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Description 1, title of the invention
Loudspeaker diaphragm sheet forming apparatus-"2" A speaker diaphragm sheet forming
apparatus characterized in that it is provided with a flow rate adjusting device 3 formed so as to
conform to the shape of the sheet.
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
paper manufacturing apparatus for a speaker diaphragm. -As the diaphragm of the cone type
speaker C-: J-7 paper) is physical property, it is rigidity or a dog seen from the driving point,
compliance of the outer peripheral part is large, it is lightweight, etc. Required As the shape of
the diaphragm satisfying the above physical properties, the central part of the cone paper is
thickened or the fiber density is increased to give rigidity and asymptotically thin (or the fiber
density is reduced) as it approaches the outer peripheral part. Shape was considered to increase
compliance. In the diaphragm having such a shape, the cross section II; +: is thicker at the central
portion and thinner as it approaches the outer periphery, and therefore, it is lightweight at a ratio
where the rigidity viewed from the driving point is large. Because the compliance of the outer
peripheral part is large, the mechanical impedance matching with the edge part acting as a
vibrational energy absorber is good, and as a result, the edge of the light weight and the hyphens
of the hyphen. You can use it. Therefore, the acoustic characteristics of the speaker using the
above-mentioned diaphragm are (1) weight reduction of the whole vibration system is measured
and the acoustic radiation efficiency is improved. (2) By using the hyphen primary edge, it is
possible to lower the lowest limit frequency (fo) and reproduce the bass without difficulty. (3)
The occurrence of standing waves is small, so high frequency peaks and dips due to divided
vibration can be suppressed, transient characteristics are good, and non-linear distortion can be
suppressed. It is possible to play middle and high tones. And other excellent advantages.
However, it is very difficult to form into a shape as described above, and there is currently no
such an apparatus for forming a sheet of paper1. An apparatus similar to that is, for example,
Japanese Patent Publication No. 23-Keimei 25-449. Also in the above apparatus, the abovementioned excellent effects could not be obtained because the boundary of the thickness of the
cone paper becomes a step and clear and the generation of standing waves can be suppressed.
The papermaking apparatus of the present invention differs from the above-mentioned prior art
apparatus, and is an apparatus capable of producing paper by continuously changing the
thickness of corn paper. The paper making apparatus according to the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. It is a paper making apparatus provided with a book, l,
+ flow rate regulator 3 and an open / close valve 4 connected to a pressure reducing device such
as a suction pump (not shown). Next, the flow rate regulator 3, which is a feature of the present
invention, is formed into a frusto-conical shape as shown in FIG. 3, and the lower end of each
pipe 31 is provided with a flow adjustment valve 21 as shown in FIG. The structure is such that
the flow rate flowing into the pipe 31 can be varied.
And the outflow hole 22 of each pipe 31 communicates with the lower part of the tank 1
connected to the on-off valve -44. In the paper making process, as in the prior art, the tank 1 is
filled with clean and water, and then the raw pulp solution is charged and stirred, and then the
open is discharged out of the tank 1 through the pulp 31. Then, the flow control valve 21 of each
pipe 31 is operated to increase the flow rate to the inner pipe 31 and the outer thickness is large,
while the raw material pipe is closer to the outer periphery. The thickness of the rep fiber
becomes smaller. Since the flow rate regulator 3 of this papermaking apparatus bundles the
pipes 31 so as to be the densest as described above, the pipes 31 are not arranged
concentrically, but are arranged adjacent to each other or randomly. Because it becomes a shape,
in such an arrangement of pipes, the flow rate is received near the periphery, and the flow rate
gradually changes between pipes and pipes, without a clear level difference in the thickness of
the pulp fiber, and from the center to the periphery Paper can be made asymptotically in
different thickness. Since it is possible to make the required part of -1-n paper to I-J required
thickness, it has great practical advantages such as being able to change its thickness
continuously. Have.
4. Brief description of the drawings-Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the paper making apparatus
of the present invention, Fig. 2 is an example of a water quantity control valve, Fig. 3 is a flow of
the paper making apparatus of the present invention, 31 is a pipe, 3 is one flow control The
device is -0 °-. -7 ° EndPage: 2 nh yy 森 森 I γ Y back% No.,
-4- ”" Onkyo Co., Ltd. "" -2
"early Jl + Fumio EndPage:3
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