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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a front view
for explaining a specific combination of the connecting portion of FIG. FIG. 11,12 ...... fixed
electrode, 13 ...... first spacer ring, 14 ...... second spacer ring, 15 ...... Machido electrode (vibrating
Plates, 16 иииииииииииииииии Third spacer ring, 1T иииииии Fourth spacer ring, 18, E иии High resistance, 161,
162, 171, 172, 131, 132 ..... terminal. Fig. 1-133-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication
No. 51-57,647 (2) Fig. 2-134-
[Detailed Description of the Invention] 1 Description 1; Name of the Invention Electrostatic Type
(Air Acoustic Transducer 2;? m @ ic * ? ? m @ ic * ? injection of the fixed electrode through
the spacer ring of the opposite side to make the opposite side of the membrane, the abovementioned ? ? (for three membrane rings ? ? ? ml ? foot- A Shinden cedar syllabary
writing converter that purports to have an external-derivative for #. 8. The # 1 II 11 il description
of the invention The present invention relates to a low voltage electric sound * 2 s device,
sometimes improving the electrode lead out K 11 l! As is well known, there are various types of
electrostatic type aeroacoustic transducers such as a single type and a push-pull type, but
basically, a pair of fixed foot pairs installed at a predetermined distance if And a signal voltage is
applied between the electrodes and a mark -tBr voltage is applied to at least Tt'L or one, which
acts on the inner electrode @ By the button force, the mouth "? ?-) # <knee ? pole (diaphragm)
f I: against the fixed electrode or by absorbing-caused by vibration to create a single cell-f ?It is
a thing. And in such I # area type electric superintendent summer cap IC, it is very important that
the voltage can be applied to all @ VC and uniformly applied to the four-legged turtles. d Foot-set
the shape of 1 C derived static and its shape! -It is not envious to make it disgusted. On the other
hand, i # has been used to leak electrets to a building in order to eliminate the need for a biased
voltage source recently. And this-back 111IL ? and the electret-forming rain fat that is formed
on the back electrode 41 are used in consideration of the compatibility and the respective
characteristics of the resonance noise. However, if it is assumed that the extraction section is
provided on the fixed lE pole that is on the shoulder of the electret and is connected to a signal
source etc., the condition (? If solder is soldered, if it is Il, then soldering is crazy, and mechanical!
In the case of distribution by Ik touch-four temples of chemical or written ff1I touch order)button elect! The fixed electrode comprising the t5 chilenot has a membership fee in which
various physical properties are required and the chronicity of the rh (the latter to the god) is
turned into W bamboo. Therefore, the present invention is an extremely good template-shaped
turtle air certificate comprising an electrode lead-out portion which is improved so as not to
damage the inertia, conditions, etc. which are required as the above-mentioned point. The
purpose is to provide metamorphosing equipment. Referring to FIG. 11 [i] below, afl will be
described in detail per real Mfi of the present invention.
That is, as shown in FIG. Ild is a pair of fixed footings that are arranged in pairs facing each other,
and a pair of fixed irons (for example, metal plates such as aluminum as poles II and II are used
as back faces (in the inside, IlI table It is assumed that one fixed electrode is made up of a
polymer film, for example, a so-called electret formed by closely observing an electret forming
member of fluorine-containing oil in the rIIi portion. And this pair of 1 fixed ILmzz, to 12 cabinet
@ ? Ff I foot и orchid bite formation, in this case become a demonic conductor! The spacer ring
13 of 41 is in contact with the outer leg and the inner 11? ? 3? ?. ? 1) A second spacer ring
14fC which is abutted and joined is positioned at the center of one crucible between the two
fixed wax reefs, and the uJ movement (pole (oscillator)) 75 is squeezed. Here, the first spacer ring
I3 which is rigidly sandwiched between the pair of rods 11 and 12 to form the predetermined
interval can be used as a single body of the C * pair of one pair electrodes 11. Since each of the
twelve circular arcs face to face forms an electret which insulates itself over the insulating
property. i. A pair of tight @ other 11.12 on the outside of each other, with a sleepy conductor 48
on the outer periphery of the inner cage, the fourth spacer ring 16.16. A protective film 1 g, 19
of moisture proof etc. bonded with IT is made to face the bond. Connect the signal source 2 G to
the spacer ring 16 ░ 17 @ of J8.44 consisting of * ga conductor for attaching @@ tJl and 191R,
and 1 @@ resistor 21.22 Yue 1 Iyc increase. And this-fyc body 21.22 is connected to the IJ J.t.
+7) spacer ring 13 for the apogee fishing. The signal source 20 is connected by soldering
between the terminals 161 and 111 to which the iK, the eighth and fourth spacer rings 16.11-h
and so on are projected, and the protrusion W of these insulators 161 and 111 is also on both
sides. The terminals 162 and / or 9 which project from the eighth and / or the fourth spacer ring
16.17 at positions 120 and 120 which are offset, respectively, also project rrx and the first
spacer ring 2j. Or, connect the resistor 21.22 with XSX by soldering 0, and thus, combine each
rental terminal with 69 for taking the intermediate potential terminal to the terminal for
compensation 161 ░ 111, and It is the movable side 1 diaphragm that connects the protruding
terminal 131 or 132 of the first spacer ring JJ with the protruding terminal 162 or 112 of the
spacer ring 16.11 of the 8.1. It is a friend to post the middle point.
Reference numerals 231 to 233 in FIG. 2 are for assembly. Therefore, according to the present
invention as described in detail above, it is possible to use a fixed electrode comprising, for
example, an electret. It is the place where the aluminum which is to be used as the -1 flii electric
reef is originally crushed by the combination of the fluorine 11 shield and the aluminum as in the
case of the above-mentioned one case, in consideration of electret belt pressure tightness,
appearance and high car characteristics. Advantages such as good vibration reduction rate and
small specific gravity are the disadvantages such as providing a lead-out terminal directly and
connecting it with a lead-out terminal as shown in Table II. It is worth noting that it is not
possible to make it not live, that is, to provide a lead-out terminal directly to the fixed electrode
portion without any problem! ?? [1. In this case, the characteristic middle east nature etc.
required for the fixed electrode by making the insulator project from the spacer female material
to be worn and using iron or the like as the electric conductor such as iron which has good
characteristics. In order to avoid losing the advantages of aluminum, the electrode lead-out part
has been improved. Parts can be shared by being able to share the spacer ring of Y. Yuyu's and
the feathering T of 48.1 $ 4 Advantages to standardize the You also have the advantage of
making the butterfly assembly and association black and white. Although the above embodiments
have been described as to the case of the so-called "Phonyupule type", the present invention is
not limited to this and can be applied to other types such as a single type, variously without
departing from the scope of the present invention. Of course it is possible to carry out
transformations 0
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