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1. Method of manufacturing a diaphragm for electroacoustic transducer (nationality) Address 〒
182 Tokyo Kofu city 261-6 Kojimacho Chofu Cohorus 205 room [phase] Japan Patent Office ■
JPA 50-67j-300 Published Japan 50. (1975) G, 5-Patent Application No.-tta "tsa Office internal
reference number ut, i system 5 ぢ 名称 名称 発 明 発 明 発 明 名称 名称 名称 方法 方法 方法 方
法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法
4, agent
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer composed of metal fibers. In general, vegetable
fiber, synthetic resin thin plate, metal thin plate or the like is used as a diaphragm for
electroacoustic transducer. Among them, a sheet metal plate is used because of the large Young's
modulus, but this has a disadvantage in that rapid resonance is likely to occur because the
mechanical resistance loss is small. The present invention has been proposed to eliminate the
above-mentioned drawbacks, and a material having a diameter of 3 to 50 microns is used as a
product, formed into a sheet, heat-pressed and melt-bonded between the metal fibers. It is
characterized by doing. Next, the embodiment will be described in detail. A stainless steel fiber
having a diameter of 8 microns is cut into a length of 2 L L 2 π, and about 10% by weight of
pulp is added to the stainless steel fiber to obtain water. Mix with. That is, since the ability to
form a composite sheet made of only metal fibers is weak, pulp is added as a shape-retaining
agent. Stainless steel fiber has a specific gravity of 1-9 y / cm3 and is larger than the specific
gravity of valve fiber, about L5 PAm3. Therefore, there is a defect of separating the valve and
separating in the mixed liquid, and a dispersant is used to improve this defect. The synthetic
viscosity agent of the polyethylene oxide acrylamide type is added as it is, and papermaking is
carried out by the normal paper making method. Next, if the formed fiber layer is thermoformed
at a temperature of about 1200'o, the valve and the adhesive are thermally decomposed, and the
metal fiber is disintegrated at the surface, so that a fiber layer of only metal fibers can be easily
obtained. . EndPage:1またg! For fiber layers it is possible to change the density and
Young's modulus of the fiber layer by changing the temperature and pressure in the forming
operation. In addition, when it is desired to obtain a large inside of the diaphragm, it is preferable
to impregnate the heat-pressed material with a substance having a large internal loss, such as
styrene butadiene rubber, by coating or the like. You can easily go around. As described above,
according to the present invention, (a) the fibers are directly metal-bonded, and therefore, one
having high rigidity can be obtained. (B) Friction between fibers due to the entanglement of
fibers can cause internal loss, so sharp resonance can be prevented. (C) The physical properties
of Young's modulus, density and electrical conductivity can be easily controlled by the
temperature and pressure at the time of pressure formation. ) There is no influence by
temperature and humidity. (E) Since it has conductivity, it can also be used as a diaphragm of a
type acoustic device. And so on. The diaphragm of the present invention can be used as a
diaphragm for a speaker, a dustproof cloth, a damper '-, a voice coil core, for a headphone, and a
diaphragm for a microphone.
Patent applicant Foster Electric Co., Ltd. “6”, address other than the above address, address
512, Miyazawa-cho, Tokyo, Tokyo 7 Hider's name, Ichikawa Hide in address, Oster Electric Co.,
Ltd. address, address 512, Miyazawa-machi, Tokyo Inside address Tokyo Akishima City 512
Miyazawa-cho Address Foster Electric Co., Ltd. Inside address Tokyo Akishima City Miyazawa-cho
512 address Foster Electric Co., Ltd. address Tokyo Akishima City Miyazawa-cho 512 address
Foster Electric Co., Ltd. Internal name Muraoka-yuki EndPage: 2
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