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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the
arrangement of parts of the device, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the structure of a
portion of a meter, and FIG. Is a partial side view of FIG. B 茅 1 茅 2 箸 3t-3-350-42702 (2) -4 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present draft relates to a four channel stereo
level indicator. In order to ensure a good sound field with 4 channel stereo vCb, the level balance
of each channel becomes important. So in high-quality 4 channel stereo each channel and l / (,
VU meter i friend, other level meter etc? Attach and indicate the signal strength of each channel.
In order to make this level instruction intuitively easy to understand, graphic butterfly indication
is appropriate. The two inventions are designed in such a way that this graphic indication is
formed by the radial writing of wedge-shaped light letters on the screen. It relates to the internal
structure. The embodiments of the present invention will be fully described with reference to the
following. Home 1! As shown in the ri army 1 in FIG. This screen 1 has the function of waiting for
the appropriate diffusivity for light, if necessary. Function of the color filter with 9 parts of the
scale printed, the part of the mask which determines the outline of the light to be projected
(usually made into a wedge shape), the purpose of coloring the light if necessary, and further
WC1 几Is direction to light if it is 4 I? A part of 7 Rener lens of the friend who is waiting t it is. At
the back of this screen, there are four t-meters 2 arranged to wait 3 + 1'5 wide and wide pointers
at the back of this screen, which are composited separately or superimposed separately. Ru. 7t 7
'at the center rear of these 41 m Mae 4- : The light bulb 3 which is one light source is arrange |
positioned. [3] Each of the I-structures al E 2 WI K -t, 1-44 d The magnetic force emitted from the
magnet is composed of an iron material in the part having the function of forming a good
magnetic field. Further, in this figure, the bearing 8 and the magnet 6 are supported by a hook.
The coil 5 is disposed in the magnetic field formed by the magnet 6 and the yoke 4 by a bearing
mechanism with low friction II, and it is centered on the whole @ according to the electric charge
RK flowing through the coil 5. The pointer 7 is joined to the coil 5 It is designed to move with the
coil and has a small purpose and a wide part of the light to make it shine through the light. The
light emitted from the above-mentioned light bulb 3 is partially rowed by the pointer 7 as shown
in the army 3 and only the light between +61 is carried by the screen IK. The position of the coil j
will be in the range from e 'to C' to the position of j j which will move in the range from number
to C according to the current to be sent to the pointer coil 5KfIIL. Of the light emitted from the
light bulb 3, the shadow of the pointer is projected directly on the inside of the outline of the
fusabier) The light other than the light of π village is before vcH original to reach the screen 1
At each location it may be necessary to provide a fixed * m light fender 9 of appropriate shape.
The 4-channel level indicator according to the present invention is attached to each of four
pieces of I-like like -He and the light from one light source 3 which is one light source is diffused
by the pointer 7 to each of the pieces of I- Depending on the flow of current bonds, a light beam
of t size is obtained, which is projected onto the screen 1--hi, so that the levels of each channel
can be easily compared. This conventional food indicator has a semi-circle 1iI @@ base plate
attached to a coil, and then a light source is provided, and a 4 m (1 m light source is required for
a 41 m all-around meter, There is a problem with the breakdown of the light bulb and the
problem of heat radiation, and the cost is naturally high, and attaching the semi-cylindrical type
fluorescent leg to the coil had a difficult working disadvantage. However, in the present
invention, since the use of a light bulb having a problem with its life is 1 @, the failure rate and
cost are reduced, the heat dissipation process is also east, and the structure is simplified. Danyu
Mae J-% There is a big difference in shape from the conventional one (, 7'l! Since the pointer only
needs to have a wide range, it is possible to use 11% of the conventional 0% and the productivity
becomes good.
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