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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a conventional speaker edge, a is a crosssectional view of a waveform edge, b is a cross-sectional view of a roll-shaped edge, and FIG. 2
shows an edge of the speaker of the present invention. FIG. 7 is a perspective view of a state in
which a part of an edge is extended in a straight line, and b is a plan view of a speaker edge. In
addition, 3 is an edge for a speaker according to the present invention, 3a is a concave portion of
the same edge, and 3b is a convex portion of the same edge. Fig. 1 (a) (1)-J co J-2 Fig. 2 <a) 91-
[Detailed description of the invention] -1 book L invention 04 name Mebi for Etsuji tspa draft
folding request aS ■ 晰 爾 ll form a constant rate and arc shape, and the arc shape III as an
arbitrary split One convex ridge-The sobi ★ layer edge which is arranged in a ring to return.
Remarks views 龜 嘴 This discussion is used for the cone 為 speaker because it relates to the
structure of the Sbee iIM edge. 1it-conventionally refers to the layer edge (No. 40)))
daughter waveform edge (called "--le edge") -1 is also O "'e. -In case of Laan's Lid Sby, she
vibrates by the glue of the edge of these birds for the birds, causing a resonance phenomenon in
the Zendenma wave, and tinning in the good ii ** state E) Former seed sowing festival-IL fires at
the end of the edge and shakes 1 [llcIIA influence 1 into the ground] The 1-piece main
consideration addresses the above-mentioned problems, and the sound pressure frequency 徽 4 I
type es n is used as a ■ fishing and provides an edge for the S-bye association (in && jk 11! Shows a practical example of the body iIO, (,) is a state of an edge of -St linearly stretched at a
perspective @ V perspective view, (b) is a flat surface of the edge-. 案 エ 澹 エ エ エ エ @ IK IK IK
IK IK IK IK IK IK IK IK 円 弧 円 弧 円 弧 と と も に と と も に と と も に と と も に と と も に
も に と と も に と と も にIt is provided in SKB @ 3a and convex 5sbe intersection, and changes
the shape of the edge SO. The edge of the ski party of the present invention, as described above,
is in a ring at an arbitrary interval! ! As in the case of alternately providing the live and the
convex portion, the abnormal sound lateral motion at the edge portion is changed by giving a
change to the shape of the edge and changing the reflection resonance of the edge resonance
and the propagating vibration at the edge portion. It is possible to reduce and prevent the
influence of embedding the diaphragm KJl. The boundary between the sunken recess and the
ledge is a single picture, and it has a large circumferential streak, which can prevent expansion
and contraction in this direction. Aside from that, it is $ 500 and then it's a free edge because it's
a late-dress, and it's a fixed middle part of the paper with the paper, and it's a fixed middle part of
the paper. %% umbrella until you say that. 4 ■ simple umbrella sn + 11-shows the conventional
O spy layer layer edge,-is the waveform Etsu IPe @ picture one, (2) is a-form of the edge of
Yuyuan, lIl snow-Liaohe electric power II l speed society Take the layer edge,-stretches a part of
the edge in a straight line ★ A perspective view of the soft part. o 4 紘 sby ☆ layer Etsu no flat1h. Gang, s & t * 塞 ス ー ビ ー エ 、, 1m 岡 part of Oka Etsuji, 3- 番 in 16 parts of the same ↓.
層 1 ± 1 town · 1 辷-1 (呻 (a) ~ J '(b) ha J8 ”l! 1P1 FIG. □ ′ □ 奔 ((1 ′) (t)) ”* 21! l six 嶺
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