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L Title of the Invention 1 Inventor 4 Creator 6 Low-Slip Documents in the Attached Documents 5)
Requests for Examination of Request for Requests 1 Letter [Phase] Japan Patent Office Open
Patent Gazette ■ Japanese Patent Laid-Open Publication 49-6441.7 @ Japanese. (1974) 6.21
examination request (all 5 pages) @ 1 book LN Ming name board board etc. in diaphragm
Diaphragm in board speakers etc.
3. Detailed description of the invention 本 @ @ 妹 妹 書 書 観 賞 観 賞 額 用 ら れ る ら れ る 用
用 額 額 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 額 振動 振動 振動 振動 振動 灘 灘 灘 中 中 中 中 中 中The
present invention relates to a diaphragm that can be used as an iP: a wall plate or the like as an
interior diaphragm directly as a diaphragm. Recently, when a magnetic circuit component
member is attached to a mounting plate, a front outer rim INK frame of a Km mounting plate is
circumferentially provided, a flat diaphragm is attached to the frame, and a voice coil disposed in
a magnetic pole gap is Contact at the back of the diaphragm at <3. At the same time, a l-toss
beaker and a mound or poster panel are commercially available. In addition, a conversion system
or the like in which a voice coil or an acoustic vibration mechanism is connected from the back
surface to the wall plate for the indoor O interior lid is used as a diaphragm for the indoor wall
surface is considered. As a rule, with the combination speakers apart, with -speakers, frequency
characteristics 1. It is impossible or extremely difficult to satisfy all of the directivity
characteristics, distortion characteristics and output sound pressure, and depending on the
specific purpose and application, the speaker to be used has to be at the expense of other
characteristics I can not get it. In the case of a board speaker which directly uses the abovementioned room interior wall plate or panel plate as a diaphragm, the diaphragm itself has an
original purpose, and therefore various disadvantages when it is purely acoustically devised. Will
occur. However, as far as flat panels and wall plates are used as acoustic diaphragms, a material
or structure “□” plate should be developed that has four acoustic characteristics. As a matter
of fact, it is only using plywood or a sheet made of polystyrene foam as a diaphragm for 2sticking stick and EndPage: 1 in the above-mentioned conventional key board speaker, for
example, bar-shaped panel Il, t-beaker It goes without saying that the above-mentioned plywood
is mainly based on the effect as a sticking plate for photographs and the like, and the mass for
only the diaphragm for blue tatami has already been disqualified. In addition, in the case of a
polystyrene foam board, it is excellent in light weight-although it is excellent in terms of light
weight-in order to have a strong tL, it must not be too thick, and it is inherently weak at it. Since
it lacks mechanical strength, it is not suitable as a panel board for photographs and the like, and
since it lacks rigidity, it does not have the original effect of the diaphragm to convert mechanical
vibration into acoustic vibration. A special speaker is also proposed in which a number of pipes
are connected in a planar shape and a ladder-like or cotton-like polymerization type is used as a
diaphragm (Japanese Patent Publication Sho-A / Ko / / 4a) However, it is needless to say that this
is unsuitable as a binder panel for photographs and the like.
Another difficulty in using the diaphragm as the forehead or poster O attachment surface is that
it is not practical to form a corrugation-like fix edge on the peripheral side of the diaphragm, so
that the characteristics by the edge Can not be falsified. Usually, the paper or paper-based
material is the most suitable as it is equipped with some properties ** that are required as the
speaker cone, but the above-mentioned board speaker diaphragm is a panel board Because it can
be used simultaneously, thick paper can be used directly, and the rlVhL and vibration area are
wide, so f-p harmonics distortion is not suitable as a round diaphragm. The present invention
relates to a diaphragm made from the above-mentioned point of view, which is a board speaker
having a flat board as a cone. Explain. In the illustrated example, the magnetic circuit component
member is attached to the attachment plate 1 and the frame 3 is provided around the front of the
outer peripheral edge of the attachment plate for 7 frames and 3 turns. And the voice coil 6
disposed in the other pole air gap, and the panel 他 speaker shown connected to the back side of
the above-mentioned diaphragm gauze. The thing of the sand-inch structure which adhere |
attached the honey cam core gins 1 as the center between a is shown. In addition, the increase of
the Young's modulus and the longitudinal wave propagation speed of the above-mentioned
diaphragm gauze etc. is shown, and it has a moistureproof effect. Therefore, it is also possible to
carry out the lacquer impregnation process to the above-mentioned l liner gin or a one-screen lini
11. Other construction examples will be described with reference to the drawings. Mounting
plate / d Reinforcement reinforcing plate / a is attached to the inner surface of the mounting
plate / d, keyhole-shaped composting holes / k penetrating through them are perforated at the
center and made of metal The yoke mounting plate IalC is mounted in such a way as to fit the
magnetic circuit component members next to each other. In addition, / a is a vent provided in the
attachment plate l, and the nonwoven fabric 1e-IIX is stuck on the inner surface. The magnetic
circuit component member 2 may use an outer member 21 shown in the figure by a lens 21, a
magnet core 1, a plate core C, a ball core direct, but it may be made of an inner magnet, as a
matter of course. A jig insertion hole 2C penetrating from the yoke mounting plate tc is bored at
the center of the hole surface. Hoist coil 6 corresponds to seven coil bobbin numbers &
projection n? Boh y base made of aluminum with a? KWiL attached n is connected by sticking
this bobbin base 7 on the back surface of the above-mentioned diaphragm.
Reference numeral 61 denotes a lead wire, a connection plate attached to the end of the 4QU
bobbin base, and t denotes a terminal plate, which is fastened to the yoke attachment plate / c. At
the time of actual assembly, bonding of vibration ginseng to the foam resin tape S is finally
performed, and a high-precision rod-like assembly jig (not shown) is inserted through the jig
insertion hole and the tip thereof In the center of the bobbin base, a nine-circle hole is fitted, and
the diaphragm gauze is attached to the foam resin end page: 2-ysyc, so as to match. The
centering of the carp is carried out properly as in the case of H. As described above-from the
construction 9 to the diaphragm gauze has excessive rigidity due to the presence of seven honey
cam core rings-both sound ring uniform response, both are lightweight O Company of course
withstand pressure Strong 1 [ti extremely large, and also, the liners a and 4 Lm have the peculiar
characteristics of paper quality Young's modulus and longitudinal one-wave propagation speed.
Before, even if the vibration area is thick Nap harmonic distortion light-. Now, in the panel type
speaker according to the above-described embodiment, seven sound pressure frequency
characteristics are observed by comparing the case where the diaphragm gauze is made of
plywood with the case of the invention 0w1WIIIJ plate-nine cases. It can be seen that the
diaphragm of the present invention is excellent over the entire frequency band, as shown by 1
mK. Here, the line concentration is indicated by the diaphragm of the present invention, and the
dashed line indicates the frequency of the plywood, respectively. In addition, the diaphragm of
the paneler speaker of the above embodiment is somx 0θ-1 plywood thickness J, thickness jm of
the diaphragm according to the present invention, and f is @Jam], the measurement is impedance
ohm , Anechoic room, speaker front axis I meter, l watt input by nine. It is the reproduction m
system llc optimum to use as a diaphragm. −′
Brief description of the forest drawing Ii- shows an example of implementation of the board
speaker according to the present invention, a front view with a partial cut-out of the arm / figure
1,1 1, 1 2 紘 1! ! Partially cut back view showing the part, 3 years old. Cross-sectional view of a
partially cut-out 9 mourning portion, a partially enlarged plan view partially cut-out of a 2sl # A
紘 diaphragm 1. J # 11 is a partial vertical cross-sectional view showing the attachment structure
of the frame and the diaphragm, and the diagram shows a diaphragm made of a gold plate and
the diaphragm of the present invention. Comparison and large frequency characteristics table ゐ
,-Explanation of main sign l! Mounting plate, co! Magnetic-Road component, snow frame, 11
diaphragms, jt resin resin Q1, 6: Voice coil patent issued 'Person by Yale Acoustic Co., Ltd.
Attorney Attorney Minoru Anmoto-., Attorney Attorney Gakiuchi End Page: 3 Figure 3 Figure 4
End Page: 4 Supplementary Notice-Wings + and μm 7 G Usa: 10474 jl 媚 te 1 〒 Q 10 10 da! 13
2 invention 0zf years old, '叡-dos (-car winter 21 21 ((「' / T 交 し 民 民 + と う と う と う 上 m
M m 薯 t や や Page Page EndPage: 5
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