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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the main part of the highplanned circuit, FIG. 2 is a diagram for explaining the operation, and FIG. 3 is another diagram. It
is a block diagram of the high blend circuit which is an Example. MPX ииииииии Stereo demodulator,
R1, R2 ииииии Resistor s2 иии 1
?????? Y circuit, vR1, VR2 ..... Variable resistor.
Detailed description of the invention: Title of the invention: High blend circuit-2 Utility model
patent claim Scope of trap signal and switching element in relation to L signal output system and
8 signal output system of stereo demodulator. A high blend circuit characterized in that a
plurality of 1-row circuits are provided, and the switching elements are driven by a series circuit
set to different operation levels. ! 3.8 ░ ??, J1 ░ This invention relates to a high blend circuit,
and more specifically, a plurality of stages of switching I! ! The present invention relates to a high
blend circuit provided with a circuit. In areas with weak electric fields, when you spend from
mono broadcasting to FM stereo release, you can hear the sound of "sear". 5 This is because the
frequency range of FM broadcasting is extended up to 53 KH2 at maximum, and it becomes
about 20 id 41 (compared to mono broadcasting). In addition, in the case of stereo, noise is
generated by the 4-bit signal and the audio signal, which generates a noise. Such a circuit in
which 0 (11 noise components are canceled by using 1 that the L signal and R signal phases are
opposite to each other) is called a high blend circuit. The conventional high blend circuit is made
up of a Schmitt circuit operating with an input at which the output from the intermediate
frequency stage is detected, and a switching element turned on with the operation of the Schmitt
circuit. In such a configuration, only one ON level setting can be made, and a well-balanced HiBlen 1 () circuit can not be obtained over a wide range corresponding to the antenna input level.
This invention uses a plurality of Schmitt circuits and a plurality of switching elements to
eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and provides a high-blend circuit with excellent wide
operating characteristics corresponding to the antenna input level. is there. The present
invention will be described in detail below. Figure 1 shows the configuration-2 of the high blend
circuit of this invention, where MPX is a stereo gray scaler, L-OUT. , R-OUTi; iL side and R side
output system, n, Ce! ,. (2) R1 'C @ is for removing the pilot signal (19 KHz) and 1) Resistor and
capacitor, FET, FET, which constitute the trap circuit of the capacity of seismic intensity which
does not deteriorate the frequency characteristic of low frequency signal is switching An element
(field effect transistor), BUA is a buffer amplifier, 5 SCH, 8 CH, 7??7 [1i 1 path, VRl, VR, d
variable resistors. The variable resistor VR, in the circuit shown in FIG. Adjust the VR, the n
Jumitt circuit gcn ,, 8CH.
As shown in FIG. 2, the first Schmidt circuit SCH is turned off in the on-level with the antenna
person 1 ░ power level being ? as shown in FIG. 2, and the second 7 unit circuit SCH, If you
turn off at the on-level, the antenna power 0-E. Since a swing, a 5-ching element FET, and a FIT
sequentially turn on from a weak electric field to a medium electric field, a good high-blend
circuit can be obtained over a wide range. The configuration of the high blend circuit shown in
FIG. 5 is between the gate north of the switch 5 FET, FET, FET. (6) A capacitor Cm + C4 is
inserted so that a signal between the gate and source of the switching element 1 FET and the FET
prevents a click noise from being generated during operation of the switching element. It is
similar to the case of FIG. 5 or more 9 As described above, this device uses multiple Schmidt
circuits and one number of switching elements, and the operation levels of the Schmitt circuits
are different from each other to correspond to the antenna input level and have a wide range of
high operating characteristics. The blend circuit has the effect of obtaining an angle of 1 ░.
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