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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 show an ultrasonic transducer
according to the present invention in a front view in a half sectional view, respectively. In the
drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same parts. 1 ииииии Electrostrictive vibration
volume, 2 и 3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и used as piezoelectric elements for voltage detection. , 6 и и и и и и another metal vibrator, и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ...
Screws for connection of. -177- Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 51-53879 (2)
Fig. 3-178-
[Detailed description of the invention] Ultrasonic vibrators used in ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic
plastic working, etc., the humidity during loading is high and it works at night to produce a
resonant stripe, so that the vibrator and the vibration in a short time There is a sense 11 I to lose
the oscillator that excites the child. In general, a piezoelectric element is attached to the outer
surface of a metal vibrator (such as a horn) of an ultrasonic transducer for eO, and a part of
ultrasonic waves is converted to electric quantity by this V) piezoelectric element to generate O
and IIO. By supplying a voltage to the tracking circuit unit that controls the frequency of the
oscillator, the vibrator is always kept in a constant resonance state, but the piezoelectric element
has not only poor adhesion strength to the metal vibrator but also a thermal expansion difference
Since the solution is easily peeled off by the following method, the solution is a solution to the
defect in a part of the solution, and the following description will be made with reference to FIG.
1 and FIG. ? denotes an electrostrictive vibrational element, in which ? titanium series J leadbased porcelain and the positive electrode side end faces are placed inside each other, so that
[[two opposed ring electrodes M * 'F / 39Py5V ? MihMy + mL & II * '--Electrode plate / b and
any of the electrostrictive element Or the other negative electrode end surface abuts 7 was the
properly cyclic [& leaf / configured by C. d is a metal vibrating body of a member l which abuts
on the negative electrode side outer end face of one of the electrostrictive elements / a of the
electrostrictive vibration element l and has a different diameter 0IIii1i hole a) at the center; 3 is
an electrostrictive vibration element as well Of the other electrostrictive element / a of the
negative electrode ? ? in contact with the end face of the busy electrode plate IC, and in the
center of the ms plane) 1) the hole 3a ^ 1 I! IJ metal pull-kook, dream screw one end screw
portion of the metal vibrator O screw hole in the above 111J, and the other end screw-off in the
annular O electrostrictive vibration element O inside and // e) metal INi moving body through
hole A double-ended screw bolt a through which JIL is inserted and a second end screw mc of the
bolt are superior to each other, and the electrostrictive vibration element l and the first 1. J J gold
tai moving bodies J and J are joined together in a nut joint) e) It is the same phase member as
that of the conventionally known Lange-Epan m. The next kI # i co-all-like piezoelectric element j
&, jIL as well as the annular O positive-negative electrode plate jb and the * view side electrode #
1 IC In the same way, the instigated 1J metal iis body JO outer edge and the joy-less 3 metalmoving body and the ollK held piezoelectric element are shown, and the vibrator sound is
transmitted to the inside of the vibrator. 4 which is 1 to replace is the JO metal chain housing,
which is arranged in the outer end picture of the piezoelectric element 10,? ? Said piezoelectric
element! In the inside of the screw, both ends are screw hole Jb of the metal vibrator J of the
square and the J ? J group vibration body ae ** w provided at the center, aaK @ screw silver
material for two-wheels, The above-mentioned electrostrictive (supporting) vibrating element l
and the 11th joy JO metal vibrating body, the piezoelectric element for the Lange-Epan ?
vibrator composed of JIIc! , J0 member vibrating body 4 is connected in layers.
, The tb is a pair of 9-dots connected respectively to the electrostrictive chain OJE side electrode
plate / b and the negative electrode side electrode plate / Cm, and an 11-turn circuit portion (?
indicates 1 kvh) 6e Apply an input voltage to drive the electrostriction m-requirement-element l.
In the FSL, the b is a piezoelectric sensor element eztsg, the electrode plate jb and the negative
electrode plate jc (1 and a pair 09-do connected to it, and the voltage detected by the
piezoelectric element I ? ? ? k is transmitted Supply to the Cabinet. In Fig. 1, a piezoelectric
element for voltage detection! "It is prepared separately from the metal vibrator J of Tatekan @@
It) shows an aspect in which the metal vibrator 1 and ellK are welded, 'k divides the first metal
vibrator 3 into two parts at the * and * parts, This division 1llllK may be interposed between the
piezoelectric elements j for voltage detection and after "ul; F", coupling m "E": 11s: coupling. Next,
in the embodiment of the large house where the piezoelectric required position O for voltage
detection is substituted for JWi and 117111 ? voltage, in the embodiment of the large house,
the power consumption relaxation (lasting) element / e-70M11 face KIi! IRI rel tenth gold jll! The
moving body is divided into 1 or 7 II c-or another intermediate metal vibrating body is prepared
to make the both face each other, and the piezoelectric element I for voltage detection is
interposed between the facing surfaces. , L * one piece jointed by proud member G l, 1 * No. Jll
electrostrictive footwear element I, No. 1 ? J JO metal ?? 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?
? J ? Contact with metal vibrator J ? Ilk voltage detection system ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? show the case where S k k meeting. ?O Building
sgO Example ?) As electrostrictive vibration element l, one obtained by combining a number
011 strain element la @-и и positive electrode plate / b и и и ?, negative electrode plate ic ... This is
because the company used to increase the company's ability to obtain powerful ultrasound. In
the above embodiment, a single piezoelectric element is used as a piezoelectric element for
detecting a voltage which is sandwiched between electrostrictive vibration elements or a hall I or
a second metal vibration member biased. In this case, the surface of the piezoelectric element O
positive electrode end is electrically insulated from the metal vibrator in the negative 4 of the
electrostrictive vibration element and in the contact with the negative 4). Further, according to
the present invention a metal vibrator and an electrostrictive vibrator element are described in
the example using a #s moving element as an example, and a metal vibrator is self-assembled
with a magnetostrictive vibrator element which is elastic from 7 efts. The idea is to apply the
present invention to l1ill I child as well, 1 to 0 or more ebb the present proposal is a metal
vibrator E1m strain or electrostrictive vibration 11-an ultrasonic transducer formed by ringing
elements For voltage detection-j: true writing of the piezoelectric element or OK-the vibration
element and the shoulder of the metal ll5Wk body or vh which divides the metal vibrator or is
formed by bringing the other metal vibrator into contact (1) Since a piezoelectric element for
voltage detection is inserted in the corresponding surface @ and fixed by the screw part # 0, it is
possible that the vibrator falls off from the vibrator during driving (the function is sufficiently
exhibited and the vibrator is Always maintain constant resonance, and most of the voltage
detection piezoelectric elements are metal Therefore, covered with are for the vibrator, as
wearing the durability of the piezoelectric element for voltage detection Wuyi Mel large t!
i have an effect. Fake figure-easy 1k11 Ming first cabinet to 111! 11. The ultrasonic transducer
according to the present invention is shown in the drawings, and the same is a turtle 0 shown in
the drawings, respectively. 1 иии Electrostrictive vibration spring, ?, J и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
clamp member, I и и и voltage detection layer piezoelectric element,-4 и dispute и of! 1 genus ??
body, off ... I for consolidated e + m material utility model ius applicant Japan special Tohigashi
stock gold company representatives Ogawa Osamunigi Pas ? и) \ ? и '' (- Tsu (7) * '1 " "" "" "[email protected]@,
y. 73,) Q,:>> a. ?????????????????? ??????????????? ???
?????????? ???????????????????? Ц 2 figure. 3 и y ? ?; 7 ?
? ?, + ?; (Lef: rare 2 ? ? 35 + z и / 1?, lb ? ?: 3 FIG. + ? / ? ? ?16. 11 #, 'la + 5387A
real 1 congression, <B ?-? (U U) 1 \ 1 + 1 1-r fear other than the above O devising dragon Zu
shona Shun--inside Y this book m * ?Ward Takahagi-cho / reference lt amount nib-ku 2 tota $)
woo v-u v z 1-a-1-kit h japan ** pottery stock sac company in-house 1-talents ability I & ceramity)
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