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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer,
FIG. 2 is a macroscopic explanatory view of a diaphragm of the present invention, FIG. 3 is an
equivalent circuit, and FIGS. 4 and 5 are characteristics. Figure shows. 1 иииииии Synthetic resin film,
2 ииииии Conductive fine particles, 3 ииииии Diaphragm, E matching transformer. Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.3 1-75actual opening 49-2.1032 (2) Fig. 4 Fig. 5-76 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for
an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer. Vibration and board of the conventional hair-spinned
electroacoustic transducer are roughly divided into two configurations, namely metal deposition
and low surface resistance t, six synthetic resin film diaphragms or ?, aluminum, etc. The
method of using a metal foil plate of a metal foil, and the application of a compound that releases
free ions such as a surfactant to the surface of the synthetic resin thin film to increase surface
resistance (1), ', l: 49-21032- There is a method of using a 6 1 jA moving plate with a 2 o 2
resistance, and in any case there is a need to apply a high voltage for polarization during
operation. In the present application, the former company is named "low resistance type", and the
one who is called "high resistance type" is 1R1j1 +. 1-Low resistance type is the oldest method
for electrostatic type electric tumbling conversion wedge, and it was manufactured by Fi-Fi, but
when the amplitude of the diaphragm becomes large at the time of large input, the diaphragm
and A spark is generated by the polarization voltage in the fixed electrode cabinet. While
producing unpleasant noise, there was a drawback that the diaphragm was damaged. In order to
improve this, as shown in 1-, a resistor @R ? with a high resistance value is inserted in one row
with a normal resistor ? (3), and the above-mentioned swing plate (3 The fixed electrode (411
or (41 or the method of preventing the spark of the cabinet is used, or its effect is not perfect.
Also, using extra resistors is an economic loss. In the figure, (&) # i matching transformer tube is
shown. This defect is proposed to oversize the tube tampering tlt one force, one embryo
resistance type. This method succeeds in compensating for the above-mentioned drawbacks by
(z) 49-21032-03 ? H ? and giving a high resistance value tube to the swing plate itself. It is
used in electrostatic electroacoustic transducers that require a width. However, since this 1 highresistance type diaphragm is coated with a surfactant etc. as described above with #i, it has the
disadvantage of being easily affected by the humidity in the atmosphere, When used in low areas,
the reduction of free ions in the surfactant causes a reduction in sensitivity and in some cases an
accident which makes the company totally unusable. The purpose of the present invention is to
improve the above-mentioned drawbacks of the F high resistance type of the electrostatic type
electric sound changer, and to provide a vibrating plate with extremely high stability. The state in
which the K-involved board is observed under an electron microscope is shown in ts2. (1)
Company line l? It is a plate body, i.e. a synthetic resin film, and (ri j conductive fine particles are
shown as black spots.
In general, a synthetic resin film is regarded as an insulator, but macroscopically, it is possible to
think of a very high resistance 4Ik as a resistor that has (3) 49-21032 04, so as shown in FIG.
The situation when the conductive fine particles are distributed is strange as shown in the
equivalent circuit of FIG. 3, and the resistance value is equivalently lowered because the high
resistance body is partially shorted. It can be used as a diaphragm of a static F high resistance
type electrostatic electroacoustic transducer. In the experiment of the present inventor, a
diaphragm was manufactured by applying to a polyester film having a thickness of 6 microns
with respect to four kinds of particles of pure longitudinal cord, titanium, platinum and gold,
respectively. It was confirmed to work. As a specific manufacturing method of this swing plate, it
is desirable to introduce fine particles of an element having good conductivity into a raw material
of a synthetic resin film and to make a film by adding it to the film. The thickness is only a few
microns and it is not necessary that the front V conductive particles are always contained in the
film as well. Also, the same effect can be obtained as follows: (4) AQ-Li n-9-nl: It can also be used
t 6 and conductive fine particles [silver or aluminum can also be used. The industrial features of
this diaphragm are as follows. 1 (1) The surfactant is extremely free from adverse effects due to
ambient humidity and changes with time due to the fact that no surfactant is used and particles
of an extremely stable element are employed. (B) There is no gap between the electrodes which is
a drawback of ?low resistance type? and no damage to the diaphragm due to it C C ? Same
shape as the conventional 1 high resistance type ?Pattern type electric note number
converter? Since it can be designed and the amplitude and displacement at the time of operation
are the same, equivalent noble performance can be obtained. ) "Low resistance type", as
described above, synthetic l1il oil paste V plate coated with gold II 4 # 1; ?<use metal foil
vibration # ?, compared to the present invention, The amount of metal that can be made is
beauty, and of course the cost increases. With regard to the electrostatic receiver that is
manufactured according to the present invention, it is the time between the time and the
reproduced sound pressure until reaching the switch sensitivity maximum switch sensitivity for
polarization voltage application (5) 49-21032-0B. As shown in FIG. 4, the paper was very stable.
FIG. 5 shows the same relationship between the conventional F high resistance type isomorphic
handsets and shows that the performance at the beginning of manufacture is not maintained.
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