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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the domeshaped speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 shows a frequency characteristic
diagram, 3 is a voice coil, 4 is a dome-shaped diaphragm, 5 is a damper, 8 is The pillars 9
represent annular corrugations. Figure 1 \ Figure 2-89-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the rework of dome
shaped speakers. In the conventional dome-shaped speaker, only a single damper fixed to the
periphery of the dome-shaped diaphragm or voice coil as a two-character insertion holder for the
voice coil t-fixed to the peripheral portion of the dome-shaped diaphragm It is done in For this
reason, when the vibrating part is at Km after IIi (1) the supporting point of the vibrating part is
one point, rolling phenomenon occurs, and the dome-shaped vibration, one part division
cognition produces a sharp resonance peak, sound quality and frequency There is a disadvantage
that the characteristics are adversely affected. The present invention is a book which is intended
to provide a dome shaped beaker in which such drawbacks are improved. An embodiment of the
present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, (3) is a voice
coil formed in a cylindrical shape, (61 is formed in an annular shape, and in the circumferential
direction, the corrugation flange is provided with an inner peripheral edge so as not to impede
the front and back vibration of the voice coil. A voice coil (3), an outer peripheral edge fixed to
the frame (2)] [damper fixed, + 41 is a dome-shaped diaphragm fixed to the end of the voice coil
with its peripheral edge fixed to the end of the voice coil In the side of the 1st part, it forms a
ring of Rugeshikokoan. rlll is composed of the voice coil and the dome-shaped diaphragm, fixed
to the nine vibration parts, (8) fixed to the center pole (), fixed to the top of the dome-shaped
diaphragm, the vibrating part αυ vibrates back and forth Also do u correction: (2) j! The top
portion of the first diaphragm 41 is a one-character correction support not to vibrate, (1) is a
plate fixed to the frame, a wedge) is a permanent magnet fixed to this plate, and ▪ is a yoke.
Next, the operation 0 action of the dome-shaped speaker configured in this way will be explained.
ボイスコイルill! When there is a K input and the vibrating portion I constituted by the
voice coil and the dome-shaped diaphragm (4) vibrates in the back and forth direction of the
speaker, the vibrating portion full is formed in the vicinity of the attachment portion of the
damper + 61 and the dome-shaped diaphragm (4) 1 The character is corrected and vibrates with
the circular ring corrugation (9) as a fulcrum. At this time, the support of the vibrating portion
l111 is at two points of the damper cup (61 and the term 1 character correction portion of the
dome-shaped diaphragm fixed to the support (8), and the damper as in the prior art Compared to
the one point support, the Pellling phenomenon became four in the afternoon. In addition, the
top of the dome and the diaphragm (4) is fixed to the column (8) so that all the movement is not
performed. The resonance peak as shown by a broken line in FIG. 2 and (3) were obtained by
removing as shown by a solid line in FIG.
As described above, this invention forms an annular corrugation field (9) near the top of the
dome-shaped diaphragm (4), and the top of the character is fixed to the column (81 because it
does not vibrate). The correction vibration part αV is supported at two points, and the rolling
phenomenon disappears, and the top of the dome-shaped diaphragm vibrates and 1 * is not
corrected, so no split resonance occurs and resonance taste can be removed, and sound quality
and frequency characteristics become good. It is a turtle.
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