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3. Patent applicant address Osaka city Ai Δ No ward Nagaokacho 22nd 22 Name (504) Sharp
Corporation Representative number 伯 Asahi 4 agent address 8545 Osaka Abeno Ward
Nagaikecho 22nd 22 (3) delegation Letter 1 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 51-519290 Published Japanese Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 5.7
Examination request (all two pages) Office internal reference number 646555 specification l
Invention title
Method of manufacturing diaphragm for flame retardant speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a releasable speaker, in which the WA flammability is enhanced
by the combined use of each * a burning agent and a nitrogen compound. In general, methods of
making a pulp diaphragm flame-retardant in a speaker diaphragm include an internal addition
method shown in FIG. 21 and an external addition method shown in an octograph. That is, in the
case of FIG. 21, the flame retardant addition step 1 is placed after adding the flame retardancy
after the refining step I, and the paper dewatering step J1 is formed for 3 t so that the flame
retardancy is added. Preforming step S% m #! ! The flame retardant diaphragm A't- was
manufactured through the molding process and the preliminary drying process 7 provided.
Generally, the pulp flame retardants used in each of the above eight systems are generally
composed of compounds such as phosphorus-based and halogen-based compounds, and a flame
retardant compound containing a large amount of K 1 mm component has a large flame
retardant effect. This is the rounding of the nitrogen component to form a non-combustible
compound by thermal decomposition, suppresses the combustion by coexistence with other
phosphorus and halogen elements, and by mutual repulsion, the flammability is stronger than in
the case of using each component alone It is because it exerts. However, nitrogen-containing
flame retardant compounds sometimes have productivity, but in the case of nitrogen-containing
flame retardant compounds, the nitrogen component is limited and it is difficult to make the
content arbitrary. There was a relative defect. In the present invention, therefore, the nitrogen
component is optionally contained, and the flame retardant, that is, the present invention
performs the addition processing of the sizing agent to the pulp liquid in the ordinary paper
making process, and simultaneously J! EndPage 1: Add flame retardant with appropriate amount
of nitrogen compound such as melamine resin, or pre-press the stock after impregnating or
applying nitrogen compound, and then add flame retardant to improve flame retardancy. . For
example, in the case where a thermosetting resin such as a melamine resin and a flame retardant
are added in combination, the effect of reducing the paper softening due to the flame retardant
by the melamine resin can be obtained. Since the desired flame retardant effect can be obtained
by reducing the adhesion 'fk of the flame retardant, the diaphragm for the flame retardant
speaker obtained by the manufacturing method of the present invention reduces the change in
properties after the flame retardant treatment. It is characterized by In addition, in the case of
thermosetting resin addition, especially in the case of using a powdery planting agent of the
internal addition type, the binder effect of the resin prevents the detachment of particles
mechanically attached to the stock-Fig. 77 and Fig. 2J The illustration shows a typical flame
retardant speaker EndPage: 2
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