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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an apparatus, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the
main part thereof. E Actuator groove, 8 ииииииии Adjustment shaft, 11 ииииии Operation body. Lll-133- ?
50-62656 (2) ?-2m 77 \ O-134-
[Detailed description of the device] This device is the volume balance control for 4 channels! ??
1 relating to d # operation A tribute to be used. Generally, in a 4-channel balance balance (1)-.
Tau. Control device, an adjustment shaft is projected to a controller body, and the volume is
adjusted by moving the adjustment shaft in an appropriate direction. However, there is a need to
provide a window for moving the adjustment shaft, a window having a size that allows the
adjustment shaft to be pivoted on the panel, and this window is not preferable on the outside.
The present invention is intended to improve the points as described above, by attaching a
substantially hemispherical operating body to the adjustment shaft and having the spherical
surface -S of this operating body face the window of the panel It is an object of the present
invention to provide an operation and control adjustment device which is occluded, has a good
appearance, and has a wide contact area. Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described based on the drawings. (2) 1
.gtoreq. (1) The adjustment body of the company,
which is a balance control device for four channels in this embodiment. This balance control
capsule 11111 $ 1. Arrange the polyium (3) as a 114-node device in the four directions in the
case (2). Actuating machine IH4) is continuously supplied to these volumes (3). This actuating
mechanism (4) has two actuating plates (5,) (5J), and the actuating plate (5,) (5,) the pipe
intermediate portion along the length direction is provided And (64) are polymerized
orthogonally, and both shoulders s of the actuating plate (5,) (54) are connected to the pair of
opposing volumes + 3 one via the rotation shaft (1). In addition, the inner end of the A cylindrical
shaft 181 is rotatably mounted on the center of the upper surface of the case (2) via the fulcrum
5 (9), and operates integrally with the adjustment shaft +81 inward of the fulcrum II + 91 The
shaft s ? is provided so as to protrude, and the working shaft dIQI is inserted into the long
groove (6- (64)) of the working 1 (5- (No. 5)) arranged with the overlapping or 3?J. Then, the
center inner portion of the substantially hemispherical operating body in is fixed to the outer end
portion of the adjusting shaft (81, and the instruction mark 0 is displayed on the outer surface of
the apex portion of the operating body II?. u3 is a panel provided in an audio device (not
shown), and this panel (forms a 13 Jc window 114, and allows the above-mentioned
hemispherical operating body to face the OII opening ? lump from the inside, When the
operating body a11 is pushed with a finger, it pivots with the operating body huFi fulcrum point
5 (9) as a fulcrum, and operates each poly (3) through the actuating plate (5- (54) of the working
mechanism (4) Do.
For example, when the operating body ?? is rotated along the direction of the long groove (6,)
of one actuating plate (5,) provided orthogonally, the working axis of the adjustment shaft (8)-the
axis S ? has the above length Do not turn the actuating plate (5,) having the reciprocal -1 (4) ffi,
positive: ииииииииииииииииии The movement plate (5 connected to both ends of the movement plate (9)
movably adjust the nine pairs of poly (3). In addition, when the operating body flll 'is rotated
along the direction of the long groove (64) of the other operating plate (5J), the operating shaft
11 of the Am axis (8) (11 has the above length, $ 1 (64 Of the actuating plate (5,) with only the
actuating plate (5,) having a long groove (66), which has one parent in the long groove (64),
without rotating the actuating plate (54) having A rotational adjustment is performed on a pair of
lumbers (3) connected to both ends. In addition, when the operating body U ? is pressed in the
direction which is not in the direction of either of the long Ill (6,) (64) provided orthogonally, one
t? moving plate (5, X5J) simultaneously Rotate and adjust 4 volumes (3) at one time. According
to the present invention, according to the present invention, the adjustment shaft Kfi is attached
with a hemispherical operating body, and the control body is closed by the operating body by
bringing a part of the wedge surface of the operating body to the window KwIA of the panel. And
the contact area can be expanded, and the volume adjustment can be smoothly performed.
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