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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a side view of a use state, and FIG. 2 is a partially cut front view of a state where a first
main body is provided on an operation knob. 3 is the same side view, FIG. 4 is the same plan
view, FIG. 5 is the front elevation of the second main body, FIG. 6 is the same side view, FIG. 7 is
the same plan view, and FIG. 9 is a side view EE · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
Figure 1-125-actual opening 49-63 350 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 7-126-real opening 4963350 (3) Fig. 6 Fig. 8 Fig. 9-127-
【Detailed description of the invention】 Pre-IK made of a small plastic resin suitable for
relatively small knees such as hw4 hw 聾 ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 1 1 可 1 可I am concerned about the selfgoverning hand. For example, the volume adjustment knob on the front face of the stereo in the
stereo image box and the variable element such as a capacitor made of aluminum and the like
which is changed by the rotation operation of the knob are positionally oriented with each other
It is often provided in a misaligned state. Conventionally, in such a case, a well-known gold-made
universal joint has been mainly used as a two-way linkage, but according to this conventional
universal joint, there are the following drawbacks. ■ Even conventional joints, even those made
of pure pure water, have a large number of parts, such as two sets of claws, -1 plaster, and a set
screw, in addition to balls, making production and assembly troublesome. Therefore, the
assembly operation is complicated, and there is a high possibility that the product performance
may vary depending on the quality of the assembly operation. @ Depending on the use site of the
joint, etc., although it is often the case that it is desirable to perform some processing such as
scraping the joint 1a or cutting a grooved pipe, the work is difficult- ■ As mentioned above (, the
number of parts is great, manufacturing and assembly are lyrical, so the cost is quite an island
due to change 3. The purpose of the present invention is to eliminate the above-mentioned
various drawbacks, and the purpose is to reduce the number of parts (the production and
assembly are easy and the cost is not large and the cost is reduced). There is to offer. The
assembly is as follows. In the present invention, a pair of opposing claw-shaped pieces are
integrally connected to a tip #, and an axial hole is provided in the claw-shaped pieces. Made of
synthetic resin, which is large enough to be loosely attached to each of the claw-like pieces, and
has four supporting shafts fitted to the front-side feeding shaft projecting at four places on its
peripheral surface so as to be orthogonal to a cruciform Medium I% I! Each main shaft of the
intermediate node is fitted into the axial hole of the independent body by using the nature of
each nail piece, and the main body is It is a synthetic resin free joint that is connected to the
middle node in a posture of 90 cLrtN so that the claw pieces are engaged with each other.
Explain in light of #. ^ 4Il + is a synthetic resin bearing anchored to the partial surface plate β)
via base scatter 12+, and an operation knob for volume control supported at movably at 141
companies. The operation grip-) company has a cap t-not shown (with IM (4 m) and PI [(4 k), not
shown) and an annular connecting groove <46) t-at the tip of the body (4 b) IF;
(5) is a variable element provided in the stereo main body: a variable element such as an
aluminum complex, and is an operation axis of the variable element 151 for 1Ala. Because of its
design inclination, it is attached with inclination in the inner carbon, while fixed to the variable
element 61 company Sueping, therefore, the operation knob μ) and the operation axis + 61 and
company round There is a position where the axis crosses [IC. In order to connect the operation
knob + 41 and the operation axis l, the present invention's present invention is constructed as
follows. That is, the main body (hereinafter referred to as the first main body) I7 to the operation
knob 141 is formed in a substantially birdcage shape, and is integrally fixed to the operation
knob 141 in advance via the connecting groove (40) t-. The main body 1'7) is a synthetic
(physically) strong synthetic resin such as acetal and As nylon etc., and is integrally provided by a
gold-made operation knob + 41 # c1jl. Incidentally, the main body +7) and the operation lever (4)
may be integrally formed of synthetic resin (as described above, FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 to FIG. 4). The
main body corresponding to the operation shaft 161K (hereinafter referred to as a second body)
(a power is formed into a hollow cylindrical shape integrally having a front main body +71 and a
uniform synthetic resin and wA portion tya), Ill A connecting hole (76) is formed in the rear half
hollow portion or the heel end hollow portion of the weir (7). The connection hole (76) is formed
in correspondence with the operation shaft (6), and if the operation shaft 161 has, for example, a
cross-sectional circular shape, the connection hole (7 &) is formed into the same cross-sectional
shape as shown. It is. In addition, the cross-sectional shape of the connection hole (7 勺 is a
single or a half, a triangle or a square according to the operation-μm, or a knurled operation
shaft (61 In this case, it is conceivable to apply processing to the peripheral surface of the
connecting hole (7L) to match it, and it is optional to select +6 in any case. The upper part W: Wt
main body + 71 and the second main body vl are connected to each other in the same
configuration, which will be described in detail next. Do. That is, one pair of living body +7) one
night has a pair of nails @ ++ sl integrally for facing each other at the tip, and rigging nails II!
Each axial hole (! At the tip of II (- 穿 Build a 穿 i 1 In addition, on the inner side surface of each
claw-like piece 181111'l, (1 kh guide grooves (10) and (10) are gradually opened from the axial
holes + v + f fl toward the tip, and from the guide grooves 110 X 10) K This is because the
second support shaft can be plated to the shaft hole I 佇 1 without difficulty.
It may be because each of the nails as ++ sl orchids has a rubbish, because the outside 1111w
and the tip of the tongue and claws are formed white as shown in $ 5, 7 and 3.5 @ respectively.
It is for the purpose of making the movements of both bodies (71 萌 smoothly) by repulsion.
Next, (10 companies are intermediate cylinders connecting the two living bodies 17 ++ 71, and
the core is made of a mixed resin such as po-acetal, ny bird 70 n, etc. similarly to the main body
171 tyl. It is advantageous in terms of molding and handling if the shape of the middle section
(the shape of one is a circle @ having a moderate thickness as shown in FIG. 8 and FIG. ?
Alternatively, other shapes of one sphere town may be adopted. (12 卜 · is a spindle that you
presume in each axial hole 191 1 1 of the bangs main body 1 Ha L 71, and the middle clause (the
cruciform Ki in four places of the main section! [The place where you get along fII] The support
shaft (12) · 通常 company, usually, it is assumed that the intermediate node (one and the same
KFl are formed from the integral PK, and the four support shafts (12) · · · are two in one line And
the pair of two corresponding to the axial hole .theta.1 (9I and the same + vi19 '+, respectively),
and the tip-to-tip dimension of the set of branch wires 12 and 12 is the claw shape. It is set to be
smaller than the inside distance of the two pieces in each of the two pieces. In addition, the
middle clause (11) is loosely fitted to the claw-like piece + e + s' + two-piece darkness, and it goes
without saying that the core is a size of the heart. By forming the curved surface K as shown in
Fig. 6, the support KB shaft (12) · · can be easily fitted into the guide groove (10) (10) and joined
to the shaft hole-191. However, the tune is small so that the support shaft (12)... Thus, in order to
connect the two living bodies σ l 17 'l and the intermediate cylinder (one with each other), as
described above, the first main body (71 is provided in advance integrally with the operation
knob 14+, and A procedure for continuously supplying the first main body (intermediate cylinder
(11 to the force, intermediate cylinder (11 to the second main body +71) will be described.
Intermediate 11 (11) a pair of spindles (12) (12). The guide groove (10) (IQ) K is inserted from
the tip end of the claw-like piece Ill of the first main body 171, and is advanced toward the back
of the guide groove (10) (10). As described above, since the length t is set so that the ball amount
is between the support 123 (12) a and the claw-like piece 181181, as the support shaft (12X123
is pushed along the inclination of the guide groove (10 bars IQ) Nails + 8 II +!
11 expands in opposite directions due to the elasticity of the synthetic resin, and the support
shafts (12) and (12) are restored by engagement with the shaft hole θ 1 1 1 1 4 Thus, the main
body 17) is a synthetic tree i * m Especially by using the elasticity of A9-based claw-like pieces Ill.
Distribute the spindle r12) (12) to the shaft hole 1) 9), and so on. It connects to 111111 (11)
tllM1 main memory 1 inside. The same applies to this hand * Fi = intermediate clause (11) (the
second subject LAt is connected). However, at this time, the 182 main body +71 is in a posture in
which the pctta “4” is mutually engaged so that the claws 1181 and the hooks (d) of the first
main body (71 mutually engage with each other). The middle cylinder (one shaft's other shaft
(12% 12) and its shaft hole) will be joined together and connected, and 11! 2 connection
company of the main body 171 and the operation axis IQ of the rotary element + 51, as
described above, by mounting the connection hole (f'b) K operation wheel) of the second main
body, but assembly familiarity As the main body connected to the 182 main body + frt operation
shaft 14 and then connected to the middle cylinder (the opposite one, or both ends of the
fluorine main body + f + are connected to the operation axis + 41 and the middle V node (10
Finally, the first main body g) utF * connection in the tube 轡 variously considered, it is optional
to select which one “11”. From the above, as shown in FIG. 1, the operation knob +4), the
edible element (the operation shaft 16 of 51) and the t, 1st. @ 21 body σ Iφ and the middle
cylinder (from 1 h to h * free to connect with free hand) Now, if I operate the operation knob +
41, the free open joint of the present invention rotates with a constant rotation locus. It is
needless to say that the operation shaft (which is capable of electrically transferring electricity),
and this operation of the universal joint according to the present invention does not differ from
the conventional well-known flexible universal watch, and also the above-mentioned @ j , The
second subject + y + + yi and the middle cylinder (also a pair of broken 破 る 敬 J J J J J J J J J J
診). By the way, the present invention is not limited to the case of connecting the operation
element rl to the variable element + 51, as described above, but also the position clerk Kh whose
axial center is raised or crossed It can be widely used when transmitting a rotational force
between two members, and if it is used for connecting relatively small two members, it is easy to
manufacture and assemble as described later, which is very advantageous. The shape of the main
body 17 + 171 is determined in accordance with the shape of the two members to be connected,
etc., and is not determined in the embodiment as a single Kll.
According to the present invention, there are the following effects. ■ We consist of only three of
two main actors and middle cylinder. Moreover, since two-part co-synthetic resin can be
manufactured in a single-piece form, it is easy to manufacture, あ あ, three-way assembly is
extremely easy as described above, taking advantage of the elasticity of synthetic resin which is
the main material Combined with the small number of parts, the assembly is non-W easy. O
building 8! Because it is made of resin. Depending on the site of use, etc., processing such as
partially cutting the joint or dividing the groove can be performed arbitrarily and easily. While
having the above effects, it is possible to realize a large congestion cost down pipe of about 1710
or less based on the effect of the above O2.
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