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Vibration 1IjLO production method (Haka 1) Patent applicant ■ Japanese Patent Application
Laid-Open No. 51-54426-00 Published Japanese Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 5.33 agency
internal reference number 64655; 5 bits): "Production method of diaphragm according to the
invention" A metal layer is provided on a film 1 next a masking layer is provided in a
predetermined pattern on the metal layer , Forming a predetermined pattern of metal 1-1 in
which etching is performed, and removing the masking layer on the metal layer! A method of
manufacturing a coiled diaphragm, wherein the first metal layer and the second metal layer are
laminated to a predetermined thickness on the metal layer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm
having an etching carp kt-. At present, the commonly used C-shaped cone type speaker has a
drive part and a diaphragm separately, so the connection between the drive part and the
vibration part, the centering of the drive part, and the peripheral holding of the diaphragm are
major problems It became a point, and it was technically difficult to reproduce good-sound. In
view of such a defect, a diaphragm in which a drive portion and a vibration portion are integrated
has been developed. This diaphragm does not cause resonance 1 because the diaphragm and the
coil are integrated, and unnecessary braking is not applied, and the divided vibrations of the cone
do not occur. It is noted that it has been overcome. Such a diaphragm with a coil is manufactured
by providing a metal layer of about 10 (aw 3) on a plastic sheet, and etching this metal layer in a
coil shape. Very thin or concentric coils by etching alone! When making, the metal layer is thick
as 10 (pm); there are many cases where the coil part itself is damaged not only in places other
than the area but also the diaphragm becomes unusable and there is a high risk that defective
products will appear one after another . As a result, the etching process requires one extra
delicate nerve and requires one hour. In addition, the metal remaining only in the coil part is
etched away to remove the thick metal layer in the other part. Also, the life of the etching
solution is reduced. かかるエッチEndPage:12.l! The "7 '," therefore, contains a lot
of metals, and this etching waste is also a problem in terms of pollution treatment. An object of
the present invention is to eliminate such a drawback, that is, to provide a method of
manufacturing a coiled diaphragm capable of easily forming a coil as described above on a
plastic sheet. However, in the method of manufacturing a coiled diaphragm according to the
present invention, a thin metal layer is provided on a plastic film, and then a masking layer is
provided in a predetermined pattern on the metal layer with a crucible, and etching is performed.
Forming a patterned metal layer, removing the masking layer on the metal layer, and further on
the metal layer. A metal layer is laminated to a predetermined thickness. According to the
method of manufacturing the coiled diaphragm, a thin-metal layer is provided on a plastic film,
and masking is performed in a predetermined pattern to perform etching. Therefore, only a small
amount of metal is lost, masking is performed, In addition, since the coil pattern of this metal $
15)] metal 5l-54426Z) layer is formed in the thin metal layer, the etching becomes easy and the
possibility of the coil pattern being etched is reduced.
The number of defective diaphragms will be extremely reduced. In addition, since it is possible to
reduce the etching time, it is an extremely advantageous method particularly when massproducing the coiled diaphragm. The invention will be described in more detail. In the present
invention, "C, a plastic film used as a base may be any of those used as such a diaphragm with a
coil 1 such as, for example, a plastic film most often used and a polyester resin. Other films, such
as viscose paper, can be mentioned. When using a polyester resin film, the thickness of this film
should be 6 to 10 μm. As the moving plate, in order to obtain good vibration, it is preferable that
this film has a uniform thickness. The metal to be provided on the plastic film, /, has high
electrical conductivity and low specific gravity. This is because such a metal is used as a
conductive path, and by using a metal having a small specific gravity, it is possible to reduce the
weight of the diaphragm and secure the expansion of the high frequency range. As such metals,
for example, Ni, AI, An. A single metal such as Mg, Cu, B, 9 or the like, or an alloy that satisfies
the above conditions can be mentioned. However, the conditions as described above are
exemplary. In consideration of the electric conductivity and specific gravity of the type of metal,
and further the Young's modulus of a gold crucible, etc., it is preferable to functionally define the
performance of the speaker in advance. The thickness of the metal layer formed of this metal
should normally be about 5 to about 5 nm. If the thickness of this metal layer is 5 [nm] thin, it
becomes difficult to become a nucleus of electroless plating etc. and etching becomes difficult,
and a metal conductive path of a predetermined pattern can be provided. It is because it becomes
difficult. -The method of providing a thin thin metal layer is basically not limited to 4 years old,
and can be performed by ion plate, plating, vapor phase growth or the like. A masking layer of a
predetermined pattern is provided on the metal layer. This masking layer needs to be nonetching tnJ: This kind of masking layer is, of course, different from the etching method.
Therefore, the thickness of the masking layer is basically not limited if it is sufficient to not be
etched. The method of providing the masking layer of the predetermined pattern is basically not
For example, a layer can be formed in a predetermined pattern by printing or the like, and
developed to form one masking layer 4. The shape of such a pattern may basically be as long as
it can be used as a coil. For example, it is possible to make it spiral. In the case of this spiral
pattern, if the odor 1 and typical EndPage: 2 dimensions are shown, and the diameter of the
diaphragm is 4610 [φ], the width of one Ii is 10 (J! T) WR @ B 10 (μm 1 li degree can be taken
between the line 1113 and the line. Such dimensions are, of course, merely exemplary. The type
of diaphragm, KK, and the shape, dimensions, etc. of the pattern are functionally determined. (5)
Next, perform the etching-remove the metal portion not covered with the 1 layer of the silicon
layer. Such etching is for providing the metal m in a predetermined pattern, and the etching
method may be any method used for such purpose. That is, it is preferable to select one
appropriately depending on the type of the masking layer and the metal layer. In this manner,
the masking layer on the metal layer having the predetermined pattern formed is removed, and a
gold layer is further laminated on the metal layer to a predetermined thickness. The method of
removing the masking layer is determined depending on the type of the masking layer and the
like. The masking layer was removed. The metal to be stacked on the predetermined pattern-like
gold 11i layer is the same as that of the first layer disclosed in the Japanese Patent Laid-Open
Publication No. 5l-54426 (3), that is, one having high electrical conductivity and small specific
gravity t Even though it is good for the heat radiation tube, it is also good to use another one. The
type of the second metal layer is not limited to the type of the first metal layer. That is, the
second metal layer and the first metal layer may be dissimilar metals or even dissimilar metals.
The selection of materials is made in consideration of the heat radiation and the 7 intensity
sound quality. The method of forming the second metal layer on the first metal layer is basically
not limited. For example. It can be performed by electroless plating% / 5 Iri electrolytic plating or
the like. The thickness of the second metal layer is selected to be such that the sum of the first
metal layer and the second metal layer is sufficient to contain the coil of the diaphragm. Since
this sum is usually 1113 to 10 [μm], it is the first metal. The method of the present invention is
not only applied to a method of forming a coil on only one side of a plastic film and forming a
vibration atse, but is also applied to a method of manufacturing a diaphragm in which a carp # is
provided on both sides of the plastic film Of course.
Further, it can be applied to a diaphragm in which a metal diaphragm is coated with an insulator.
Inventors of applicant's agent 1 lWk sessitation documents Inventors other than the above,
patent applicant or agent Ii @ person-agent (zip code 1 oO) Former ball chome 2nd No. 3 in
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo- m- 3202 Patent Attorney Yuto Sato 5. ;,two! Same place)) 6).
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