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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of a conventional audio
signal automatic elimination circuit, FIG. 2 is a similar system diagram of the present invention,
and FIG. 3 is a curve diagram showing amplitude and phase characteristics of phase shifters. FIG.
4 is a frequency-response characteristic curve diagram when the singing component of the same
phase and the same amplitude is canceled. 1 is a regenerator, 2 is a normally closed switch, 3.3
L, 3 R is a power amplifier, 4, 4 L, 4 R is a loudspeaker, 5 is a microphone, 6 is an amplifier, 7 is a
mixing resistor, 8 is Reference numeral 9 is a solenoid, 10 is a band removing P wave device, 11L
and 11R are phase splitters, 12L and 12R are phase shifters, 13L and 13R are gate circuits, 14L
and 14R + general canceling circuits, 15 is a detection circuit, 16 is a waveform shaping circuit.
Fig. 1-1-Japanese Utility Model No. 4913601 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 1-2-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is used in a threedimensional banded sound reproducing apparatus, and is used as a sound-a letter or a note; 9 ′
′ '49 -13601-021: It is intended to provide a circuit that allows other O voice signals to be met
within the O-band of the Buzzing voice signal component O when the Buzzing voice signal
component is automatically removed. Well. Conventionally, in general, the circuit for suppressing
or eliminating the above-mentioned voice gear voice signal component and mixing other voice
signal components in the round band is constructed as shown in FIG. IIII (1) is an O-reproduction
device for picking up the signal component of a soundboard record or a pre-to-det tape), and the
output signal component O of the reproduction device is amplified (not shown). The power
amplifier (3) amplifies the power of the switch (2), which is always in the closed state, and emits
sound from the loudspeaker (4). Next, when an audio signal is input to the miter phone (5), the
microphone phone input is amplified by the gain amplifier (6), and the O signal component and
the mixing resistance II from the keyboard record or the pre-read tape, for example. (In order to
meet up through 71, in the case of ζ O, add the audio signal component of the miter 4 phone
and p to the drive path (8), for example, obtain a DC voltage, energize the luonoid (9) and always
close If an open state 12) 49-138Of-D, then a tube layer is formed;-an output signal component
of a taped or bleached dead tape O is denoted by a. Passes through and will be mixed with the
mic four ho yo audio signal. Here, if the removal band of the bandit removal P wagon is selected
as the sound board rescarded or the bleached tape O song blue voice component band, the
above-mentioned sound component eaten by the recording record etc. is removed 1 ! Since only
components such as fixtures are scattered and delivered to the 0 band output for f-band removal,
it is removed and a soundboard record or a briqued coded is generated by blowing a sound
signal from a microphone or the like into the round band. There is a great effect of being able to
blow in a song, etc. with a miter four phones to a batter of 0 performances such as a tape 0
fixture. However, according to the g circuit configuration described above, the band removing fwave unit 0 self-contained band frequency 'frequency number O selection range is a defect that
the O signal component such as fixtures can not be faithfully reproduced. Arisu. In order to
provide an automatic threat elimination number elimination circuit consisting of a novel
configuration which eliminates the O-block O defect of the present invention, it is also 0 so as to
have 4 inventions 041. Or, in the pre-ref-det tape etc., it is intended to use the brass sound K11
as a stack K11 so that it can be localized at the center of the two speakers in the reproduction
That is, since bell sound during singing voice O left and right signals are brassed in the KrR
phase vibration in order to be localized at the center, it is% O which tries to cause middle and left
CO left and right singing signals to be middle yangsed. The present invention will be described in
detail with reference to FIGS. 3 to 4. The same parts as those in FIG. 1 are denoted by the same
reference numerals and the explanation thereof will be omitted. The reproduction apparatus
(from 1 to 0 three-dimensional sound signal components are sent to the left and right 7 eas
splitters (11 L13 (111'9 K4). The phase splitter consists of a normal transistor Now, if
it is assumed that a human power signal component is pq (-s) and -1 B (φ (0)), the Sutgerritt
transistor crt) o emitter and collector side so that the signal is SO inverted and 9 output signal Of, ( ψ @) and 'oL @@)) -OR & (o)) and -〇R'I &)' can be seen. The above O left and right phase
splitters α1 I4) α1. Knee, U-Dat I); V-output: No. 1 IIO-One-to-one amplitude I! Because it has #
sex and phase II # sex, it takes 7 シ シ α α 40 優. The capacitor and resistor shown by (5) 49436 (to C フ ェ ー ズ to obtain the phase shifter having H-05) how to indicate the 5 rl AK. -From
the resistor and capacitor indicated by 6) to the path, the characteristic 0 佼 phase indicated by
〇 S 龜 曽 曽 by the r-wave circuit is derived from the left and right z-axis alpha dew Q α-Ol, (
The signals of $ 56) and 1 'OR I are taken. The signal component is led to the left / right gate
circuit α5Dass in the next stage. The gate circuit can be constituted by a field effect system (FITTr, K) and -oL @@) and p @@ H ($ @) () 4) signals are the above-mentioned field effect system 1
(FICT). −Tr,) 0 drain @ KI [絖 ぢ, North ノ ー ス is grounded, gate OK is microphone ぢ
grounded, gate OK is IIK to which a microphone (51) O driving pulse is applied I. The left and
right gate path αSυα00 output is directly guided by the opposite signal, so that the left and
right chambers are Cinder path α4Qα4X) K are guided i. Electrostatic .alpha.4 p.alpha..zeta. Is
composed of a transistor for amplification (Tra) and a parliamentary resistor II (R.perp.) (R4) (R1)
(R @)). Base resistance S (Z) is a Zaze splitter, αII J α 1 for the spreader Oz I o (5 + 49 -1 360 106 i) derived signal components -QRCp (1)) and -0 L (1 ") ω ) □)), to the metal resistor) 辻 left
and right gate, circuit output signal)) “ILK!
lrk vs. o compensation and money are linked in series as Irk! , Further Kll 徽 5 (Rs) will be
provided at the basement of the microphone four phone stop) O output. The above-mentioned O
hot-stands resistors are connected in parallel with each other, and connected to the amplification
transistor σ r,) e base. Thus, the base collector of the transistor .sigma .. K11 IItt, the resistance
ISCR.) And the addition output determined by the respective resistors and the O ratio are added
to the power amplifier (3G> (3e and wiped II (40 (41 (41 '))). It is emitted from D. The signal
component is amplified by the amplifier (5) in the above-mentioned O theory-(51 p p properly),
and the mixed signal resistor (Rs) K is introduced, while the amplified slaughter component is
compensated. In part, detection is carried out according to 1ILilK. In the example shown in the
following example, wave detection is performed with waveform I1 of the following R waveform,
and when an audio signal is added to ff microphone, game 11) is generated. This gate waveform
to be seen is applied to the field effect transistor (FET-Tr,) o gate. The operation of the present
discussion 110 is described by the above 3IIO11oII structure, (6) JQ-1 ') t' ^ 4-fil'f normal! In the
case 11 that does not use the ic four phone (5), the left and right phase splitter transistors O'3
recto lose out signal components pOR (I))) and 'OL @ (g)) α 4 Q (x 4 F 9 left and right power
amplification II (! So) (SI'OK supply and left and right loudspeakers (4 (4)) In this case, no sound
signal is applied from the microphone (5), so the field effect transistor (FICTTry) C) source and
drain resistance pillows of the left and right gate circuits show a low value, so they are compared
with the resistance between source and drain If the phase shifter 111O impedance is selected to
be large, then 7 Eis 7 (1! tFo(lli! The O signal from υ is cut off. Next, when an audio
signal component is written into the speaker (51, the amplifier (i amplifier i signal amplified by
the amplifier 61) is mixed with the mixing resistor 11 (R1). f # read signal is converted to
positive phase and reverse 11 by the phase splitter, and transistor σ r I) O: signal scattered from
y return −-OL ′ ′ (g)), P □ H (III (1)) is mixed We meet with resistance 1) (Rs). Transistor σr
*) e (7) gate -1- 貞 σr,)-4) -J- / 悄 derived from self-OL (1 '(but -0R (1 @) signal is a phase shifter
), -OLCIo) added to the gate circuit α3Qα 381 by K conversion, but the field effect transistor
(FIT-Tr,) O gate) K of the gate circuit detects an audio signal and In this case, the drain-source
resistance of the field effect transistor exhibits a large value and the output of the phase shifter is
Thus, the mixing resistance 1) (R4) mixes poLC1 '@) and' OR (#) O signals. Now right @ ot xi / g
circuit (If considering 14Fo, transistor σr + 0 from counter 0 signal lOR'6g ')) and gated signal
POLe @) through phase shifter (lzL) Is the center of the b-song component of the Singing Song
No., which is canceled by the rounding of the same phase, looking at the self-defined I-line 111
shown in FIG. In this case and OI? The audio signals of the Yancell part, the mittalphone (δ) and
the JP, are mixed and 8149-13601-09. Since the left signal component is considered in the same
way, only the song bite signal is removed or suppressed to use the band removing r wave devicean electric signal such as an electric appliance in the singing signal band like 9 o'clock, O signal
component! 4 Its practical effect is great without removing it.
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