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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing a comparison of
sound pressure-frequency characteristics of the speaker according to the present invention. 1 ...
field part, 6 ... frame, 8 ... diaphragm, 9 ... voice coil. Fig. 1-105-actual application 51-11840 (2)
5! 9 phrases-? N1 ? . One eleven one and t + ++ "bite 1 ('one! -, 1993-(? ? -106-
[Detailed description of the invention] In this study, a fluorine-based system is used for the drill
plate of the vibrating plate IIA, and a stable system is used (with a diaphragm for a few seconds).
Also try to improve the S * property and the strong f-image by O ? ? c ? #. ? OX OXk k 11 K
a a 'a * effect JII vtl II + to increase the vibration plate such as silicon l1 lII, or to increase the
immersing layer by immersion mainly using trawl etc. as dilution steel There are 11 lines. ?O
like silicon 4611) 1) The moving plate is a 111-heavy plate, and it is easy to generate the t-shape
of the 2 plate, which is written by ? flaK. there were. The present invention eliminates the
conventional drawbacks such as W'i and more. Hereinafter, FIG. 1 of the present invention pipeimplementation-1 and FIG. ?????????? This field section IFi center hole 2 Vr matched
slate 3 in the 1 Fi field section and ring-shaped McNe which show one embodiment of the
speaker according to the invention of lK. It is constituted by a ring-shaped upper plate 6 as in the
case 4). In this field i1 + 111, the frame e is combined and this frame eoj1 mll1 lK is combined
with the gasket and the peripheral part of the Kll moving plate 8 and in the center of the lift plate
80 * the field II @ 10 @ II + 4 y The poi-scoi 9 t 4 111 L 9 coil bobbins 10 to be arranged are
supported by the coil pobin 100 middle coffins hada 77 '+ l + 11 of c, and the dust filthy hats 12
are attached to the upper part of the 1kh @ so central part, Configured. 3) In the case of the
speaker of 1 IkIIL, there is no written example of the example, or the Fitim board 8 of the present
invention gives 4111t-. That is, this Oat 8 is a second-needle-shaped, large-sized 2 second needle
formed by fixing fluorine + 111 + 11 to the pulp IIk miscellaneous. Is also KJL body, to par
111oo necropsy? Fluorine type 11187 ~ 8, polyamine II as binding dance 1 polyacetaline or
polyetherine '&-2111', # K Km conversion-as rosin wri Iju 1 # ru i epoxy resin 2 These were
added to # 5 in # 5, and the above-mentioned Pal 7 * IiK fixed Nise, this t paper was prepared,
and the temperature of 180 ░ C., 11t'lo second V2. It is heated at a pressure of C1 w'al and
vibrated as a vibration C8. In this way, by KI11 and K, 11 water, 11 oil, size? It can be said that
the result is OiI. For the 48th effect, this note O ? Il board, ** O silicon treatment III-II Xu, no
scum I!
About three of the movement-add a thought and show it in a single room. [Noise effect] Water
stains on the lower surface in 186 seconds of the diaphragm of the four invention. Water blew
up on the lower surface in 48 seconds of silicone treatment mti moving plate. Water was stained
on the lower surface in 22 seconds with a non-treated diaphragm. [Water repellant layer] ? W #
fist bird of the present invention, silicone treatment m (remains as a polka dot) m reiki job 11v
(become a polka dot but some 04 Toh stains. ) To the untreated peristaltic plate (stain
completely. ) [Soy sauce cake] Hi! Palm oil was dropped from above. The stain on the lower
surface in 218 seconds of the present invention. 11 processing @ aO second 11-movement @ ta
second [# sl J! l1lII]] 0-60 immersion alt board in the movement of this study dormitory и и и S fist
man 1 / rikokon processing as ? ?. -6 Untreated silicone oI Also, the sound pressure-frequencyproperties are as shown in Fig. 1s2. In FIG. 11I, the solid line is the characteristic of the speaker
using the diaphragm of the present invention, and the broken line is the loudspeaker using the
shiriffon-treated diaphragm. As described above, the speaker according to the present invention
uses a zebra that has a fluorine-based 1IIh 'fixed to the fibers, and improves the size effect, water
repellency, oil repellency, and solvent resistance, as well as the sound pressure. -Even if the sew
property can be made stable, 1k19IIK is used as a speaker so as to be outsourced, and as a
speaker, it is possible to use a ? ? -type O high 40 as a speaker. 4, Eli 0111 A 11 W 1 Figure is
a cross-sectional view showing the present embodiment of the present invention with an
embodiment of the present invention, Figure 2 is an O-speaker C sound pressure-circumference
performance-characteristic comparison diagram of the present invention. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и voice coil. 4 fj 1 person in charge of Mrs. Biao Zhong-man and others 1) Fig. 1 Fig.
101287 / 'и' 6-и и 5: 1 to 4, и и и '. ??? 3 Name of agent IP! Tsuchinaka Toshio '111 840 ?' Hot
one person ? Got it ? 1 ? и Go и Battle <: ?,-'1-5 hem! ? ? & & ?-I t1ts4o% "'1.! 6 Inventors
and agents other than the above (1) Inventor's address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata
Kadoshin 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name 1 small (2) agent Sumino и 1 Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Hijikadoshin 1006 Address Matsushita Shiki Sangyo Co., Ltd. и и и Name
(6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Kanno и Fl и и и и и h h ? ji / Masano
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