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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central longitudinal sectional view showing a
conventional underwater speaker, and FIG. 3 is a central longitudinal sectional view of the
underwater speaker according to the present invention. 1, 2.3 are magnetic circuit components,
11 is a diaphragm, 14 is a sealing material. -75 "Japanese Utility Model Application No. 5038728 (2) -76
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention relates to a speaker to be used in water. 0
In recent years, the water speaker has been provoked to the pool of a hotel and the like, and a
sound or the like is emitted in water. And it is a steep thing as shown in the underwater speaker
Fim1.312 figure which is being used there! 1.2 K (Yoke is a yoke, (2) is a magnet, (3) is a pole, (4)
# 'i diaphragm, (51a coil hobin, (6) is a voice coil, (7 is a diaphragm ( The mounting member of
4), (8) is a filling material, and is the same as the above-mentioned #i true speaker. Then, in FIG.
1, the rubber material fk & is exposed to the outer periphery of the yoke m through the
attachment S @ (7) from the edge of the diaphragm (4) of the sealing wedge (9) such as a
confectionery dent. There is one. However, in the case of this sneaker, the IkIIIII plate (the
vibration of the phrase peels off the edge of the edge of JbIIIII @ t41 and the bonding surface of
the sealing rod +91, and water intrudes as indicated by the arrow in this figure). On the other
hand, the ringing phase 4 in Fig. 2 is the attachment of the outer cylinder of the yoke (1)-ma (all
force III of the peristaltic plate (4)). And with this method, it is possible to prevent the entry of
water as shown in Figure 1 above, but since the sealing material a is welded to the edge mK of
the diaphragm (4), completion 7 Compliance at the kyo or co- occurrence, distortion associated
with it, f-pressing in the low region and lowering of bell were made. It is belonged to correct the
defect in the present invention, and the purpose is to prevent water injection into the magnet
111 111 M and to prevent the decrease in compliance and to be good in the chest wave
injection. To provide an obtained underwater speaker. Next, the Ofil of the present invention is
shown together with the 5 diagrams of MliPIlt Island. 0fil is a yoke, (2) is a magnet, (31a plate,
lID is a diaphragm 1s + a without an edge portion and the outer edge of the moving plate a11
The coil bobbin which has been fitted, (6) is a voice coil, a rod-like body screwed to the upper
surface of the oFi yoke (1), a3 is an annular rod which is respectively pierced on the upper
surface of the annular body 0 and the yoke (1) The waterproof O-ring% IIJ to be fitted on the
sealing member shaft in the conventional example in FIG. Is made of rubber, synthetic resin or
the like, which is a resilient material that can be overturned and which has excessive elasticity tsouth. In the case of the upper part and the conventional example, the same reference symbols
indicate the same articles. In the above-mentioned embodiment, no water penetrates into the
magnetic path due to the sealing material being covered by the sealing material and the entire
upper surface of the upper surface including the disclosing range of the yoke il + and the annular
body u. A vibration system or a high degree of compliance is maintained by serving as the edge
of sealing material I or a temporary material a 0. The present invention as described above uses
the sealing material as described above. * Since the sealing material doubles as the sealing
material doubles as the edge of the diaphragm, it is possible to maintain high compliance with
the vibration system and thus obtain an optical pressure that is even at low frequencies without
distortion. It has an effect such as can.
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