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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a characteristic view showing the relationship between displacement and
excitation force in the same speaker, and FIG. 4 is a speaker of the present invention. It is a
sectional view showing an example. 15 ииииииииии Field part, 16 {chair coil, 20 иииииии coil bobbin, 21
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Fig.2 Fig.3-69-Actual opening 49-20524 (2) Fig. 4 -70
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker using a
pulley having a small rotational resistance as a substitute for a damper, which has a large
amplitude of 8 degrees. It is intended to provide a small amount of whistle and an abnormal
sound li t. The conventional speaker K> is constructed as shown in FIG. That is, in the center of
the upper surface, a dragon ball (11 k * play) (21, II song-like magnet + a + a top plate II) (4)
constitutes a field section. Such a structure, a structure K or a damper (d) is formed into a
corrugated shape such as four corrugation parts by a cloth fabric 1 sheet, a synthetic 11 sheet
sheet, etc. This corrugation quill is formed to control the amplitude of the voice coil (8) and to
follow the imaging width of the voice coil (8). Therefore, as shown in FIG. 2, when a large
negative excitation force is applied between the excitation force and the potential, it has
nonlinearity and causes the third harmonic distortion b. Also, as shown in FIG. 3, there is a
hysteresis phenomenon in which the potential is different between the case where the excitation
force is increased from small to large and the case where it is reduced from large to small and b.
If the position is negative, and if it is displaced downward, the required Nl vibration force may
differ depending on the umbrella, but the damper port o as shown above may cause the Fi 2nd
high-high Ivl IIII and also the damper (G) In some cases, abnormal noise may be generated from
itself, and it is not preferable and skin. The present invention does not suffer from the abovementioned disadvantages of the prior art, the following one invention of the present invention is
an embodiment of the drawing wX4 Figure 3?, according to #) Il! ! Light up. Qll has a center ball
on the center top surface, (2) and is a dangerous plate, on which a ring-like magnet is placed on
the plate ?, a ring-like ring on the magnet (2) Upper play) place Q4, Q, these are combined with
the III writing agent to form the field section (9) 1-formed and indicated by Wl, and the broken
field section (out) is out i1! Although it is called 1jJl, * magne in mmm. Even if it is an internal
magnet type field section incorporating a center ball and a center ball, it is possible to configure
a frame (T) in the field section OIl + of the upper field, but it is not possible. At the periphery of
the core, both the gas film and the force ? are Kml + 1N08F3 and the periphery is electrified
with a layering agent, etc. and the core of this l1vl plate is the voice coil (6) at the lower
periphery. A wound coil bobbin cage is coupled. It is necessary to construct this coil bobbin coil
by paper, light gold foot 9 synthetic tree theory, etc., at a rate of 1% and with good charge.
I got it. A plurality of small-sized pulleys (2) of the intermediate portion KFi of the coil bobbin
member are arranged, and the voice coil, .alpha.-, is not eccentric to the magnetic gear of the
magnetic field portion .mu.s (4) without being eccentric. Act to put in place. The pulley (C) is
attached to the bottom of the frame or the upper surface of the field portion ?9 and is pivoted to
the tip of a support member. Provide a guide weir on the coil bobbin weir that welds this pulley.
It is also conceivable. In addition, a dust cap [with] is spared on the upper surface of the central
part of the moving plate (d). As described above, since the speaker according to the present
invention supports the coil bobbin of the voice coil with a small pulley having rotational
resistance, even if the voice coil oscillates, it is not added to the amplitude, and The difference
between the excitation force is non-linearity or the difference between the displacement and the
excitation force and the difference between the vibration force and the difference in the 7X1
finger force between the upper and lower body position, and the third or chicken 2 ? -wave
distortion What has been discussed is gone, and the occurrence of strange sounds and b's can be
completely blocked and the mind will be. Such VC% sexually advantageous, II! It is a great deal of
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