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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of the present invention. RT
and LT are binary input signals, M is an IJ series circuit, AI5A2 is a gain control circuit, and Tr3
and Tr4 are transistors. 1-7. Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-13603 (2) 1 '.
-'-- 'two', ", 13 ← ど n 〇 0 1 j j to ZB, 一 T 1-1 'Q% 115 o'-"-'p p 8
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is, for example, the inside of the patent
application of the present applicant, and the inside of a 1-tap half-channel stereo reproduction
device-such as C! The circuit relates to an enclosure which changes the positional position of the
left and right stereo signals (L, it ') in an analog manner and outputs. 49-13603 02, that is, the
circuit of this invention consists of seven sets of gain control / memory, and a matrix that inputs
and adds its output. And, gain control-function 1. The main part of Muko is Hun V Sta Try. It is an
impedance change circuit which includes an amplification circuit including each of the resistors
r4t and an electric young fruit type tofu 2 “Nysta FK te /, F′ll + T co. More specifically, in the
gain control circuit A /, the emitter of the F transistor TrJ of the amplifying circuit I including the
transistor TrJ whose base is grounded by the 3 de-QK resistance and the jt ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ Xot−
′ ′ 2 ′ · oKf−AI ) TR * “Append 9 ′ ′ ′ Contact Ground 1c! l! I! The output of the
impedance change circuit connected so that the control voltage input is separately input to the
gate of the field effect type JIF 1 te / through one end C of the resistor (/, 00 to 50) separately is
the above-mentioned 140 sec. Connect to the IIM point of 五 5 抗 る, V, and コ output of the
transistor TrJ 菅) 菅 Tuss circuit MIC input **. Also, the gain control circuit muco has the same
circuit configuration as the gain control im * m / with the resistance of 110 divisions and fives
(the resistance value is larger than 3 pages of field of mu l). . 3. The emitter of the tonji xztr da of
the amplification circuit including the Tr da j O O o. The same resistance of Ohm (in the case of
// の) is made in series and the threshold voltage CIIIIL, -111EllII voltage input tml anti (/ oot-5)
Suri Totsun V I) FNT? '-) The output of the innobi-dance change circuit, which is set to H as C
input, is 5 top-f. The dimension III is taken to the saddle point J of the same resistance. +) Renjis
jTr #: lv I-outputs are connected to matrix 1 path M as inputs. 11th, Tohunji State r /, TE rco
input to matrix mlI noodles gain control garden / / mu J6 "m ';" 4' y-ゝ i "L" / '+ anse input
inbimen jLc alignment writing break In the impedance matching circuit, the impedance matching
circuit is the input terminal 鳳 or b)?
2.) N J Tr J は C with the respective pace of N る Tr J or る r is inserted 綾 II R as required. If yesOriginal input signal (L ?, ml? ) Converting each -9 曽 signal into DC voltage and comparing and
detecting them, [* C direct at pressure domain conversion from control voltage and / or colikelihood input signal (LT, BT) respectively Then, when the control voltage (any one of the direct
current Ov to -coV) obtained by comparing and detecting them is applied to the control voltage
input terminals Cjv and D, the series T /, F ピ ー T of the in-element change circuit The
impedance of the output terminal x, H of-changes accordingly. That is, the output impedance is
low for low DC voltage, and the output impedance is high for low DC voltage. したがってトフン
5FJL/Trj。 The impedance of the junction point τ, J of the emitter ground resistance of
Trg changes in proportion to the control voltage and each pace current limiter of the trellis pTrJ,
τrl? ! People or silverification D-T γ 3 T y 44 Now, it changes, ¥ fic if fi? Ter current change, '.
Are loaded as changes in the respective collector voltages and they can be summed with one trix
circuit noodle and taken out from the output (W) terminal OUT. Therefore, the gain control
circuit A /, ^ 's respective transistors, “°“ rl / ”$ <− 51 * j @ I“ ° ”“ 1 ”on the 1st page,
tOK dimension and J to OK Resistance of the I-resistor, The 't', * ssg, '' circuits are adopted which
have different values of -f // O and t-m respectively. The output V ペ ル of the unitary power
changes in each of the A 鑞 1 化 q q q q q q. The Betar position angle of the effect input voicing 4
signal can be converted into an analog C amount and output to the next stage low shoulder wave
amplification national road. It should be noted that the effect of the present invention does not
change even if a single sun V neta is used instead of the field effect 1 head V ## r 冨 T / and the
F summer lever.
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