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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm showing
one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 A
part, and FIG. The principal part sectional view of the speaker assembled using the diaphragm
which showed the example, FIG. 4 shows the bottom view of the speaker assembly sectional
drawing shown in FIG. 1 · · · · · · · diaphragm, 1. · · · · · · · · Diaphragm vibration part, 1b · · · C lead
wire, 3 · · · · voice coil bobbin, 4 · · · A [, 10 · · · · · · · · center cap. Fig. 1 No.-73-Fifty-fifty 230 (2)
Fig. 2 Fig. 4-74
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of a diaphragm and relates to a speaker for facilitating the extraction of a voice coil lead wire.
Loudspeakers commonly used in the prior art-voice coil leads connected to cone IkK-attached
buttresses and electrically connected with gold wire from the rod to the terminals. These
speakers require a considerable number of man-hours (1), such as drilling holes, hammering,
threading gold wire threading and wire thread soldering in cone paper in the assembly process,
which makes them extremely expensive in cost. There was a drawback. In addition, the process of
the above-described process with the eyelet portion with the eyelet also has a disadvantage such
as molten solder flowing through the gold wire and life cycle (aging deterioration) K weak. On
the other hand, the structure of the tomeless, etc., in which the lead wire is integrally formed on
the speaker O damper has been taken up to now, but the speaker used is limited. There is a
reduction in the number of processes and a large congestion cost reduction. Therefore, a lead
wire such as a gold wire must always be required between the voice coil and the terminal, and
the number of parts, the number of processes, etc. are economically unreasonable because a
relay point and other accessories are required as a relay point. Preferred-not in control. The
purpose of the invention was to focus on the point of the present invention, and to aim at that
point by integrally forming a lead wire such as a lead wire such as a coping weir at the time of
forming the # 1 moving plate, The connection process between the voice coil side and the
terminal attached to the frame @ can be made easy and the cost can be reduced by a large
amount, and the rye 7 mass Ikle (aging deterioration) is hardly peaked, There is K that provides a
simple speaker configuration. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below
with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the
diaphragm according to the present invention, and when it is formed, it is formed as an integral
part of a voice coil lead wire. It has a raised structure. Fig. 1 ': K ア 1, 1 轄 振動 振動 示 す 、. (A)
The diaphragm vibrating portion 1a and the diaphragm supporting portion 1b are formed. In
addition, the diaphragm support portion 1b includes a corrugation g (not shown), and is a
diaphragm that contributes to the sound wave of the diaphragm vibration portion 1a. Reference
numeral 2 denotes a voice film lead wire of the speaker, and a voice coil lead conductor m2a
mounted inside the diaphragm vibrating portion 1b and a predetermined portion of the voice coil
lead wire 2a to the outside of the diaphragm 11iToJa. It consists of a voice coil lead wire 2b
drawn to a length.
11 is a voice coil lead wire 1b is drawn out from the diaphragm vibrating portion 1a in the case
of a speaker having a large amplitude of a diaphragm III, for example, if necessary
(reinforcement agent such as silicone rubber adhered at the j portion) It is. FIG. 2 is an enlarged
sectional view of the diaphragm vibrating portion 1a of FIG. 1 as described above in ARK. The
voice coil lead wire 2m is attached to the inside of the diaphragm vibrating portion 1m, and the
diaphragm vibrating portion 1a, The structure in which the voice coil lead wire 2a and the
diaphragm vibrating portion 1a are stacked in this order is clearly shown. Here, FIGS. 3 and 4
show a front cross-sectional view and a bottom view of an essential part in which the abovedescribed diaphragm structure is assembled as a speaker. In FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, the 3 # 'i voice coil
bobbin is a voice coil wound around the outer periphery of the four-basis voice coil bobbin 3. The
five company yokes, 6 are supported by the l-ring 5. In the frame, the frame 60, terminal 8, to
the predetermined part. □f6fi□7□。 わ、い、。 The other is a damper which is fixed to
the frame 6 on the other side, and a center cap 10 is provided on the neck portion of the
diaphragm 1. Thus, the voice coil lead-out conductor 112a is attached to the inside of the
diaphragm 1, and the voice coil lead-out 4) voice coil lead-out lead 2bFi corresponding to both
ends of the lead 2a, one is connected to the voice coil 4, and the other is a frame Directly
connected directly to the terminal 8 of the terminal board 7 which is 6 Kfll. As described above,
the effect obtained by integrally forming the voice coil lead wire on the diaphragm is that there is
no process such as toe processing on the structure, and a single voice coil lead wire from the
voice coil ridge line Can be connected straight to the end of the frame, and a low-cost
loudspeaker with few steps can be obtained. From this hen and the company creator, it is t! We
are able to achieve a cost reduction of 20% for customers at t, and have received reports of high
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