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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of an embodiment of the
present invention. In the figure, 1 and 2 are signal transmission systems, 15 is a differential
amplifier, 16 is an output terminal, 19 is a microphone input terminal, and 20 and 20 'are
changeover switches. −3−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a mixing circuit.
Conventionally, when the mixing circuit is saponified in a stereo device (the signal from the
microphone is superimposed on the stereo signal when the microphone input, the signal from the
microphone input 8 is exposed to the stereo signal from the '49 -31302-02 record board) You
can only get On the other hand, the present invention reproduces the signal localized at the
center among the singing and musical instrument sounds included in the recording tape for
stereo and 7M broadcasting etc. The present invention provides a mixing circuit which erases at
11 and adds a signal to be substituted for the erased singing or chopsticks etc. from the
microphone circuit. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail below
with reference to the drawings. MKII 21j1 will be described in detail. First of all, (2) a4 is an
input terminal connected to the input terminal QoaJ at 461 (1110). The pre- # amplifier OυO 6
passes through the hairline 仇 (b) i to the power amplifier g: (connected to gs, and further
connected to the speaker (14υ at its output side. Further, the outputs of these previous * 11 α
tags are branched and connected to the differential amplifier (2) K, and the output of the
differential amplifier 08 is led to the output terminal 06. fl! In addition to these, the
microphone input from the microphone 02'l is passed through, and it is connected to the child
α9. The switch is a switch that switches between the output electron q6 of the differential input
signal o5 and the microphone (2) 49-31302-03 input magic. Then, one transmission system, for
example, the right signal transmission system (1) is formed from the input ladder to the IIIIi
increase ** Qls variable value shift mask and amplification-o3t- through to the speaker axis on
the output side. On the other hand, a second transmission system, for example, a left signal
transmission system (2) is formed from the input motor φ through the amplifier αf1 variable
resistor and the amplifier 1Io5 to the speaker of the output III. Next, I will light up the action.
Now, the left and right signals of the stereo signal are respectively added to the input terminal
(IQ-. At this time, in the normal use state, the changeover switch 曽-connects the left and right
signal transmission threads (l back 1 to direct the left and right signals of the stereo to the output
side. Then, the stereo signal from the input terminal ooo6 is amplified by the pre-addition s *
onofi, and then the power amplification Sa3! Is reproduced from the amplified t1 speaker as a
stereo from a loom. Next, when it is desired to buffer the left and right input signals of the stereo
input into the input terminal (turn) 0 (1), the switching switch is switched to the output terminal
斡 of the differential amplifier 111 昏 09, respectively! Then, the signal from the input terminal
(3149-31302-04 child-one is forced as the input of the differential amplifier 605 through the
pre-increasing thbCLυ0.
When it comes to the stereo signal, it is divided into the left and right and the center at the time
of the stereo signal Fi pattern wI 4 and recorded. Thus there is a large / J% of phase difference
and level in the left and right channels. However, the signal localized at the center (Song 11, etc.)
is recorded in Fi in-phase, r6 rubel. The ub present invention is a difference between a signal
localized at the center and a left and right channel recorded in the same phase at the same level,
and it is a difference as a means to erase the signal localized at the center Dynamically increasing
instrumental music was used. Therefore, on the original piece of insane gain @ profit, 聞 j ba ~
input of the fixture 05 is one stereo signal fIr! Place #! By adding the left and right signal outputs
from the one-width amplifier aI, localization of the stereo signal at the center of the stereo signal
is possible. After being erased by the electric field and amplified by the power amplifier (2), it is
reproduced from the speaker a4. The signal from the microphone Q7 is jv-widthed from the
microphone Q7 by the amplifier a6 to obtain a force of 1 for the erasure t and the signal. The
additional .delta.g4 from the microphone Q7 + is further amplified and amplified, and then lost or
lost by the speaker C14 '. By the way, the town dumpling resistance 14149-31302-g5b (6)-is for
changing the level of the mixing level d source at the time of large unification. Furthermore,
when it is lost as a stereo, it becomes a balancer of Goishi channel. In this practical example, the
signal of the 1J1 source and the signal to be mixed are separately obtained and lost, but it is not
a problem if mixed. Also, in this embodiment, the mixed signal is just that! I'm playing. However,
the mixed signal can be used as a tape recorder, etc., and can be reproduced and then
reproduced. The purpose of remixing can be enhanced more easily. i 掬 needless to say. As
described above, according to the present invention, the signal -15 (song, musical instrument,
etc.) added to the medium heat contained in the stereo signal is almost completely erased by the
1000 ink operation with the cut-off switch, A special effect can be mixed simply by replacing the
erased signal with the user's song or Lllll from the microphone. Also, the mixing circuit of the
present ij proposal has the advantage that it can be mixed with any stereo signal, for example 7.1
Δ 9-: 1 (130 Fullo 6 can be mixed with a tape recorder, record, IPM, etc.)
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