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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention. 1Eランプ。 One nine-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a display / lighting
apparatus for a stereo radio receiver. The place where it is aimed at is an indicator. The display
and dial lighting are combined with the lamp of 1-1. In order to reduce the cost by
Conventionally, in a stereo radio receiver, it is necessary to prepare at least two display (lighting)
lamps because the indicator display circuit and the dial lighting circuit are treated as separate
functions. 3.l]1°1。 □ The present invention was made in view of this point, and let us
explain the present invention with reference to the following figures. The drawings show the
circuit configuration of the main part of the present invention. In the same figure. 1 is a direct
current amplification transistor, and the transistor. The base of the star is connected to the stereo
detection signal (DC) input terminal 2, and the collector is the fixed end of the switch 3. 7-33.
Switch 3 (Push button. Fixed terminal 3b is directly grounded and movable end. The child 3 C is
connected to the power source B through the lamp 4. いる。 The lamp 4 is disposed at a position
suitable for illuminating the panel 10 (not shown). 5) It is a bias resistance. If the switch 3 is
switched to the fixed terminal 3a side in such a circuit, the input terminal 2 is stereo. When the
detection signal comes in, the lamp 4 is turned on by the signal which is increased by 1.5 by the
transistor. →イ。 Act as an indicator. Next, when the switch 3 is switched to the fixed terminal
3b side. 6. Power source B-rung 4-switch 3-earth closed loop is configured and lamp 4 is
connected to power source B . 1! 'Don't turn it on with the 2nd source of energy. → Operates
as a lighting lamp. . As you can see from the above, the present invention is a stereo. The lamp 4
can reduce the number of lamps since the lamp 4 can also be used to display the effects of the
indicator light and the dial light. This also leads to cost reductions. A position where the dial scale
plate is illuminated with the lamp 4 shown in Table 5 above. Since it is arranged in (1), there is
an effect that it is easy to distinguish stereo broadcasting and mono broadcasting simultaneously
with one tuning. ・
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