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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a changeover switch 1 path O used, for example, in a stereo reproduction apparatus O
function selection switching. Although it is constituted as shown in this kind of changeover
switch circuit expansion 111. That is, for example, each of the push button type O first to n th O
changeover switches JJ,... JJn is operated by an alternative operation, and the nine switches are
turned off or on or off mK inverted other switches Are interlocked so as to be held in the off state
mK inversion or in the off state. Further, the changeover switches J7 ░ to JJ interlock so that the
respective switches are locked to the on-shaped portions when several pieces are turned on
simultaneously. And each switch JJ, ~ JJ. O selected on-off paths JJ, .about.jJn are respectively
connected to the respective on contacts @ 12, the common contacts 14 are connected to the
common O output terminal J5, and the off-II point J6 is in the M discharge 11. By turning on the
desired 01 switches, the output of the desired circuit to be selected can be derived to the output
terminal knee J5. However, if one or more switches are simultaneously turned on due to an
erroneous operation or a switch malfunction, a desired signal can not be selected and derived if
all the switches are turned off. And by this defect, the unpleasant terminal No. 1 is derived from
the output terminal 15 to the output terminal 15! # # Hardened fc (R) Road may be damaged.
The present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and it is
possible to select a desired sign by one operation, and of course to always select a specific signal
even if an erroneous operation or a switch malfunction occurs. Providing a changeover switch
circuit. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. The changeover switch circuit shown in IIz- is described with
reference to the first one, and the ratio of the changeover switch circuit to the nine changeover
switch circuit 111-no. Mutual and between these and the output ladder 15 Of! And the nth
switch 11nO on contact J2, the off contact J6, mutually connected, and the j- 'construction is
different, the same part as the first II of the Ofi or the fifth iia The explanation is omitted. That is,
in FIG. S, the first to nth O switches i to Jjn are the tenth switches 7 and the 0 off m point 16 is
the third switch J1. Connected in a form connected to the common contact J4 of the first
embodiment, the common contact 14 of the first switch JJl is connected to the output terminal
75, and only the n-th switch IJn has its off contact 16 connected to the O on contact 1xK @ ing.
In this case, the output of the desired selected circuit connected to the on contact of the desired
01 switches can be derived to the output terminal J5 rather than the normal ON operation of the
desired 01 switches. On the other hand, even if more than S switches are simultaneously turned
on by the lock operation or the switch OII operation, the output of the switch O with the
youngest number can be derived to the output terminal J5. ? 9 Even if all the O switches are
turned off, it is possible to put out the output terminal 1sK * for the switch JJ, 0 alternate output.
Therefore, there is no risk that the output terminal JsK @ will be damaged and the circuit will not
be damaged. The eighth g shows an example in which the present invention is applied to the
power transformer output circuit, and one input end of the power plug 3 is connected via the
hysteresis 32 to the common contact J4KII of the 10 switch l71 and the power g The other input
terminal 31 is connected to one end 351 KII of the secondary noble coil 34 of the power supply
transformer 33. And if it is provided in this secondary side coil 34, tag terminals J5! Of 100V, 1
$ lOV,. , J5s,..., J5n-135n respectively correspond to the on contacts of the third, third,..., (N-1) th,
ith switch 17g, J1 @,. JIIK connected. For example, ACIQ QV is supplied to the primary feeding
coil J6 of the power supply transformer 33. When only the ml switch 1 is turned on, the wire
transformer 33O secondary unit is opened and the power is turned off. Foreword # 8. , Hall 8,...
Silver (n-1), min switch JI, 1. и и ? [1 ? 1 ? ?-71B 4r corresponding to the ON operation
corresponding to ioov, xsov и isov, s4ov will be supplied power plaza JJK. If all switches are
accidentally turned on, the power-off state is selected. If all switches are turned off, 140V is
selected, and one O input state is always selected K. As described above, it is possible to select
the desired No. 041 by regular O operation as well as to provide a changeover switch circuit
which can always select a specific signal even if an erroneous operation or a switch malfunction
occurs. 4-1IO easy one! -The 1st ml is a one-way block diagram showing a changeover switch
circuit of a piggyback, B @@ is a circuit block diagram showing one embodiment of a changeover
switch path according to the present invention, jllt! 8 is a circuit diagram showing the same
<other embodiment. ???????
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии On contacts, ? ? 3 to IJ, ... Selected circuits, J4 иии Common contacts, J5 иии
Output terminals, 16 иии Off contacts 1 year's length 1 block 1-----path 1211 '121514 y
1414161616 o 21 m ░ ░. ------Lower 1112121n-1511n 161616i'44901 [37 finished 2 ? 6 ?
Q 9 generation ? ? ? ? ? Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.% to 6 tt sls territory s warmth ?
LJIIIC) m day, isN-Iq @ (') @ ? C ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? = = ? ? NF
NF NF NF NFr (11) To 5a) oa. List of divinations attached to room 5 (1) Power of attorney 1-1-1
12 '(1) 1 letter 9 (4) Applicants, applicants for utility model registration applicants or agents
other than the above: Agent number is 2 1 address Shiba Nishikubo Sakuragawacho Minato ward
Tokyo 2nd place No. 17 Mori Hill e :) :, =, =. : Name (5743) Patent Attorney Takeo Miki ? p
Arashi t "Address same place-second 1 '-name (Closed) Patent Attorney Komiya Koichi-1-Onigami
F address same place c7----, 08 ( s ?) ?5 Tsuboi ? shi-Address same place-1-Name (7043)
Patent attorney, Kouji Shoji
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