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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional side view of a conventional
device, FIG. 2 is a front view of a television receiver equipped with the device of the present
invention, and FIG. 3a is a side sectional view of the device of the present invention. 3b is a front
view of the same, and FIG. 4 is a side sectional view of the assembled state. 10 is a television
receiver, 11 is a cabinet, 12 is a nail, 12a is an engagement part of the nail, 13 is an elastic piece,
14 is a microphone, 15 is a front stopper, 16 is a receiving hole,. . Reference numeral 17 is a
decorative board, and 18 is a shock absorbing material. Fig.2-215-Actual opening 50-43196 (2) 216 1
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention 11 relates to a receiver attachment
device for 611 moto control in a television receiver etc.]-Generally, in a television receiver
equipped with I + moat control Wllr It is necessary to store in the micro 7 ono t cabinet for ? ?
@ to receive the signal generated from the controller ? ? Conventionally this microphone kml!
A mounting boss 3 'is formed in the vicinity of l @ [as shown, with a cylindrical C microphone
mounting portion 2t-type (1 /)-bottomed in the cabinet 1] and the microphone mounting W 6si
[a microphone rod is mounted The rear microphone presser 5 was used to fix the microphone
presser 5 to the mounting boss 3 o However, such a device requires a screw, and the microphone
presser is li! The work efficiency is not good because j11 work is required, so the present
invention does not require a screw or micro 7 off (D receiving Hu attachment provides a
receiving microphone attachment device for heavy remote control) The following is a front view
of a television receiver lO equipped with the device according to the present invention. 3 and W !,
as shown in FIG. 4; that is, as shown in FIG. 4, the cabinet ll [ij, as shown in FIG. ll12a having a
claw 12 [a plurality of elastic pieces 13.13 ... at the front end are integrally Km shaped with the
cabinet 11 on the direction-circumference ha further (2) и A these elastic pieces 13 Front surface
stopper for stopping the microphone 14 to be inserted onto the base station of the base 13. A
plurality of '15' иии are formed in 016, and the elastic pieces 13 ░ 13 ? ?,. It is assumed that the
cover 11 and the elastic pieces 13 and the elastic pieces 13 '13 ... are formed of plastic. In
addition, it is a decorative plate that can be pasted on the surface of a 17-inch screen 11. The
device according to the invention is as follows. The mounting method of the 1 jb microphone 14
is as follows: 1 Vr 5 c as shown in FIG. ... Attach the shock absorbing material 1k17 to the 0 part
to ensure that the microphone 14 is rotated, and then insert the microphone 14 against the
elastic force from the claw 1 $ ll1 of the elastic pieces 13.13 '. Rho then, when the microphone
11 or complete [the elastic piece 13.13 # и и the claw 12 of the elastic piece 13.13 # и и и engaged
with the bottom 1 l II K of the microphone -5 и и и (3) 1 interval @ + 4 leak lower on l & I!
??????? As described above, the device according to the present invention, as described
above, has a plurality of elastic pieces, each of which has a hook having a locking S facing inward
to the receiving section of the cabinet 76). Since it is formed by forming a plurality of front
stoppers on the base circumference of these elastic pieces and forming them, f! It is easy to
apply, and it requires a microphone holder and screws as in the conventional device and can
reduce the number of parts, so it can be fixed only by pushing in the micro 7 and then it takes
place. Without, I can be installed securely 11IC without a rattling.
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