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(2000 yen)-Chief of Patent Office '3 Patent applicant representative Shoji Matsushita 5 List of
attached documents 47020896 ? Japan Patent Office ? JP-A-49-19817. [Phase] Published
Nissho 49. (1974) '2 ░ 21 examination request unclaimed (all three pages) i PA in the office
number 10 Japan classification 1 ░ clear letter 1, the title of the invention
Manufacturing method of diaphragm for speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker, which is obtained by drawing sheet-like paper. In
general, the speaker diaphragm is made by sheet-making method;-one by one in sheet form, or in
sheet form in JIl-like form and pasted in scene form, but with such a production method, many
man-hours, Poor in mass productivity, Kos) was a disadvantage ? even at 0 points. In order to
eliminate such defects gold, there is also a method of producing diaphragm plate tubes with
diaphragms for producing 11 diaphragms. However, if the diaphragm has fRh to 1, only the
center of the sheet is stretched. And damaged or center l! Dance with whether I is extremely thin.
In this case, it was impossible to put it into practice with a sheet. The present invention relates to
a method of manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker obtained by drawing the paper sheet. That
is, the present invention reinforces the central portion by applying or impregnating a hard, wellstretching thermoplastic resin t-to a paper sheet of -6S, and squeezing it to obtain a diaphragm. It
is a thing. For example, as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 the center 1 1 IK of a paper sheet (1) such
as kraft paper or the like, and an acrylic resin is applied or impregnated into a circular or square
shape. As shown in FIG. 11 and FIG. 4, it is a drawing process, a die, and a molding by ?lk
greedy mold?. The upper metal forming metal 1 [(8) is composed of the lower metal 111 (3) and
the upper mold (4) k, and a presser ring (5) is provided on the lower IN of the metal stopper II
(4). , The metal fitting 1t (4) is loosely inserted and is fixed to the lower end of the research
support rod (6), and the coil spring IJy da (7) is fitted on the presser lyg (3), metal fitting 11 (4)
And presser Linda (6)! -Usually acting to leave. EndPage: 1 es, FIG. 4 is for corrugating the edge,
and g5 is for the horizontal surface. Next, I will explain by explaining ?V @ Structuring K?). FIG.
As shown in FIG. 2, resin (1) II * is impregnated in the center of the paper sheet (1) and dried.
Hydrating and soaking the seven leaves and heating 3811. One theory is placed on the lower
gold mts of the forming metal amount (8) shown in 1g44 figure, hold the station ** with the
presser ring (S), and the coil nup 9 <nK against the metal 11 (4 ) T-Lower. The paper sheet (1) is
squeezed and formed from the top of the metal stopper m <a). A thermoplastic resin (a coated
resin is applied to the center S of the first K and squeezed paper sheet) (1). <Susumu and talk.
The presser ring (S) acts to prevent tearing and wrinkles at the time of molding. As mentioned
above, the manufacturing method of the diaphragm for speakers not yet invented applies
thermoplastic resin mt for reinforcement to the center part of a paper sheet, strangles processing
with the amount of forming metal, and the diaphragm of S squeeze There is no need for mass
production due to the use of sheets, but there is no mass loss, no man-hours for production, and
mass production is possible, and vc-comet is also possible. It is possible to reduce or reduce
automation, and it has the advantage of being able to measure automation, and is a major
umbrella of industrial reserve value. ?
4, Brief description of the drawing Figure 1. FIG. 2 is a top view of a paper sheet to which the
manufacturing method K of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention is applied, and FIG. 3
and FIG. 4 are sectional views of the amount of formed metal used in the same method. (1) иииииииии
Paper sheet, (2) иииииии Thermoplastic resin, (8) ? 1! Shaped metal bowl. Name of agent Attorney
Nakao Toshio and one other person m1lI! 1 second Footwear-* sm @ 4 111 End Page: 26 Agent
other than the above End Page: ?
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