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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention, wherein 1 is a speaker, 2 is a crosstalk prevention element, 3 is a switch, 4
is an emergency collective amplifier, 5 is a broadcast contact A group, 6 is a channel selection
switch group, 7 is a call switch, and 8 is a telephone call. ・ T-17-real opening 49-80607 (2) 1
18 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a plurality of steel
speakers which can also be used as a microphone (in which an anti-glare element (2) such as a
varistor or an anti-parallel diode is connected in series and connected in series Connect the
switch I in parallel to the illusion, 1-emergency field collective amplifier (41 broadcasters point to
parallel connection of the output of each speaker (1) K parallel tl + J, each speaker (1) non X +
collective A tuning switch group (b) which is switched and connected to an amplifier (4), a send
call switch (7) sent to a speaker mountain in which a call number is one station, and a jammed
speaker (81 and- E-Circle speaker (1) 's @ No. Emergency collective amplifier (3) QJ cut off in
power! It relates to a collective contact device consisting of a plugging switch (11) to be
connected to liI, and its purpose is to avoid commonality of tx with the collective interface and
non-television equipment, and avoid common The trouble caused by becoming a misery is that it
is necessary to provide a gathering prefecture * a negative t-offer. Main island k11 @ j is a
separate apartment and other VCs in the dove housing, etc. If the inophone and the IJU broadcast
equipment are arranged separately, the general expense becomes a bird, and moreover, the non% late transportation ← は Il is almost This is a device that can be used to provide a large
number of bears without convenience, and the present invention will be described from the 'Satd
Aj diagram VC' * Ll + is a speaker that doubles as a microphone. Housing examination Ksr 1. The
speaker (1) is disposed at each door of 7 and used as an emergency broadcast speaker at the
time of emergency, and used as a speaker for transmitting and receiving an interphone at the
time of passing. One end of the speaker (1) is connected to a common line (IQK connection via a
varistor used as a crosstalk prevention element (2) and a switch (3) is connected in parallel to the
varistor, and the other end is an electrolytic capacitor (6 ) Is separately connected to the
simultaneous broadcast contact group (6) and the channel selection switch # t6J. It has an output
terminal for simultaneous broadcasting, an output terminal, a call signal output terminal, a
variable oil output terminal ring, an input terminal, and an input terminal for transformation. ing.
-For uniform release fh contact group (5) for disaster prevention-# 11! ! (G) Control, disaster
prevention control by wired or wireless from the disaster prevention center outside the figure! ! !
Selected by Jiu-Jun to be sent to the (solar)-★ Broadcast contact JI (5+ is closed, and each
speaker (connected to the simultaneous broadcast output terminal (6) and used as a single
intercom) The circuit of the station switch group (6) is separated by contact points.
On the other hand, the signal of the disaster prevention center is output from the FM detection
output car (6) of the disaster prevention controller (G), and the input terminal QiKII of the
emergency group amplification 3-al (4) is connected, Collective amplification II (amplified at 41
and broadcasted from each speaker <1) simultaneously. The tuning switch group (6) is
configured so that any switch is selectively closed manually, and the tuned tL 7 t speaker (II is
the call switch (7) circuit and the call switch (9) circuit and The call switch (9) normally connects
the speaker (1) to the input terminal-to connect the fast connection speaker (8) to the output
terminal-and the speaker (1) at the time of closing. It is connected to the output terminal Korean
so that the call speaker (8+ is connected to the input terminal @. The firewood is -m for
Ibarakigawa with the disaster prevention center and is connected to the variable input terminal
071. #: The fire output terminal ring is connected to the disaster prevention copper # -one
negative input terminal (2) By doing this, you can make a disaster prevention center and tortoise.
嬶 is a call switch for calling the disaster prevention center. In the case of using it as an inter
water in the above-described embodiment, first, 11 switches corresponding to the residence to be
called out from 6 J are selected and closed, and then the call switch (7) is selected. Create 4) Call
switch output terminal a4 selects a call switch (7 is selected via 迦 switch and is sent to the 9th
radio (irK = -le No.), and the Neil No. is a crosstalk prevention element ( 2] Since the threshold
voltage is to be exceeded, the speaker (1) rings. When the householder of the residence closes
the switch (3) according to the call signal, the speaker (1) acts as a microphone, and the '# i's
talked to the speaker (1) become an emergency set amplification It is amplified by the device (4)
and broadcasted from the call speaker (8-. On the other hand, when answering from the closesleeve (8) *, connect the speaker ilj to the output terminal (2) by connecting the call speaker (8)
to the input terminal-by operating the call switch (9 + This voice is broadcasted from the speaker
(11) by speaking K toward the call speaker (8). The anti-sticking element (2) with varistor and
anti-parallel diode prevents the voice in the mold from leaking to the outside except when
responding to the call by the call number, and the speaker (1) serves as a microphone Even if it
works, the output of the speaker (1) at this time can not exceed the threshold voltage of the antispeech element (2) 6-and the switch (8) is not closed @) speaker (1) The output O is connected to
the emergency set amplification III (4) 0 input terminal @.
As described above, in the case of main shock 11, a speaker is connected in series to the speaker
# I1 and a switch is connected in parallel to the crosstalk prevention device. Can be prevented in
a dormitory, and a group of broadcast contact groups connecting in parallel the output of the
emergency group amplification-to each speaker, and a channel selection switch group in which
each speaker is switched and connected to the emergency group amplification- Since the call
switch for sending the call number and the call speaker and the call switch are provided, it can be
shared for transmission / reception of the interphone and emergency broadcast only by
arranging the JIKa-box + '-force. Moreover, it is not necessary to design the emergency broadcast
facility and the intercom separately, and provide a pleasant group communication device.
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