time, it is absolutely necessary to match the ops secondary polarity. In the past, no effective
measures have been taken for this purpose, and only those skilled in the art have examined and
phased by hearing. Zero-shot @ does not require special skills. This phase inspection can be
easily performed b. FIG. 1 is a basic configuration diagram of the amplification apparatus of the
present invention, and in FIG. 1 (1) a input terminal of a signal to be amplified, c ~ is an
amplification circuit of this signal, (0) is an output terminal, (G ) Is a common terminal, (8Ps) e
(SP,) acid speaker. ?) is a DC voltage generator, and the moth includes a direct / current power
supply and an internal resistance, and in some cases, an interrupter, a constant direct current 8E,
a pulse voltage It occurs. (2) is a switch, and usually the signal of (2) is an output terminal (0) K
wing to be winged Km, EndPage: 13 and the output of the DC voltage generator (B) is only at the
time of phase inspection It is connected as it appears on terminal (0). 1st v! ?????????
??????? Since the diaphragm of <BP *) is displaced according to the polarity of the
applied voltage, the phase can be checked by looking at the loudspeakers C8F, I and the
diaphragm of (sPa). The displacements of the two diaphragms are in phase in the same direction,
and in phase in the opposite direction, they are out of phase. Therefore, if the connection polarity
of either of the two speakers is reversed and the phases are aligned Since the voltage applied to
the speaker is DC at the time of phase inspection in FIG. 1 in FIG. 1, the radiation resistance of air
serving as the load of the diaphragm becomes zero, and the mechanical support prevents the
displacement of the diaphragm. It is only (damper, work, ji, etc.), and during its rounding
displacement, it is much larger than that at the time of sound emission, and can be sufficiently
confirmed visually.
Also, when using a pulsed DC voltage, we know the direction of the displacement, but its
repetition frequency must be low enough, because at frequencies similar to the acoustic signal,
the emission of air is large. This is because the movement of the KtM moving plate is fast at the
same time as the displacement during the movement becomes smaller, so that the direction of
the displacement can not be seen visually. FIG. 2 is a schematic electrical connection diagram in
the case where the amplification device of the present invention is applied to a stereo
reproduction device, wherein (1) represents a signal input terminal, (1) represents a signal input
terminal, and (1) # (At) represents A signal amplifier circuit, (B) is a DC voltage generator, '5P1) e
(spt) is a speaker, and (S ? L (s *) is a switch. The switches (ET,), (8, 7) can be operated in
conjunction with each other. The present invention can easily perform phase alignment by
operating the switch as described above, and its configuration is also a very simple hair. In
general, the amplifier circuit (A) can be connected to a DC power supply for operation, and can
be used in common with the DC power supply for inspection. In this case, therefore, it is
preferable to add a switch (8) and an appropriate resistor to the conventional amplification
device and, if necessary, an interrupter, as a whole, the configuration as a whole is extremely
simplified, economically and advantageously. It is. And visual inspection is a special skill IC) ?; (since it is not necessary, even general users can be inspected easily and accurately.
4, Brief description of the drawing Figure 1 is a single signal! ! FIG. 2 is a basic electrical
connection diagram of the present invention according to the present invention in the case of
driving several zero speakers, and FIG. (Correction) ииииии Signal input terminal, ((Tor) ииии Signal
amplification surface-path, (B) иии DC voltage generator, (19) иии и и и Switch, (spx) (spy) и и и и и и и и
Speaker. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakao has 1 person 4 people 1 Figure 2
EndPage: 26 Agent name other than the above (6152) ?
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