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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a state in which the rotational operation axis
is at the middle point position, and FIG. 2 shows the rotational operation axis at the pull position
It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view which shows a state. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
rotation operation axis | shaft, 4 ... large diameter part, 4a-4c ... grooved groove
... ball bearing,
8 ... ball, 9, 710 ... rotation conductor, IL11 ' ... Sleeve, 12, 13 ... Fixed resistor, 14.15 ... Holding
plate. Fl Fig. 1 Fig. 2-3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In this paper, a 2-2 slow rotation operation is
performed on an island of a rotary shaking device to bamboo. и ░ 4 + 11 1 1 For example, in the
amplifier of audio equipment (hereinafter referred to as amplifier), 2-axis 2-mode friction type
type for tone control etc. that performs noise noise and low-tone sound quality independently for
each left and right channel A-?A rotary control device is used. This rotary operation + / 'E: Two
rotary operation axes r (each with an operation knob and a rolling resistance attached on each
axis 7 In the case of using extra power, use two screws separately, rotate the switching operation
at a time, and when turning off only one l-axis, turn the operation knob to the other. Turn 1 [I],
while turning off one of the turning axis Lt). I'm trying to rotate Therefore, when only l-axis is
rotated by 4t1, both hands should not be used in #i operation, and it is necessary to eliminate the
abrasive force of the 2-axis wedge and make each turn separately. Sometimes when FB1 roll,cattle must be abused, only-1S q) Using a rotary operation shaft, including its support barrels-# i
will become a debt. ?? ? ? ? ? j j ljl # K 2 rotating body can be rotated by l axis and can be
separately rotated i,-with one hand without using a hand In addition, two rotary weights can be
operated simultaneously and separately in the l-axis, and the operability is simple and simple.
The structure is simple and the reliability is improved, providing a nine-fold conversion device--It is The invention will now be de-printed with respect to one embodiment shown in the
drawings. The operation knob is attached to the O tip S (left ms in the figure) at the 1st axis of
the 1st axis rotation operation axis, but the inclination direction is spaced from the base end
(right end of 1) Different (in this case as facing the large diameter part K) a pair O Taber $ J1. j!
In the present embodiment, 7 flanges 3.3 'for i stoppers are formed adjacent to the tab portions
2.2'. The ai% NK of the 1i 81 rolling operation axis l is positioned at a pair of tapered portions', z,
s'fklaK to form a large diameter s4, and the outer peripheral portion of the large diameter
portion 4 has an interval in the axial direction 8- Article flla * a 4 b, 4 @ form & b. In the figure, 5
is a case having an insertion hole at the left end in the figure, and a ball bearing 7 is provided
which has hunted the inner central KFI ball 1. The base end of the rotary operation shaft 10 is
inserted into the insertion hole 6 and the large diameter portion 4 is engaged with the ball
bearing IK in the case 1 inside the case 1.
In this case, since any one of the large diameter portion 4 is damaged with the ball bearing 10,
the large diameter portion is rotatably fitted to the ball bearing 1 and the large diameter portion
4 is Since the balls 8 are detachably engaged with the groove grooves 41 to 4c, along with the
axial movement of the large diameter portion 4, the strips 1114a to 4 to hold the ball 8 can be
selectively changed in any way. Attacking, rotary operation shaft 1L ball bearing FKI! In the case
of being supported in the first turn, the movement in the axial direction according to the distance
between the groove grooves 4a to 4 of the large diameter part 4 is a shift, a conversion work @
10 @ the direction of movement is the ball Bearing 10 pole 8 and the large groove 40 middle
groove groove 4b as the middle point, the ball of the 7th base ball with an o-ring 111141 has a
single stroke, and the ball 1 and the leading m4m wall? Two 0-rotation machine axes with a
stroke and a stroke III III III IIIm or K tapers [111,! 'Large diameter negative position, three discshaped rotating conductors 9.1- are molded with rubber, for example elastic material, and softly
attached via a tongue-shaped O-sleeve J1, JJ' 9) The rotating conductor 9.1 # can be rotated
integrally with the sleeves JJ and JJ '[multi-rotation operation shaft 1, but when moving the rock
(and the rotating conductors 9 and 10 are held as stated & Not move and move off the rotary
operation axis 1 along the tapered corridor 2.2 '. The rotational conductors 9 and 10 are out of
the rotational operation axis 1, and the direction of the axial movement and the oblique direction
of the taber * 2 # Q are at the time of scattering and therefore the rotational operation on the
rotational conductor #, 10 As one moves, one or the other slips off. On the other hand, in parallel
with the position t opposite to the rotating conductor 9.10 inside the case 5, a disk is made which
squeezes the resistor S along one direction n and the rotating conductor can be in sliding contact
with the resistor. Of two single-leg resistors 1z, is of the shape shown in FIG. &-, Nk pillow-child
12a outside at the both ends of the 1 resistor part of short-line antibodies JJ, JJ, respectively.
F11, 11, xz * fi connected. A ring-shaped conductor 14a which vibrates on the other side of the
fixed resistors JJ, JJ on the other side of the fixed resistor JJ, JQ, and rotates integrated t, i #. A
nine-disc-like holding plate J4.11 with a 15a is provided. For this reason, the rotating conductor
9.10 is still in the constant resistance body 11. It is held by the IJ and the holding plate 14.15
and held at a fixed position regardless of the movement of the rotary operation shaft 1. The
holding plate J4.18 has ring-shaped conductors 14a, and external long terminals (not shown)
which are z5aKm pillowed. ) Is provided.
The fixed conductor 12.13 and the holding plate 14.15 have an inner hole so as not to hinder the
rotation and movement of the rotary operation shaft 1. Thus, as shown in FIG. 1, when the rotary
operation shaft 1 is at the middle position, the center groove 4b of the large diameter s4 is
engaged with the ball a of the ball bearing 1 and the rotation of the second shaft is large. The
conductor 9.10 is also fitted to the rotary operating shaft 1 at b. With the operation knob, the
rotation operation axis IVt is rotated at the time of pH with two rotating conductors #, 10-base
sleeves JJ and JJ ', and moves by sliding on the fixed resistors JJ and JJ. And fixed resistors 12.
The resistance value between IJ's external vibration terminals 11 and 11 * and the external
connection terminal of the holding plate 14 ░ IJ changes continuously. In this case, since the
three rotary conductors 9 and 1 ░ are simultaneously rotated, a large frictional force is required
with the rotary operation shaft 1 and the sleep ZJ and J1 '. As shown by B-, only the pull stroke
from the center position to the tip side of the rotational operation axis l! In the case of 1) V- ?,
the base 4 4c of the base 4 of the large diameter portion 4 holds the ball bearing 10 ball 8. It
does not come off as it is fitted on one of the rotating conductors II, but the taper s2
'corresponding to the other rotating conductor 10fl moves to the negative end of the tip, so it
comes off from the rotating operation -1 . For this reason, when the rotary operation shaft 1 is
rolled, only one of the rotary conductors 9 rotates integrally, and the other 1 transfer body 10 is
stopped without rotation. Not shown in the figure, but in the case of cessation with a bush stroke
toward the 1st production m1lk endless 111? и ?, The leading groove 4a of the large pole 4
engages with the ball 8 of the ball bearing, and one of the rotating conductors 9 moves from the
tab 2 to the proximal end (, 1 It is disengaged from the one operation movement 1 and remains
fitted to the other one rotation conductor xoB rotation operation shaft 1. For this reason, when
the rotary operation shaft 1 is rotated by one turn, only the other rotation structure 10 is rotated,
and one of the 1 ии i body 9 is not rotated. When the rotary operation shaft 1 is felt to move, the
rotary conductor 9 ░ JOK breaks the sleeves 11 and 11 'made of an elastic material, so there is
no problem in the state of the skin with respect to the rotary operation axis IK. I & integrated p
and io which are deviated from the operation axis l are held in one short line bL body JJ, JJ and 4
'1k14. Each is held and held by is. As described above, when the rotation operation shaft 1 or the
middle position is located, the rotation S body 9, 1 of L2 co-rotation is simultaneously rotated,
and when the circulation operation 1 is moved to the pull position, the position is shifted. Ask by
turning 1 j 3 t-rotation.
Wood t-1 (Conversion) Note-Converted one bearing 10 bearing structure, pre-fed real IIIAiFll
with pole bearing and large pole pole 4 and 0 with bearing 4a-4c But without being limited to
this, ll! Is a rotary operation shaft 1t-if it can be movably supported so as to be able to be
selectively held in a single turn and in multiple positions in the axial direction, it is possible to #i
install a rotating knit 9, 10 , 13 and the holding plate 14.16 are not added to the assembly of the
nine embodiments described above. Furthermore, the device according to the present invention
can be applied to the tone control of an amblyzer, human power, and generally used for two-shot
shooting in addition to the one for outcars. In the present invention, as described above, the 11
rolling motions are rotatably supported so as to be selectively rotatable and axially mantissa
fiIiPkK. Since the ratio is also O, it is possible to set one rotation axis, -2-1 point 1 operation shaft
Since a pair of rotating members vrm can be rotated by K or 8J to perform S operation, and one
rotating operation shaft can be operated with one hand, lk thieves can be simplified as well as
operability. Moreover, it should have a high reliability and good appearance.
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