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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a general perspective view, FIG. 2 is a bottom view thereof, and FIG. 3 is a central
sectional view. 癲 ■ ■ 咤 咤 γ ΑΑΑΑΑ ■ ■ 隠 隠 δ 姪 point ぅ 襯 ぅ 襯 ■ 廛 螢 鵐 ■ −
[Detailed description of the invention] This consideration is to make it possible to listen to the
string sound through the ear horns and make it into an electric string music winding with a ninecylinder structure, and the purpose of the purpose is to catch the vibration of the string?
IH1411,:Li2−? -*-YKLtJslNllll-1 As much as possible K11 l transformation to make
it possible to provide a simple electric arc appliance used by children very cheaply. An
embodiment of the present invention will be specifically described below with reference to the
drawings. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a stringed instrument main tube in which
several cords 2 are stretched by a stringer 3. This lower part of the main body l including the
barrel 4 is entirely open to the upper surface of the barrel 4 The hole 5 is provided. A pair of
contacts 6.7 are attached to the inner surfaces of both sides of the body 40, and a screw 6a fixed
to the 10-th contact point 6 of the body 4 and a projection of the inner end of the screw are
screwed The spring support 6b is connected to one pole of the battery 8 between the spring
support and the screw fixed amount nut 6C so that the tip end of the lead wire 9 is held. The
other contact point 7 has a {circle around (1)} shaped receiving hole 1m for supporting the
pointed end 10 & of the boron rod 10, and is fixed at a position opposite to the one contact point
6 described above. The boron rod 10 is provided in the body cylinder s4 so as to cross the
central portion of the hole 5, and its dead end portion 10m is to be fitted into the receiving hole
yaK41 of the contact point 1 so as to fit the receiving hole yaK41. 11 is elastically supported. The
spring 11 is an electrically conductive coil spring: one end is supported by the spring receiver 6b
of the contact point 6 and the other end is press-fit onto the outer periphery of the end of the
longitudinal rod 1o to make the carbon rod 10 the other. It is pressed to the contact 7 side. The
battery 8 is detachably mounted inside the middle portion of the main body 1 by the pair of
elastic holding pieces 12.13 and the stopper end plate 14.15, and one pole and one contact point
6 of the battery are as described above The other electrode of the battery 3 and the other contact
7 are connected by a KIJ-wire 9 and connected by a lead wire 16 extended long from the main
body 1, and an ear horn 17 is incorporated in the line. When the string 2 is repelled in the state
as shown in FIG. 1, the vibration is transmitted to the carbon rod 1o through the spring 11 and
the spring 11 from the body trunk 4icfiK, and the contact pressure change of the carbon rod By
transmitting an electrical signal to the ear horn 17, the vibration sound of the string can be used
by the ear horn 17. In this invention, as described above, a pair of contacts are attached to the
inner surface on both sides of the body of the first stringer main body, and the longitudinal rod is
elastically supported between the two contacts via the conductive coil spring. Since the earphone
is incorporated in the line connecting the one contact of the battery to be welded and the one
contact and connecting the other contact of the battery to the other contact, the vibration of the
string is caught and the electric signal As the electric horn of the ear horn is very simple, as an
electric stringer used by children etc., the structure can be simplified as much as possible, and
the product can be provided at a very low price.
In addition, if the carbon rod that contacts the contact point is supported by the conductive coil
springing as described above, there is also an effect that the vibration of the string can be
effectively caught. It will be able to listen to the abstract.
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