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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the main part thereof The figure is a bottom
view of the main part. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 16 ... Field part, 19 ... Support stand, 20 ...
Support piece, 21 ... Reinforcement board, 22 ... Domed diaphragm, 23 ... Voice coil. Fig. 1 Fig. 253 = Actual opening 51-3052.3 '(2) Fig. 3-54
[Detailed description of the invention] 連 ^ 屑 Of Of 定 九 九 九 九 に 関 す る に 関 す る に 関 す
る に 関 す る に 関 す る に 関 す る に 関 す る. The conventional loudspeaker of this type is
configured as shown by crane 1111. That is, a magnet 9 of a 9 dangular shape is disposed on the
plate 2 provided with the dragon pole 1, a ring-shaped upward KI & section 4 is disposed on the
マ グ ネ ッ ト O magnet 3, and the upper plate 6 is disposed to form the field assss. = 2 = 2 昇 O
ascension part eO top plate 6 step s 4 through the fixed ring T through the rim of the domeshaped pregnancy board 80 voice 1 to this dome-shaped 11i board 80 sentence OS A coil
assembly is wound and nine coil bobbins 10 are connected to constitute a speaker. In the
speaker configured in this way, vibration and holding of the heel is performed at the peripheral
portion of the dome-shaped vibrating plate 80, but in the case where the peripheral portion is
flat, the linearity of f to the input of the peripheral portion sO possible portion In the low
frequency near io and large input, ^ chest strain due to support yarn nonlinearity is generated. In
addition, a minute resonance at the bandit frequency of the dome-shaped 撫-歇 a occurs. The
above-mentioned bird # rolling the rim of the swinging noodle plate to round off to reduce
rolling V% is Tendentiary fist-shaped and the outer rim is composed of a material with a lot of
flexibility 1e different materials There are m fort. However, as in the case of rice flour, it has a
disadvantage in that it has a disadvantage of rubbing one wax, which is disadvantageous in terms
of coagulation, and boney instability Km. Fist I is 1st, up, ta / 7 Li 7 7 7 Toss husband Ts 4 s <-h
+. ill^pra7)l−PA! −***q*t+’12M∼’!! A through hole, 2 is
formed in F self and 1-13 tvat *... A plate having a tarpo 2 chest 1s at the center on the upper
surface, a company ring-shaped magnet 14 is disposed on this plate 11, and this magnet Top
plates 16 in the form of VcFi rings are arranged on top of the fourteen and they are combined by
a JII enhancer to form field s16. The center pole 13 is made of metal or the like and the support
rod 17 is inserted into the nine through holes 12, and the nut 18 is screwed to the S portion
protruding from the lower end of the through hole 12 in the right direction. Center ball 1sKmJ1
is included. A large pole support 19 is integrally formed on the upper mK of the support rod 17,
and the outer peripheral surface of the support 19 is formed in a strip shape by a material rich in
mineral flexibility, for example, a large back end. A large number of the supporting pieces 20 are
brazed in a form of plastic, and the tip 4 of the supporting piece 20 is formed in a dome shape in
the Hijikata style, and is connected to a gauze 21 made by Tomo **.
A voice coil 23'kIIj IML tummy bobbin 24 is connected to the rim of the dome-shaped diaphragm
22 by being stuck to the center portion 1f- of the dome cedar 22. The support piece 2o has an
elastic force to endure the mass of the reinforcing plate 21, the dome-shaped diaphragm 22, the
voice coil 23, and the coil bobbin 240, and usually the field coil 28 is a field coil. It is arranged to
be correctly positioned in the magnetic gap 1116. Then, when a manual signal is applied to the
voice coil 23, the voice film 23 and the dome-shaped vibration plate 22 interfere with the signal
(the piston acts in interlocking with the voice coil 23). As described above, the speaker according
to the present invention is configured to obtain the following effects. That is, rounding
reinforcing from a dome shadow-plate Fi sphere drawing o-ax, dividing at a @ @ or high
frequency also-congruently squeezing, with the flattening of sound pressure characteristics, the
gold is remarkable Decrease. First of all, 振-社, 、 し 丸 め # # 丸 め 丸 め, 状 状 仁 一 仁 金 金 金
金 金 金 金 金 低 シ シ シ シ 金 金 金 金At least one, a characteristic-an O large -1 improvement
can be measured #C), a practical value of 7-a large one. 6。
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