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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of a loudspeaker
diaphragm according to the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a main component and 2 is a
synthetic resin film. -61- Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-41525 (2)
【Detailed description of the invention】 In the construction of the diaphragm for the home @ 4
speaker, the mechanical · purpose ** of this chopped irrigated body will be m strong hinge on the
surface copper of a single unit of synthetic lOam The synthetic resin value genus is formed. It is a
king time that is generally favored by a speaker work board at 64 ° for the B-waste. The reason
is that Young 4 is a large self-indulgent, specific gravity is small C, gRIL is large, internal loss is
large in equipment, etc. However, these O # R cases are generally 亙 vhy C @ 丁In relation to Top,
these conditions are basin φ7, ..., *** Ksx-r * tsv * acttupttcm * 'e'-1 C, C 4 4 relative to Ube 6 4941525-02, m (I: 處, ^ molecular axis foam, laminates of conventional materials and the like, etc.
Vh 43 ° main idea is synthetic on the plate surface of synthetic materials By forming a silkyjacketed tube for a speaker-IIjJ board 【consisting, make each of the above-mentioned 5 degrees
of vibration to obtain a 5 degree of vibration that makes it possible to add 114 (compared with
OK). In the present invention, Wang Sheng adult / α JIB engineering / 亭 Or% J. No. firewood
soda t gas fire, electric heat or microwave oven. Heated with, etc. by this sg such as water in sg. ,
Power generation 1it is a sort of thing. At this time, the temperature of the city of 10 ° (100 to 1
mxa, so that the heating temperature and time are equal, so that one axis of this shaft is, for
example, a cone. This pond 1 disc, hornsby. It is also nice to wear KIlt such as dome shape to
strength. ゐ, this king 411 adult l in a face-to-face combination of methyl ethyl 嚇 15 嚇 s ss t t
toluene t FJ in a mixture book Ba Ba1ll 麿 y JO 1 f か か # α α α α α α 1 1 # 1 c 11 The
genus genus J is formed to have a thickness of 1 to a thickness of about Kron. A group JR of JR cSakai Shinichi is a little confusing when it is valued. Thus, in the home place '4', a single body of
soda soda is formed into + E composite / IH, ninety nine, with a ratio 1 of 0.7 to 0, J and 'IK It is
possible to use a small, relatively large point like π pressure #i strong k. At the same time it
contracts at the time of digitization. Note that it is 5 ° to the 厘 厘 傅 髪 傅 M M M M M M M 仁
c M 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比. All weak pull a strong mr & can be stored
peristaltic board. When it becomes possible to increase the vibration of-m-. Water resistance is
felt because it contains a large number of 1 oscillator-body rxlR natrikum □ lagO) · + o, t-Many,
and it is this t Kai · 10 Tatami 41 rounding and the surface is neutralized with a weak enemy and
nine Power.
Ruthenium ions (C1 + 1), boron ions (B1 '+). Treated with a bath solution containing zinc ions (Za
′ ′) k. Although there is no way to reduce the rigidity of the μ-m body by these methods, it is
a battle, but as in the case of the non-invention, the 4 I basin which formed the 15 + · 15 懺 M cohairs is like a 紀 O In addition to increasing the scale and bond record JKAO water resistance V
effective 1'C & I11 automatically, and also has a hot summer-drop ande in main Complement
body 1 district straight, and with a combined SC oncology score・ J ,. Su 10 horizontal layer
4111 made Ore me to make all the loss a little big teeth <4 ter 4 Lrt, ̶-O-→ 1000 to 4 → → ←
16-4 4 can be ゐ · more than this 'Ji Juri 栗 嘔 嘔 嘔 嘔 嘔 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 舛 舛 舛
ぶ れ ぶ れ ぶ れ. You can get 20 good ice 1m boards of 5 °. This o 5 days off is a boy's
chopsticks. 7.23 unit ratio oi'y 110, Young 7-g no 10 'λ eta -2 · 10 sounding members 1-33 and
tys S 囁 □ 100g In this table, ゲ / a コ, α α 王Preparatory body l eye. The composition of the
present invention is shown in 13.3 as L ゐ t, and an anthropomorphic α area, the size of 15
departments is 3 cI! To 1% width 10J thickness 03am. Then the inside shoulder is constant and
centered at Ikt1 interval of Mr. J61a. Tension is applied, and the tension just before the wipe
breaks is shown. ていつ。
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