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Patent application (2) Sept. 10, 1940 Patent Office Secretary 3 Patent Assignee Address-Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma Address 1006 Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial
Co., Ltd. Company Representative Company Representative 1 Matsumoto Shoji 4 Agents (Postal
code '535)-Japan Patent Office-JP 50-525980, published 50. (1975) 5, 10 ■ Japanese Patent
Application No. 1? − / Ρ / 215 [phase] Application Japanese Patent No. 41. (19 S J) 7) e) Office
serial number 7. sz6 /, 3 "j. jail、(27,3ziss。 Specification 1, Title of Invention
Method of manufacturing electret fixed electrode element
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing an electret fixed electrode element, which is easy to electret and aims to provide a
manufacturing method suitable for mass production. A pellet or a powder book of the material
resin constituting the electret is placed, and the film is formed into a film by thermocompression
bonding, and then permanently charged by applying an electric field thereto to form an electret.
Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. In the figure, (1), "" (one is an upper and lower suppression plate which constitutes a
press, and an upper pressure plate (15 is configured to move up and down). (2) is a metal
electrode, (3) is a commercially available FEP (copolymer of ethylene tetrafluoride and propylene
hexafluoride) beret resin, and (4) is a film-formed metal plate which also serves as a voltage
application electrode , (5) are spacers made of an insulator, and these devices are housed in a
thermostatic chamber (6), and a DC voltage is applied to the film-formed metal plate (4) from a
DC voltage generator (7), It is configured to First, place the metal electrode (2) and the FEP pellet
(3) of the electret material between the upper and lower film forming metal plates (4), and move
up and down with a pressure of 100 to 200 kg / d with a press. The DC voltage generator (7)The DC voltage generator is applied to the film metal plate (4) to an extent that discharge or
insulation breakdown does not occur. ) Raise the temperature in the chamber to 280 to 300 ° C,
make the FEP pellet an electret film, apply voltage, and gradually cool the temperature in the
thermostatic layer in the condition of EndPage 1: Manufacturing. According to the present
invention, film formation from pellets or powder of electret material and its electretization are
simultaneously carried out in the same apparatus, so that electretization of the material is easy,
and the manufacturing process is simple and the manufacturing is easy. It takes a long time and
has an effect suitable for mass production.
4 is a side sectional view of an essential part of the manufacturing apparatus for explaining the
embodiment of the IIIL method of the present invention. (1) ', (15 ... Press (2) ... Metal electrode
(3) ... Belet of electret material (4) ... Film forming metal plate (7) ... DC voltage generator . Name
of Agent Patent Attorney Yoshiharu Koji EndPage: 2
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