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'-\ June 7, 1977 Secretary of Patent Office #: R Kuden 47022.519 [Fa] Japan Patent Office
published patent bulletin. ? JP-A-49-42327 @, published in Japan. (1974) -4, 20 examination
request existence (all 2 pages) Office serial number 20 Japanese classification specification /
name of invention
) "L: 17: f-speaker with a speaker
3. Detailed description of the invention As illustrated in Fig. 21 as a speaker GST, it extends the
sleep field of the low-range writing period mantissa of the system in the cabinet C fitted with its
live Sbi cam and tweeter -111 as illustrated in FIG. For example, a drone cone provided with a
drone cone 1 Jip D comprising a fillh IIM having an arbitrary resonant frequency / number
which resonates with, for example, the lowest resonance frequency point of the low-frequency
reproduction subwoob cam at a certain frequency 10 There is a system speaker and system. 1)
This speaker system company reproduces bass so often o, f, fIIL '1' m, str, and two ? i. Under the
current situation, it has been actively used as a prize. However, in terms of production, it is
necessary to further provide a drone cone resonator in the cabinet, so the size of the cabinet and
that of each skater! ! The design of the l 'position is awkward in design and expensive, and a
solution to the problem has been desired. Therefore, the present invention solves the problem at
once by assembling a drone cone resonator and a main speaker (speaker for driving and driving).
Referring to the embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 below, the
figured illustration shows a foam resin or a foam molded resin drone cone (diaphragm) 1 or 1
'with a tweeter-2 (driver) And a frame 4 and a corrugation 4 made of a cloth or rubber hardened
with a synthetic resin. This speaker has a weight and 1-to-tweeter-2 attached to the diaphragm 1
of the drone cone resonator, so when using it in combination with a drive speaker, it constitutes a
speaker system that often produces heavy bass can do. EndPage: 1 Also, since the drone cone 1
becomes a sound path of the tweeter-2, it has an effect of improving the characteristics of the
tweeter-2 as compared with the case of FIG. 1 where the tweeter-2 is separately attached.
Furthermore, from the point of view of the production, from the above features, providing a very
low-profile speaker box with excellent bass characteristics, the production of the speaker box
becomes easy, and the drone cone type speaker system is cheaper than before. The present
invention can be provided 1 and is a very useful invention in practical use.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
drone cone type speaker system, and FIG. 2 and FIG. 6 are respectively a cross section v1; 1 иии
Drone cone, 2 ииииииииииииииииииии Fist и frame, 4 иии corrugation. JP-A-49-'42s2 (alpha) 9. Figure 1 EndPage:
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