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From the first page 35, the signal obtained by adding the positive polarity portion of the signal S
and the negative polarity portion of the signal Scc, ie, the upper envelope, is amplitudemodulated by the signal Sb, and the lower envelope is the signal S. Thus, an amplitude
modulation signal SB8 amplitude-modulated is obtained. This signal SB8 is supplied to the filter
36 so that the subcarrier is attenuated, that is, into the suppression amplitude positive / negative
modulation signal SB, and this signal SB is supplied to the addition circuit 6. The band of the
signal SB is set to 72 ± 15 KH7. A pilot signal Sp is further supplied to the summing circuit 6, so
that the summing circuit 6 obtains a frequency multiplexed signal S of the frequency spectrum as
shown in FIG. For example, it is supplied to the FM transmitter 37. In this case, the degree of
modulation of the main carrier by the signals SttSptSA and SB is set to 40%, 10%, 40% and 10%,
respectively, as −flJ. The signal S thus broadcasted. Are demodulated to a 4-channel stereo
signal by a dedicated receiver shown in FIG. 4, for example. That is, the signal 8o is demodulated
by the tuner circuit 38, and the signal 机 is supplied to the filter 41 ° 42.43, and the signal (Sm
十 SA) is taken out from the shutter 41, and this signal (Sr1.l 十 SA) Is supplied to the switching
demodulation circuit 39 to demodulate the signals '(Sm + Sa), (Sm-8,), that is, the signals (S, +82),
(S3 +' S4) are demodulated and these are supplied to the matrix circuit 40. Ru. 'Furthermore, the
signal SB is taken out of the filter 42, and the signal SB is supplied to the adding circuit 46, and
the subcarrier (frequency 72' KHz) of the signal SH is taken out of the filter 43. , And then
supplied to the adder circuit 46. Accordingly, since the carrier wave is injected into the
suppression amplitude modulation signal SB in the addition circuit 46, an amplitude modulation
signal SBs having the upper and lower envelopes as origin Sb and So components, respectively, is
obtained from the addition circuit 46. The signal SBs is supplied to the detection circuit 53.54 of
the opposite polarity to be detected to be the signals Sb and So, and these are supplied to the
matrix circuit 40. Then, in the matrix circuit 40, a signal (S1 + 82). (S3 + 84), Sb and Sc, the
signals "S1 to S4 are square-demodulated, and these signals S1 to S4 are supplied to the speakers
1 to 4 arranged as shown in FIG. 1A to D through amplifiers 61 to 64. Be done. Thus, according
to the present invention, 4-channel stereo reproduction of W111-*-*-+ 1 state surrounding
listener 1 can be performed.
Moreover, when the broadcast wave by the multiplexed signal S is received by the FM receiver
for a normal two-channel stereo, only the signals Sm and Sa are demodulated, and the signals 錦
and s are matrixed to be a signal (Sm × Sa , (Sm-8a), ie the signals (S1 + 82), (S3 + 84) are
supplied to the left and right speakers. Therefore, when reproducing with the FM receiver for 2channel stereo, from the left speaker, signals S1... Corresponding to the left front and left rear of
the listener 10 are obtained. S2 is reproduced, and from the right speaker, signals S3. Since S is
reproduced, it can be listened to in exactly the same way as normal two-channel stereo
broadcasting, that is, with compatibility. Further, in the case of reproduction with a monaural
receiver, the signal Sm = (S, 10S2 + S3 + S4) is reproduced, and since this is the same as a
monaural signal, the broadcast can be listened compatibly as a monaural broadcast. For example,
in the case where a dedicated receiver shown in FIG. 4 receives a normal two-channel stereo
broadcast, the two-channel stereo multiplexed signal is the same as the multiplexed toilet of the
signal “mtsp, SA shown in FIG. The two-channel stereo broadcast can also be played back from
that, i.e. it is also compatible in this case. Furthermore, even in the case of receiving a monaural
broadcast, it is possible to listen with compatibility as well. Moreover, since the band of the signal
SH is slightly wider than the band (59 K to 85 KHz) of the “SCA broadcasting” in ordinary FM
broadcasting, no special one is required as the tuner circuit 38 of the dedicated receiver, and
Therefore, it is possible to easily perform 4-channel stereo reproduction by connecting an
adapter to a normal FM receiver. Also, since the frequency shift required for the signals SA and
SB is small, the service area can be made almost the same as that of the conventional twochannel stereo broadcast and monaural broadcast. Furthermore, the multiplexed signal S. Since
the signals 81 to S4 are included at the same level in the signals Sm, SA, and SB, respectively, the
energy of the transmission system and the reception system can be balanced at the same time
that the signal S-8 is reproduced. Since all of 81 to S 4 have the same S / N, and a specific signal
does not contain much noise, noise is not reproduced from a specific speaker, thus making the
listener 10 uncomfortable. There is no [1111111 EndPage: 2]. Further, the distortion factor,
frequency equality and the like of the signals 81 to S4 are also the same for the same reason, so
that well-balanced and good 4-channel stereo reproduction can be performed.
As described above, according to the present invention, in the case of reproduction with a
receiver for use, it is possible to enjoy the 4-channel stereo with balanced sound quality in the
front, rear, left and right, and in the case of reproduction with a normal stereo receiver, It is
possible to reproduce in stereo, and also in monaural receivers, and conversely, it is possible to
reproduce 2-channel stereo broadcasting and monaural broadcasting with dedicated receivers,
and broadcasting based on the transmission method according to the present invention can be
widely used. , The effect is very large. In the above description, the present invention is applied to
FM broadcasting, but the present invention can be applied to other transmission systems, for
example, an audio channel of television broadcasting. In this case, the present invention is
applied to the audio channel multiplexing system. Correspondingly, the frequency spectrum of S
of the multiplexed signal is changed, eg the signal SA is a frequency modulated signal. In the
above, the signal width '' -Sc is defined by the equation (1), but in the equation (1), the signals S1
and S2, the signals S3 and S4, and the signals (81-82) and (S3S4) are respectively replaced Also
better, the multiplexed signal S. In Suse and Sb. And the frequency position of may be reversed.
Also, in the dedicated receiver, the signals (S, 108) and (S3 + 84) may be subjected to matrix
demodulation from the signals Sm and SA. Furthermore, the multiplexed signal S. The record may
be rl111111.
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