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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a perspective view showing a conventional
conversion element damping body of the prior art, FIG. 1B is a longitudinal sectional view of the
overhead view FIG. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a state in which the conversion
element holding piece is inserted into the conversion element braking body main body, and FIG.
3 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the state where the conversion element holding piece
is inserted in the conversion element holding body. 4: pickup changer damping body, 5:
conversion element exciter main body, 6: conversion element holding piece, 1, 8: holding groove,
9, 10: fixing groove, 11: holding piece insertion groove. Fig. 1 (a) Fig. 2 Fig. 11 (mouth) (mouth)
Fig. 2 1 1 7 = real open 50-25 504 (2) Fig. 4-8-
[Detailed description of the invention] Two conversion elements for producing separate sounds
from the recorded 、 · 行 わ · 分 · 分 · I 分 J-f divided into two in the main tea ? Buy push-in heart
change element brake, weird! ! ! It is related to the one where the insertion of the eight elements
is easy CC. Il + Fig. 1 (a) shows a conventional damping-up conversion element damping body 1
'of a conventional block-up, in which a pair of slotted holes 2 and slotted holes 3 are provided at
an angle Φ. As shown in the sectional view of FIG. 1 (b) in the slot 2 and the slot 3, the pitcher
directions of the slot and the both saving each other form an angle of vc 90 fli. The conversion
element damping body 1 is made of an elastic material, and the slot 2 and the slot 3 vCin are
supported to support 0 conversion elements (shown by lA), and both conversion elements in the
play state are played back.心 The fx plane (1, record plane (not shown in the figure)) is provided
so that it will be 45 degrees Q angle 夫 each with the heart. However, when the slot 2 and the
slot 3 are in a thrown state such as a tens d pin, the dimensions of the slot 1: 1 and the
conversion element damping body 1? Due to the hardness of the elastic material to be formed, in
the case of a Rono / El salt purple conversion element (figure alley) in%, the dampproof machine
is weak and the f-rod (defective indication) and the conversion element damping body 1 and
purple are assembled In the process, there is a risk of damage to the moisture-proof layer or not,
and the conversion element of the above-mentioned shape is damped (21 body 1 store
application / b, conversion to b / b, very thin conversion element (not shown)) Element "':" Since
the groove 2 and the groove 3 provided in the moving body l are also thin 6 corresponding to the
upper side of the variable element (a weak alley), gold for making this conversion element side
cut body l Since the corresponding part of the mold is also thin, it is easy to break or deform the
relevant part of the mold due to the ability to make a conversion element damping body 1 store6 え into a Φ spear type. There is a problem in practical use as it causes variation with respect to
2 & 溝 3 or regular relative position. In addition, it was necessary to repair immediately to a tshaped shape even if it was slightly deformed or damaged in one core to ff 侯 element city ij
body 1 ′ where fitting measure 2 and groove hole 3 keep regular position W. It was extremely
inconvenient in terms of work efficiency and economy. In order to improve each of the abovementioned disadvantages, the following explanation is made using the following drawings, and
the second conversion e, ..., the conversion element 'f% I' of the present invention, the four
conversion bodies 4, a pair of conversions Holding element 47 (not shown), holding 47, holding
groove 8 and converting element holding piece 6 made of an elastic material, holding piece
insertion ell for inserting 6 pieces of this conversion element holding piece 7 and 持 31 再 8 連通
連通 て て 、 [[[素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 図 図 9 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換
変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 変 換 弾 性 弾 性 と と と と とIt
consists of
Then, as shown in FIG. 3, inserted into the front sandwiching piece insertion groove 11 of the
conversion element ± · S body main body 5 the centering groove 7.8 of the center conversion
element 挾 jY piece 6 and the groove of the conversion element damping body main body 5
Formed between the fll pottery facing along the hole 9.10 1. A conversion element (not shown)
extends inside the heart one by one. Kawai of 45 degrees each for direction 11 gestation of this
ditch? None, both 4 vc 9u hair each other 's moon degree r no ha r1. Now, in the present
proposal, the pick γ nonori zodiac damping body 4 and the conversion element of the Z (Fig. · · ·
· Abbreviation) 貰 ゐ 、 、 Χ-χ 1 conversion element (figure alley)? The f-Buni element holding
piece 6 pieces are inserted into the nipping piece insertion groove 11 respectively. According to
the summer conversion element V + & + body 4 of the present invention, even if it is in the case
of the Rotz 7 L, Y 表 conversion element, the surface (2) 6′-1 moisture-proof layer r customary
scratch is inserted Don't call me (4). Also, a very small variation I using PZT's 7'f! Even if it is in
the case of heritage f in 8 elements (fear) f <a fall, control! L 1 本 本法 本 杉 穴 杉 杉 杉 杉 土 土 J
J J J 2 ・ ・ か ら か ら か ら 該 該 該 該? Since both the mold and the mold are Q 'and so on, the
conventional mold \ Vc and the conventional hot water are not generated, so that IE's Kanpo 1. L
Hero 7 'r'! In addition to the formation of the groove, it is possible to use a screw V-shaped
electromotive conversion element (that is, 1 ^ 1 □; 2 · 侯 、 侯 侯 本 本 t · body · 1 · 'ア バ −1−
−1− ぞ ぞ 才 ぞ 油 油 油 油 光 ね じ り ね じ り r r r r 侘 子 (陥 陥 ボLet the output be pressed
in a row and let the core hold down, and then the conversion element support piece '4 (for the
material of the rod main body 5 gJ! Every time? By shaking heart in mutual town, output voltage
and both waves I5! The effect of characteristics is improved, the number becomes oT ability, etc.
The fruit tree of the dog soil of the pick anog change element damping body 4 of the present
proposal is a flocking flock (t), (5)
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