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2, (K) U, circle) 3. '1 Case 1' i-Name of Secretary Invention inventor 11 '"" Threatened Yokohama
City Yoshida-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama ′ ′ 紀 鷹 鷹 1 (1 person) f, I 1 applicant ■ Japan
Patent Office 0: Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-668200, Japanese Patent
Application No. 51. (1976) 6.9 Office internal reference number 6465550 Japanese classification
■ Int, CI 2 to to zgz 3 + Ho + g (/ 106 specification 1, name of the invention speaker 1, name of
the invention speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a loudspeaker with a low
resonant frequency. The following problems occur with respect to lowering the resonant
frequency (hereinafter abbreviated as IO) of the speaker. That is, the displacement of the speaker
diaphragm becomes large, and the diaphragm is largely displaced forward by an abnormal signal
such as a pop due to a drop due to an erroneous operation of the disk reproduction pickup or
switching of the fan amplifier of the drive amplifier. As a result, if the displacement is larger than
the allowable amplitude of the edge which is a part of the suspension, the edge or cone is broken
and the characteristics as a speaker are degraded. However, conventionally in the speaker, these
accident measures have not been taken, and it has been one of the causes that the fo of the
speaker can not be reduced. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker
improved so that the speaker's fOt can be kept sufficiently low while preventing such an
accident. The present invention prevents the displacement of the diaphragm by preventing the
displacement of the diaphragm by preventing the displacement of the vibrating system by
colliding the turnper against an obstacle before the vibrating wedge is displaced forward and
reaching the allowable amplitude of the edge, thereby preventing the failure. Do not let The
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-
sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, in which 1 is a frame, 2Fi yoke,
3 is a magnet, and 4 is a center pole. 5 is a cone, 61d bobbin, 7 is a stopper, 8 dampers, qFi ')wire, 10 is a terminal 0, when an abnormal input is applied to this speaker, the vibration system
including the cone 5 is large It is displaced forward (upward in the drawing). EndPage: At this
time, the damper 8 collides with an obstacle with the stopper 7 between the cone 5 and the
damper 8 to suppress further increase in displacement of the vibration system. The stopper 7 is
made of a perforated metal plate or the like, and the periphery thereof is fixed to the frame 1.
When the diaphragm 7 is at the most rearward displacement, the stopper 7 contacts the cone
and the stopper 7 collides with the damper 8 before reaching the allowable displacement of the
edge around the neck cone. As a result, in the configuration of the present invention, when the
vibration system is displaced forward, the edge does not reach the allowable amplitude. That is, it
is possible to prevent an accident in which the cone is deformed permanently and the cone is
deformed permanently, as in the conventional case, until it is displaced until the edge is closed.
For the above reasons, even if the fO of the speaker is made similar, there is no accident of
deformation of the diaphragm due to excessive displacement, and a speaker with a sufficiently
low fO can be provided.
4 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker showing an embodiment of the present invention. 1:
Frame, 5: Con 7: No stopper, 8: Damper. 2, two agent patent attorneys 1) profit) · · 11: list of
attached documents (+) one statement (2) @ face one (3) one letter of attorney (4) 1) Patent
application duplicate 1 applicant Inventors other than the above, patent applicants or agent
Inventors' ′ ′ ′ ′ 5 EndPage No. 9 in front of Noguchi, Shirakawa-cho, Toyokawa City, Aichi
Prefecture: 2
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