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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing a prior art example, FIG. 2
is a cross-sectional view seen from the line AA of FIG. 1, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view
taken along the line B--B of FIG. 3, and FIG. 5 is a plan view showing an embodiment of the
present invention. FIG. 6 is a plan view showing an enlarged portion of a dashed-dotted circle 2
in FIG. FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view as viewed from the line C-C in FIG. 6, and FIG. 8 is a crosssectional view as viewed from the same line <D-D. R-shaped part. Button 嶋 / (9-79-開 50-95 930
(2) 一一 実 50-95 930 (3) 畠 龜 6 (poor J 鏑 60 ′ ′ anal 7 彎 ¥ rust 7 (SgJ 3 ′ ′ ′ Toλ 一81-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to provide this
type of loudspeaker which is improved with respect to the edge portion of the square
loudspeaker and has less distortion and lower 1 reproduction ability. In the figure, l is a frame of
a square speaker, 2Fi is a cone shaped like a cone 1ek 1 to a cone 1 to 1 and this is subjected to
the same roll processing as in the case of a round speaker to obtain a sectional force A
continuous three-edged edge formed into a mabocho shape, with a dust cap 4 attached at the
center. The voice coil supported by the s # i damper 6, the 7.51114 plate, the magnet held
between the 9 company plates, and the IO (1) yang is a gas nut. In the rectangular speaker
configured as described above, when the cone 2 is vibrated, the force of the cone numbers acts
on the shoulder edge 3TIc. However, at the corners of the four corners of the O-speaker, the
direction of the edge 3 is bent at a right angle, so that the direction of the force acting on this
edge is also sharply turned at the corner portion of the edge as described above. Become.
However, in the conventional rectangular speaker, the edge 3 of the conventional square speaker
has a rolled shape at four corners as shown at 181 K, and is Kt & shaped so that the ridge is
continuous as described above. As the force of the cone ab, etc. acts on the edge, the stay 7ness
at the corner portion becomes larger than the other portion by li6. Therefore, when the cone 2
vibrates, displacement deviation occurs between the corner portion and the side portion of the
cone 2, so that a waving phenomenon appears on the cone and a hot-water distortion occurs.
Also, generally speaking, the stiffness of edge 3 is the lowest speaker! Shoulder wave (1)! It
affects 111sc heavy dogs. Therefore, in the case of the conventional prismatic speaker in which
the stay 7ness at the portion of the edge 3IO angle is large as described above, the value of the
lowest resonance frequency thereof tends to increase to deteriorate the low frequency
reproduction performance. In this case, the lowest resonance frequency Wk can be lowered by
increasing the area of the collar 930, but it is likely that the resonance of the edge will occur and
the frequency characteristic will be degraded instead. So it is not a good idea to adopt such a
means. From this point of view, in order to solve the above-mentioned conventional problems
with a square speaker, the stiffness of the corner portion at the west corner of the edge 30 is
smaller than that of the side portion, and the corner portion Making it easy to move is considered
to be the most effective measure.
Therefore, for example, as shown in FIGS. 3 and 114, in the area of the corner of the edge, it is
provided in a diagonal recess to partially define the bending angle of the edge, and has b which is
inclined to the heart of the valley bottom center turtle. Such a V-shaped cross section (valley 11
of the 3 謔 ′ ′ 11 ′) is formed. In this way, the force acting on the corner portion of the cone
2 to the edge 3 is dispersed on both sides by the valley portion 111c, so that the direction of the
force is rapidly maltified in the corner portion. The above-mentioned adverse effects caused by
the above are temporarily removed. However, according to such a modified mine, the crosssectional kamabo-shaped shape formed by applying the roll processing of the edge 3 disappears
along the valley bottom center a of the valley portion 11 at its corner portion, completely The
movement of the edge when the cone 2 vibrates depends on the expansion and contraction along
the valley bottom center a direction of the valley portion 11 at the corner portion, and the
material of the edge is In particular, it will be greatly affected by the elasticity of this. The present
invention is a further development based on the above-mentioned improvements shown in FIG. 3
and FIG. 4 in order to achieve the original purpose based on the above consideration. That is, as
shown in FIG. 5 to FIG. 8, according to the square speaker of the present invention, as shown in
FIG. 5 to FIG. , B, and bulging a mountain-like portion 12 having a cross-sectionally reverse Vshape in a direction perpendicular to the valley bottom center a to the middle part of the valleylike portion 11, The end portions of the side portion of the edge, which is in a line with the valley
portion 11 and faces each other, are connected so as to be bridged by the mountain portion 12.
However, in this embodiment, as described above, the valleys 11 are formed in a V-shaped cross
section, and the mountain ridges llAl2 are formed in an inverted V-shaped cross section, but their
shapes are necessarily V-shaped or inverted V-shaped. For example, the shape may be such that
the valley bottom of the former and the ridge of the latter are rounded. In the square speaker of
the present invention thus constructed, the valley 11 at the corner of the edge 3 is divided by the
ridge 12 which crosses this, and the ridge is corrugated to the valley bottom center a. -The m15like friend created, the movement of the edge 3 when the cone 2 vibrates, acts in the corner part
of this along the bottom center alc, (6) Unlike the case of the above-mentioned improvement
plan, it does not rely on the expansion and contraction along the valley bottom center a of the
valley-like part 11, but instead relies on the deformation of the mountain-like part 12, and does
not receive the shadow 11kTot of the material of the edge.
Therefore, the corner portion of the edge 3 is very easy to move, combined with the force acting
on the portion being dispersed on both sides of the valley portion 11, and the force from the
cone 2 is a portion of this corner In the case of acting in such a way as to change the direction
rapidly, the staphys of the part becomes very small. Therefore, according to the present
invention, since the NJK between the corner part and the side part of the cone when the cone
vibrates and the displacement of the displacement hardly occur, the wave phenomenon in the
cone is eliminated. It is possible to prevent the expression and to suppress the occurrence of a
large distortion, so that it is possible to obtain a square speaker with less distortion. Further,
according to the invention of the power factor, since the stiffness at the corner of the edge can be
made very small, the value of the lowest resonance frequency of the speaker can be kept low, so
that the low band (6) 1 has good reproduction ability. There is also an effect that a square
speaker can be obtained.
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