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10/24 10/24 Patent Secretary General Hideo Saito, Name of the Invention Speaker (Summary)
Examination Request 1m ■ Japan Patent Office 0 JP 50-50 E32130 Published Japan 50. (1975)
7.31 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 4? -7310 No. 1 <D Tada specification, invention title,
invention title speaker
Name f 脩 1 person
The present invention relates to a loudspeaker using an acoustic radiation diaphragm in which
asbestos fiber is mixed and fabricated as a material of a speaker cone. Conventionally, high
fidelity reproduction is made uniform It is very important to make the internal resistance to a
suitable value in the speaker cone-although it is extremely important, it is difficult to actually
obtain such a cone only by the process of papermaking or drying of the cone. The application of
a damping material on the slope of the cone, or the mechanical application of a rubber plate, etc.
9 has been carried out, but the machine of the speaker cone which was complicated during
production is complicated. In the case of natural pulp, in the case of natural pulp, the beating
degree of the pulp contributes considerably. Many people inclusive pulp smaller Q at resonance,
i.e. be in a large state of the internal loss, it has been confirmed experimentally. Although such
fine fibers for reducing Q have been conventionally obtained exclusively by means of beating,
such a disadvantage that a slight difference in water temperature causes a major difference in
fiber state even if the beating is the same However, the present invention is a turtle that prepares
such fine fibers separately without using a means of beating, and mixes them with the main pulp
only in the necessary amount. Asbestos Fiber Co., Ltd. Fiber length 4 to 10 microns, such as
"Karidoria Asbestos", which has begun to be used as an additive. EndPage: Very fine fibrous
material with a diameter of 0.025 to 0.028 ◇ In general papermaking, as an effect of using this
asbestos fiber, pitch control, yield of pulp fiber And mineral filler retention), improvement in dye
retention rate and printability improvement ring (-PaperTradeJournalFeb. 14, '66, paper valve
technology VoL, 22. No, 2. In addition to these known effects, the present invention focuses on
the fact that asbestos fibers give internal losses to the speaker cones. The amount of asbestos
fibers used in the paper industry is about 1 to 5 parts, but when used as a speaker cone, it is
preferable that the ratio is 5 to 50 parts, which is higher than this. In this case, although the
strength as paper decreases, it is possible to use extremely strong fibers such as carbon fiber and
metal fibers as the main material of the white paper, as the speaker cone, because carbon fiber
and metal fiber can be used. The reduction in paper strength can be sufficiently compensated ク
ラ Kramad pulp with a freeness of 20 ° SR 804.
Asbestos to steel fibers 10-2 of fiber length 2-3. The speaker according to the present invention,
which is made by adding ten fibers, can obtain good characteristics as indicated by a solid line A,
as compared with the conventional speaker as indicated by a dotted line B in the drawing. As
described above, according to the present invention, by adding asbestos fibers, it is possible to
reduce the Q of corn paper in the same state as when there are sufficient fine fibers in corn
paper stock pulp. b, It is easy to manage because this operation can be performed by controlling
the addition amount, not controlling the degree of beating. c, Q decrease to obtain characteristics
with less peak step Oa, @ fiber yield improves, waste solution becomes easier Oe, asbestos fiber is
noncombustible and releases bound moisture at a constant temperature Because of its fire
extinguishing properties, it contributes as a fireproof cone. It is possible to provide a loudspeaker
with effects etc.
4. Brief description of the drawings is a characteristic diagram of an embodiment of the present
invention. D 'patent applicant Foster Electric Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Takayama Toshio "3 Aki
Rainbow EndPage: 24 Other Inventors Address Tokyo Tokyo E'MV! ¥ 512 town Foster ¥ 1 &
stock company name End i: 3
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