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Patent Office Secretary-Mr. 29 inventor-3, Patent applicant-Japan Patent Office-JP 49-97612
Request for examination not yet filed (all 2 pages)
4 channel stereo system microphone
Detailed Description of the Invention The microphones used for 4-channel stereo broadcasting
and 4-channel stereo broadcasting company sound are arranged at each vertex of a quadrangle
centering on a sound source. This invention is intended to receive at the center of a large number
of sound sources dispersed by bringing four microphones close to one place into one-body
structure. The invention relates to microphones of -4 channel stereo system. FIG. 1 is a pro
showing an example from recording to reproduction of a 4-channel stereo system conventionally
used, microphones 1a, 1b, and 1c in the figure in a broken line section. Since 1d has directivity in
the direction of the center of the sound source 1e−, each of them is heard as if it were directed
to the center direction when listening to a single person, so that sounds coming from the front
will be heard. In the listening room 6 on the reproduction side, the listener 6e faces somewhere
and listens, so the front right speaker 3 (Z, front left speaker 66, left rear speaker 3c, right rear)
corresponding to each microphone by arrangement of speakers The listener 3e will hear the
sound reproduced from the speaker 6d of This clearly does not mean that the sound in the
recorded environment is realistically reproduced. Father, the arrangement of the microphone is
awkward, not quick and not active. The present invention is intended to improve the
disadvantages, and EndPage: 1, and this will be described with reference to FIG. 2. The
microphone 4 further includes four elementary microphones 4α, 4b and 4c. 4d and each
directivity is for example 0 degrees to 90 degrees, 90 degrees to 180 degrees, 180 degrees to
270 degrees, 270 degrees to 660 degrees, so the sound source 5α on the front right, the left
front, for example The sound source 5b, the sound source 5c at the left rear, and the sound
source 5d at the right rear are raw microphones 4α, 4h, 4c. Sounds received at 4d are heard,
and the reproduced sound is heard with the sense that the right-front speaker 6α, the left front
speaker 3A, and the left rear corresponding to each are received. Also, for example, when the
microphone 4 is rotated to the left, the listener 3e also feels to rotate to the left at the center of
the reproduced sound if the sound source does not move. The sound in the environment received
as described above can be reproduced in the listening room as "noble". In addition, since it can be
manufactured in a small size, it can be used quickly and actively.
11 is a block diagram showing an example from recording of 4 channel stereo system to 1 + 1 st
case in the case of FIG. 3, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the present invention, 1 is a boundary
for recording, 1n. 1h, 1C 21d is a microphone, Ig is a sound source. 2 is a 4-channel recording /
reproducing apparatus, 3 is a listening room, Z, a't ") b, 6'c, 3" d is a speaker, 3e is a listener, 4 is
a microphone of the present invention, 4a. 4h, 4c, t, 4d are elementary microphones in 4. 5α,
5A, 5C, 5 'd- are sound sources, and 6 is a connector connected to an amplifier.
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