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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing a conventional single
type electrostatic electroacoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 is an embodiment of a single type
electrostatic electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention. It is a block diagram
shown. 20: fixed electrode, 21: back electrode, 22: electret, 23, 24, 26, 27: spacer, 25: diaphragm
(movable electrode), 28: distortion correction plate , 29 ... trance. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 1 29-89-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrostatic
layer electroacoustic transducer O improvement. A conventional L9 electrostatic tumor
electroacoustic transducer is known as a one-wheel / one-head type shown in FIG. In other
words, it is V-C, which consists of a solid (劃 1 and a movable electrode (1 alk temporary) 2)
opposite to each other with Crt line specified orui placed, and in principle both electrodes 1.11 '&
lfC applied 8 A (1 No. llJ has the advantage that the conversion efficiency is good with K AO so
that all the Ow amount of voltage acts as a diaphragm · “jO driving force, and the sound EE can
be made large. However, on the other hand, it is one static electricity force (bias) due to a bias
power supply etc. (not shown). When the 11C plate 2 is fixed to the fixed electrode @ IK in order
to maintain the stability in the suction field condition, the following O like defects or Z) is made,
that is, the pregnancy moving plate 2 can be actually removed Because the amplitude becomes
narrow, it becomes difficult to use for 10's of the machine width, and for the fate, and the
linearity over the whole range becomes good and hll I cause increase in the life I'll be there. The
uninvention has been made for the purpose of providing the conventional 0 type of the
conventional 0 defect which can eliminate the conventional 0 defect. The following is a detailed
description of the non-inventive O-♀ embodiments with reference to the drawings. That is, in the
figure, the door is a single-legged pole, and this miserable sea O is equipped with a thin n-order
electret 2J, for example, in the back (8) electric electricity Jl −1 -1i1 + 1. As you read, '7,' J4 ',
the seventy's-end is threatened by the predetermined O @ property. Then, the CO fixed electrode
L-9 portion is on the O polarization side, and is interposed between the upper and lower end
portions of the grinding stone insulating spacer 21.14 at a predetermined θ interval tt, and the
moving plate (movable electrode) J5 Are paired up. A conductive layer is provided on the side of
the diaphragm (movable electrode) 2j + and at least 4 to 1 m (a side opposite to the fixed side of
the fixed electrode) and a diaphragm (movable electrode). -A high conductivity material such as
Malloy is applied to deposition and so on. It has a high magnetic permeability layer which is
coated at tl. i 9 か h diaphragm (movable electrode 25 part Resistive O high insulation layer side,
insulating spacer 9 intervened at upper and lower ends at a distance of υ by wl The plate 2s is
made of a pair of plates. On the other hand, the 7 second secondary side O both ends of the 7
second secondary side of the 7 second track with the signal source connected to the next side. ! It
is connected to the (I) solidifying foot electrode portion, the movable portion 11 movable or @) x
5 portion. In the negative electrode electro-acoustic transducer of the present invention
configured as described above, the electret 21 of the rus has a negative charge of 0% 0%. If this
is the case, the side surface of the diaphragm (movable electrode) 250 conductive layer opposite
to this is in the positive charge zero state.
Therefore, in such a state, when both ends of the transformer 290 on the secondary side of the
transformer 290 are supplied and an alternating current signal of 0 to be converted is supplied
between the two electrodes from the signal source, first, peristalsis occurs in a positive half cycle
of the alternating current signal. Plate (movable charge @) Ij (D conductive layer side surface is
intensified in the positive electrode charge and attracted in the direction of arrow A, and in the
next O negative half cycle the positive charge is canceled in the opposite direction to the above
Like ni, every positive and negative O half cycle of the applied AC signal! It is vibrated with an
amplitude according to the magnitude of the alternating current signal of the fR moving plate
(movable electrode) xjF'i 7, and is converted into an alternating current signal tumbling tatami
mat. Then, if there is no distortion correction plate is in the above O process, the diaphragm
(movable electrode) 2j is fixed to the solid wi & xo side at static time O (biased, intoxicated 1CL
′) (six pull It becomes a habit that holds the constant, and that the conventional drawbacks that
have been done are to be exposed. Yes * record 2 nights ill-type vibration 1 [(movable electrode)
150 so to speak so that it is opposite to the outer picture O high conductivity magnet layer, and
it is configured to be h distortion correction @ X 5 vt When static, the diaphragm (movable
electrode) XS is attracted to the fixed electrode U side (biased) By the magnetic force against the
electrostatic force acting on the distortion correction plate 2 # and the vibrating plate (movable
electrode) xsy4 The diaphragm (movable electrode @) 11 is frozen so as to hold the stable tube in
a neutral state without being attracted by the fixed electrode 4 side of the vibrating plate JL.
Therefore, according to the advance Ill described in detail above, it is possible to remove the
distortion corrector plate 1 g with a conventional strainer without exposing the conventional O
defect, and to use a very storm-like single-type O electrostatic lid electroacoustic conversion You
will be able to get 1m extra Ck. 歇) The present invention # is more than the example O The
present invention o1! It is not a storm ■ In Korea ■ various 0 deformation is carried out and of
course i can not. For example, in the above embodiments, it is not necessary to use a biased MO
power source as the electrode, and the 1 kh case will be described with reference to the 1 kh
case. There is usually 0% as a constant electrode. Further, in the above embodiment, the case
where the distortion correction plate 2a is made of a magnetic material is described, and 9 is the
same as the fixed electrode · · / (LL '? In the case of turtles and nuts, the outer surface of the
vibration s4 ('TIIiE pole) 2I may be made as conductive prior to the inner surface, not as a highly
conductive layer.
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