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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are respectively a top view and a front
sectional view of a conventional conical horn type ultrasonic transducer, and FIGS. 2a and 2b
respectively show a conventional wedge horn type ultrasonic transducer Front sectional view and
side sectional view, FIGS. 3a and 3b are respectively a top view and a front sectional view of a
conventional combined transducer, and FIGS. 4a and 4 are conical horn type superstructures
according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 5a and FIG. 5b are a front sectional
view and a side sectional view of a wedge horn type ultrasonic wave transducer according to
another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. The body 5 indicates a second housing,
and 6 indicates an air layer. Fig. 1 (仄 λ (》 − -93-real open 50-38343 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 2 (re (a)94-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is based on the horn check
ultrasonic conversion cooperative. Conventional] コ ム ル ホ ー や り J J 菖 菖) 菖 菖 菖 菖 、 巣
巣 巣 2− 2− 2− 2− 独立 υ υ υ υ (貼 付 貼 付 貼 付 貼 付 υ 貼 付 υ υ 、 、 、 巣 υ 液体
液体 液体And the air contained in the independent air bubble (1), the sound wave emitted from
the transducer is reflected to transmit the sound wave forward, or the incident sound wave Is
reflected and collected in the vibrator (2) portion and received. However, in the case of such a
conventional%, a sufficiently thick closed cell comb is not used, for example, in the case of sound
transmission! Widowers (Enel ten-emitted from the rat is not totally reflected by the child, but
Enel ten is absorbed at the reflecting surface, resulting in a decrease in the sound pressure
emitted to the previous issue, and the formed bubble comb (IJ and Since the sound wave leaks to
the outer periphery through the Houshi body (3), for example, a combination of a d-hand roll and
a receiving wave as shown in FIG. There is a drawback that the f & due to the ringing interferes
with the wave reception signal of the wave receiver, and the 1fc independent air a. Body (3) K
Sticking paste sticking work or something inevitable. The present invention is one that has been
added to the above points, and the objective is to have a conversion efficiency of 41! The present
invention is to provide a Hoshi-type supersonic fff-converted St- that can be easily produced
without requiring a very expensive and complicated operation. The present invention will be
described in the following embodiment Q (work 9). Fig. 4 and the 5th section show an
embodiment of the present invention applied to the Nicah Hoshi ultrasonic transducer and the J.
Jody's small-type ultrasonic conversion, respectively. In FIG. 8, there are 9 air layers (@ + #: t%
(the 4th and second housings mK and fi # 1t have air gaps VC). The first case (4) and the # I2
case (jJ and theta connection are made by the support (7), but block the vibration between the
body of the Yu Yu body (4) and the turtle 1 body <s> It is preferable to use an independent
electric rubber such as an independent electric rubber. By drawing an external liquid such as
water or linseed oil and an air layer (6), the MK of the sound is used to excite the I1 capability of
the reflector. In the present invention, since 9 air layers t-are formed between two or more
structures forming the reflector, the thickness of the air layer can be arbitrarily and easily made(9) When using a thick air layer, if it is used as a transmitter, the radiation emitted from the
transducer is completely reflected forward, so the loss of radiated acoustic energy f- due to
transmission through the casing part In addition, when it is used as a receiving wave, the incident
sound #Il is reflected in the direction of the vibrator without passing through the casing portion.
Therefore, there is little loss of received energy.
It is a pity to attach a closed cell comb to the inner surface of a history @ 3-a shape or small
scoop of a hoshi, or a reflection @ made up of one side like a parabola hosi. = 7 ′ ′ L If there is
no need for pre-attachment, it is easy to reflect it-can be configured easily, and can be easily
mastered without complicated work as in the past. ! Figure A1 (iL) (1)) shows the top and the top
view th figure of the conventional conical hoshi type ultrasonic wave conversion gain, and 1a- (a)
(11) shows the conventional liens Front cross-section iiO of the Hoshi ultrasonic transducer and
cross-sectional view of the surface, three-color ('l) (b) ri top view and positive 11 illl I of the
conventional combined transmission and reception tILti I, Figure 84 (a) ( b) each represents an
embodiment of the present invention] upper section and front cross-sectional view of the
Nicahoshi type ultrasonic wave conversion 6, and FIG. 115 (a) φ is a second embodiment of the
present invention. (4) is a #Il body, (6J is a 2nd body, (6) is an air layer, and is a representative
patent attorney of Ishida Ishida. Seven first-Fig. 1 (α) \ 3 (S) 'finished / Fig. 2 (α) · 2 (b) 13 / z to
3-3 3. 6L) Figure 3 & '3. 5(b)f212∼)し? ca> Fig. 4 <b> □ 7 '4 Te Fig. 5 (b) (6 L to 5
■, □ 46 1 3 B 3 A) / Shishi other deviser address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Gate,
41006 Matsushita Electric S Industrial Co., Ltd. Internal name 2
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