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Patent application (21) Director of Patent Office on November 7, 1974 ░ -3 Patent applicant
address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006 Name (582) Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Masaharu Matsushita 571. Address, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma
City Oda Kadoma 1006. ? Japan Patent Office 0 JP 50-770020 published Nissho 50. (1975),
6.24 Japanese Patent Application No. 4R- / 2S ? 42 Office serial number ? 7 723 specification
1, title of the invention
Pickup device for frequency multiplex recording disc record
3. Detailed Description of the Invention As a means to improve the density of disc records, there
is a frequency multiplex recording method. As an example put into practical use today, there is a
4-channel record [CD-4J. As shown in FIG. 1, in addition to the conventional audio frequency
band 2.2 'to the record sound groove 1, a high frequency 3 and 3' of another channel is
superimposed In order to reproduce the recording from the record, six pickup frequency
response and crosstalk response characteristics such as shown in FIG. In order to reproduce such
a wide frequency band, the basic divisor of conventional pickup cartridges. I need good. The
basic structure of the moving magnetic cartridge used in the conventional audio frequency band
reproduction is structured as shown in FIG. That is, it comprises a cantilever 6 provided with a
stylus 4 at its tip, a magnet door coupled to the cantilever 5 and movably supported between
pole pieces of the yoke 6, and a coil 8 with WI bited to the yoke etc. The twisting of Tyrus is
made with the displacement of the magnet 7 through the cantilever 6, and the power generation
output is obtained in the coil 8. EndPage: In the case of a flat head, the cantilever 6 is required to
accurately transmit a slight vibration of the styler, and to pull it toward the disk record with the
tone arm. Also, in general, De Eisuf records have sleds and eccentricities, and it is usual that some
vibration is transmitted from Record De Brayer. -In the case of the audio frequency range, the
amplitude-modulation system is used in the case of the recording frequency of the record. The
pickup device separates and reproduces these interference signals, ... recording signals, traces a
large amplitude in the low range, and further generates a large amplitude amplitude of the high
range. It is not possible to obtain the ideal value because it is designed considering things to be
done. In other words, the freedom of design can be improved by making compliance large and
making the low-range and large-scale squeeze, suppress the high-range mechanical impedance,
and take separation in all frequency bands. The degree is under control. Usually used as a handworn hand, there is a certain degree of compromise in order to achieve a combination of large
convective leeches and accurate transmission of high-frequency oscillations in order to complete
the high-loss and low-end traces. Use punpa material.
It is a reduction of the needle point equivalent mass by improving the tiger sicability in the high
region and a sail that is usually incompatible with one bond resonance frequency and one house
in the low region. In particular, in the case of a frequency-multiplexed multi-channel disk bubble
record j, the audio station-wave Q q has a width of 11 on the screen and a super-long 1regression superimposable on the line-port. Seki's rise has made a rumor, making it difficult to
design a pickup cartridge. One of the present invention is to make such a room as a tatami mat, a
hair stoma. In the following, the four pickups-if of the multi-frequency recording system disk
record of the present invention will be described together with one example of a friend and a
total of one surface. The principle bond of pickup temple q according to the present invention is
shown in FIG. It is comprised so that it may have the 2nd, 2nd electric power generation
mechanism B part which consists of the cantilever 14. As shown in FIG. The cantilever 14 is fixed
to the cantilever support 15 with an adhesive 16, and the pressure * element 13 having the snow
screed 17 on both sides is formed on a V-shaped 4 # r provided below the cantilever support 16.
In addition, the piezoelectric element 13 is configured to face the stylus 12 through the damper
material 1B. In the figure, 19 is a lead wire, and 20 is a lead wire terminal. The pick-up device of
the frequency multi-double recording disc record of the present invention is different from the
conventional pick-up. 4 # t, and the stylus 12 is joined to the cantilever 14 via the pressure
transfer material 1B, which is a pressure transfer material, and the piezoelectric element 13.
Therefore, the high-resonance frequency and the frequency viewed from the needle tip are
appropriately set. By being rigid, it is possible to regenerate a specific frequency band without
involving in power generation via the cantilever 14. For example, in the case of reproduction of a
frequency band as shown in FIG. 1, it is very easy to realize in the prior art that the selection of a
high resonance frequency of 15 KHz to 20 KHic be selected. In addition, in the high frequency
reproduction frequency band, which is centered on the 30 KHIC in FIG. 1, the vibration only at
the tip of the cantilever 14 is handled, and the element is used to generate pressure and generate
electric signals. If the low frequency band is totally separate power generation 1 #), the
transmitted pressure of the sound grooves oriented in the 45 ░ direction in FIG. If taking out
from one pole 17 of the piezoelectric element 13 installed in the direction, it becomes possible to
reproduce the to-be-east recorded signal.
In this case, it is general to use purity modulation rather than spread modulation, in view of
securing S / N on tone groove recording, in this case the mutual quantity system of time and
angle is used. If it is reproduced correctly, it will not be a true 4 trace of the waveform of the
signal itself. Therefore, in the reproduction of a frequency multiplexed record such as a video
disk adopting a machine recording system, the pickup% it of the frequency 6J-rerecording
system disk record of the present invention is'% 1 power generation mq The A part transmits the
modulation signal of the low band through the cantilever and detects the voltage generation in
the coil according to EndPage: 2,-'in the vibration of the magnet etc., and is a $ 2 power
generation mechanism By converts the displacement of the stylus into pressure for regeneration
of the multiplexed signal, and generates pressure by the pressure-sensitive element, and it is
considered as a meeting of two completely different excitements. As shown in the frequency of
11 o'clock in the graph, frequency characteristics A and B, cross to pf! Reproduction of f type A
and E is possible. By doing this, there is no need to expand the number of bands in Q1 *, so that
the degree of freedom is increased in each part, and there is an advantage such as spreading the
optimal budget. It has a large industrial effect. ?
и 4 Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a conceptual diagram of a CD-4 dynamic fourchannel record, Fig. 2 is a representative white pi и ? 'up frequency characteristic, Fig. 3 is a fig.
Remaining structure of moving, magnetic, car, trellis, Fig. 4 is a basic structure of pickup echo of
a frequency multiplex recording disc record according to one embodiment of the present
invention, Fig. '5' a, b Figure 4 is a diagram of the six wave numbers shown in Fig. 1.64. 9 иии
Magnet, 11 иии Coil и 12 иии Stylus, 13 иии Piezoelectric type! ! Elements 14... Cantilevers 15...
Cantilever supports 1 B. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao et al. 1 person 111 Fig. 1i 2 Fig.
Restraints (Sai) 14 Fig. EndPage: 36 Attorney other than the above EndPage: ?
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