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[Contact telephone <East +: ·) 45: +-: (+114> ;; F minutes '+) [Fa] Japan Patent Office-' ■ ■ JP 5l12130 U correction · -1 addiction 1 □, 1, @ 04 name, speaker warning plate 3, detailed
description of the invention, conventionally as a speaker dynamic plate, any paper-like molding,
polymer foam, polymer film, etc. as pulp. . Metal foils have been used, but they have long and
short lengths, respectively, which are sufficiently satisfactory as dynamic plates. That is, fiber 1 II
WI dynamic plates are S mechanical due to friction between fibers. It happens to the steep
greetings because there is an internal loss, but it is a ratio! It has a low modulus and is
susceptible to humidity, which has its disadvantages, and normal metal foils have a high specific
modulus of elasticity 1fr #, but they have a small loss due to their small area P , It is easy to catch
a steep greeting, and there is a defect such as non-linear operation at the time of large scale w1
and distortion I due to movement. General <egos compounds, high value i high modulus
containing high hardness to i value elastic modulus, but these tjl1 bodies are used as a multiacting plate-ゐ #: r #): always difficult. X invention d1 specific gravity is! A small titanium foil and
a large titanium foil! As a core material t) @ @ @ @ 化 物 値 debit, there is a-coexistence layer?
Disappointing-"by-"-core material OII machined mounting capacity Jl processability of oxide,
nitride with high hardness and specific modulus tube combination for excellent nubica-providing
job It is. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described. [Example fI11] A
mixture of oxygen 02 and argon Ar 02: Ar; Ti foil 30 ° C. with a thickness of 30 μm heated for
20 minutes in an atmosphere of 1:10 to form an oxide layer Yr of the foil surface KTi. [Example 2
= implementation f11 L-like v method te 02: Ar = 1: 612) 30 μm thick Ti foil in mixed party air?
An oxide layer tube of foil surface KTi is formed by heating at 600 ° C. for 20 minutes. -R * 捲
Example 3] In the same manner as in Ex. 11: Ti foil vsoo ° C EndPage: 1 [, IK: 1 o min. To form
an oxide layer 1 of rc'rt. [Example 4] In the same manner as in Example 11, mixing of 02: Ar 冨 1:
6, heating to 30 μm thick T1 foil f 800 ° C. in a gas flow for 1 o, foil surface vc Ti Form an
oxide layer. , [Example 6], nitrogen N2 and argon A! The mixed gas N2: Ax =-+ a ': 5 thick air ffi
thickness 4C 40 pQ) Ti 9% f 600 ° C, heated for 20 minutes, nitride layer ffil of foil surface KTi. ,
W, do. , [Implementation @ 6], in the same manner as Implementation g @ 6, heat in a mixed gas
stream of N 2: Ar 1 2 15 at a gas flow rate of SO μ, T 600 f C, for 20 minutes, foil surface The
nitride layer V of the KT5 has a form.
[Example 7], the same method as the actual WaS. ! Jjrw = 1: s for 10 minutes and heated for 10
minutes, and e-1 nitride layer on the foil surface. Create EXAMPLE 8 A mixture of N2: At = 1: 2 in
the same manner as in Example 6. Heat the Ti% of thickness aOμ at SOO ° C for 10 minutes in
a gas-containing gas stream to form a foil surface [Tiei [form a compound layer-[solid line fl 19]
mixed oxygen O 2, ilIN, and argon Ar Oa: N2: Ar; heated at 30 μm thick T1 foil f 600 ° C. for 20
minutes in a 1: 1: 60 W flow, foil! ! Form a coexistence layer of oxide and nitride of surface KTi.
[Example 10] Heat in a mixed female body of O3: N2: Ar = 2: 1: 6 for 20 minutes in a 30 μm
thick Ti foil fe K 13 ° C. for 20 minutes in the same manner as in the embodiment f1 s, cap @ @
KTL To form a coexistence layer of oxide and nitride. EXAMPLE 11 In the same manner as in
Example 110, the thickness 110. in a mixture gas 1IfI1 of O,: N,: Ax-1: 1: 6. uOTl foil t [,] 1100
"CiC? Heat for Q0 minutes, 11-face erTi, coexistence layer of noic acid, hydride and electrification
layer 1 Plighting firewood. Ti, double tube soo “cec” r1o for 2 μm in thickness SOμ in the
plating gas depth of O,: N2: Arma: 1: 6 by the method of [pl. Fll 'qg), real w1 f 110 and Oka 1111
t) , Foil-surface [Tif) II- and coexistence layer of electricity 1 Each of the above embodiments
toJFl% is shown to the lower rank margin below c) Fig. 1 to Fig. 3 show the cross sections of the
present embodiment of the Sukika greeting board, respectively, 1 on the surface of the titanium
foil t5 The formed oxide layer, the iI-rich layer, or the coexistence layer thereof, 2 is made of
titanium foil which is eight sweet. EndPage: 21.1 or later, as shown in the figure below, titanium
foil, II [wl K-oxidation, electrification a; b-both coexisting layers 1 * * K Kt) specific modulus of
elasticity It is possible to obtain high-quality, high-speaking speaker limp 1 # Lt ゐ 5, which has
an internal loss 1 that is high.
4, brief description of the drawings Figs. 1 to a are respectively a cross-sectional view of a sliding
plate for a speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention. 1 · · · oxide layer, 2 · · ·
titanium. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio et al. II @ Jia 1st 2nd III J 6 Attorneys other than
the above Address address in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma 1006 + (Shii EndPage:
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